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17 responses to “Immanuel Quickley ‘not even the same player’ as last year”

  1. Bluehender

    Looking forward to seeing IQ reap the rewards of his hard work. That’s how the great separate themselves from the rest..through hard work.

    1. Looother

      Agree. Wishing him a great season…

    2. 4everUKblue

      I agree Bluehender, I’m just sorry you’ve got Looother agreeing with you, feels like a jinx.

    3. Bluehender

      Thanks 4ever. Feels weird..

    4. catsarerunnin

      My sources tell me Loooother is weirder..

    5. 4everUKblue

      Lol! You have good sources.

  2. CrystalBall

    He is a great young man, and a very good basketball player. Wishing him a tremendous season.

  3. DelrayCat

    Championships are great….but Cal sure has recruited some good kids to UK.

    1. Bluehender

      I’m with ya Delray…he’s a class act. And there have been others that Cal has brought here.

    2. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      Yes he has.

    3. njcat54

      Do you really live in Delray Delray???

  4. ColoradoCatFan88

    With Quickley, Juzang, & Maxey we shouldn’t be able to complain about not having any outside shooters.. hopefully.

  5. bigblue2284

    Lol ok… every year insert name here is so much better.

    1. nocode96

      Yes, that’s how improvement works. There is literally no other way for time as we know it to unfold. Your attempt at whatever that was was just lazy and makes no sense.

    2. WILDCATS1968

      Yes, because PJ definitely did not improve last year. Way to piss on the fire before it is even lit. Just like the people who want to believe he has improved, how about you wait and see before passing judgement. You might just be surprised. But we all know that if he has gotten better, you will not be around to admit it. It would not fit your MO.

  6. Aar

    Not to turn the topic or be a downer but where is the noise about the Bigs in a breakfast club, getting conditioning, putting up shots or working on post moves? This team may have the best group of guards and wings for quite some time but this team will live and die on post play – not just for scoring in the paint and rim protecting but also keeping defenders off the shooters. I wanna hear more about how competitive the bigs have been, the amount of extra conditioning and their progress. If the bigs keep opponents honest or even dominate without fouling this team will maximize their potential.

  7. Guitarteacher74

    Can’t wait to see how better he is.