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Article written by Drew Franklin

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16 responses to “I love this poster at the SEC Tournament”

  1. Cokely53

    Just steal it.

  2. RealCatsFan

    I wish Nick could steal some of AD’s shot blocking and rebounding ability.

  3. J. Did

    Love the poster! Can we get AD to call Nick City? And ask the young man so full of potential greatness to stare at that poster while AD talks to him and convinces Nick Rich that he is uber-worthy. And that he, Nick Rich…. can dominate every game. Does KENTUCKY have a dedicated Basketball sports psychologist on staff? Even a priest would help. This/these conversation(s) need to occur with other select fellas who have yet to realize their potential.

    1. michaelb

      He don’t need a psychologist. We just need to remember he’s not been playing hoops very long & just let him develop into a first rounder by senior year and be very proud of him . Also be proud of him for not letting forgetful members of bbn get to him with their impatient ways & words .

  4. michaelb

    Yea guys trash nick to much , he only been playing for 6 years . He’ll get acclimated and be a powerhouse senior and we will enjoy the fruits of his ‘process’

    1. YourBoyBlue

      I would’ve enjoyed watching him progress at a school like St. Bonaventure.

    2. bigbluebanana

      Good for you, why do t you go root for the Bonnie’s too?

    3. ibescootch

      Hey, back off Bona’s! I grew up in the Olean/Allegany area, and love St. Bonaventure! About half my graduating class went there. For such a small town and school, they’ve done well in the A10 for years. I know that doesn’t mean anything to you guys, but it’s like someone talking trash about a girl I used to like. Maybe I didn’t date her, but half the guys in my class did. And some girls.

      Well, that got weird…

  5. Bruce Dickinson

    Nick has definitely gotten better this year. He seems like a good kid with a ton of potential. Not all of them can leave after one year. I think next year he will take a huge step in his progression.

  6. dbake

    Anthony Davis would smack who ever made that poster in the mouth. Not even in the same arena

  7. YourBoyBlue

    Poster sucks almost as much as Drew’s ability to evaluate basketball talent. AD should be offended.


    I love nick but come on. Of course Anthony Davis was great, then I see Dominique Wilkins to the left and I’m gonna assume probably shaq or Pete Maravich on LSU poster. Nick is not even close to any of those guys


      Oops I see skylar mays now.

  9. BigolBlue

    The guy just started bball like yesterday. Give him a break

    1. bigbluebanana

      I know it’s been a while, just thought I’d step in and remind you how amazingly witty you are. Have you considered professional standup? I’d hate to think such clever quips as the one above are being wasted on a sports site. I just put that comment on Facebook and already literally hundreds of people have written to me asking “where did you find this guy? He’s so fukin funny”. I can’t even keep up really, with the amount of folks dying to know the source of such wit. Forget George Carlin and Richard Pryor! Seinfeld? Never heard of him. Bigolblue is coming with that razor sharp way with word. I’m gonna go now because I’m about to piss myself from laughing at this comment. You should try out for SNL dude, they need this level of genius.

  10. BluejayK

    6 years of basketball all day everyday. I just don’t think he’s gonna get it. He has all the talent, and about half the instincts he needs. I’d be surprised if his results ever match up to his potential.