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11 responses to “Immanuel Quickley posts picture of brace on wrist”

  1. IrishCat

    Let’s get Nick, Ashton, and IQ healed up over the next couple weeks. All of our forwards need to play through done things, and I’d like to see what the baseball player can do for a couple minutes here and there. We will need him due to foul trouble at some point this year

  2. samodamo

    I would be shocked if we see the baseball player in any game Thts not a blowout. Cal said he was added to the team for practice.

    1. ClutchCargo

      I hope not. This team has enough bigs to play four-out, one-in small ball as needed.

  3. StuckinLville

    Looks more for his thumb than his wrist

    1. Skooms

      Agreed. My wife has a brace that looks a lot like that and it’s for her thumb, not wrist. Most ones for the wrist don’t wrap around the thumb. At least the one’s in Walgreens didn’t, lol.

    2. StuckinLville

      Lol yeah I had one very similar to this for my thumb. I’d say he got it bent back or something. Probably some ligament damage. Hope it’s nothing serious, but definitely sucks it’s on his shooting hand.

    3. Blue_Cat75

      My son had one just like this for his wrist after a bicycle accident.

  4. ZekeGillespie

    He commented on a KY fan page and said it’s fine

  5. UKFanSC

    If there us a device you can wrap around a body part IQ will find it

    1. Angelo

      Great ? Point ??

    2. UKFanSC

      The comment was a veiled reference to earlier shots of him wearing a backwarmer, then another of him wearing something on his leg……