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How to win any argument with a North Carolina fan


The Academic Scandal trump card, your key to winning any argument with a North Carolina fan

I realize Kentucky doesn’t play North Carolina until Saturday and there is game before that to worry about, but forgive me for diving headfirst into the Carolina hate. As someone who went to college in North Carolina, I know UNC fans very well, and so it comes as no surprise to me that even as their program is being brought to its knees by the academic scandal, they still manage to come off as elitist, entitled punks.

Last year, I went to the Dean Dome for UK/UNC and because there were “too many reporters and not enough spaces on press row,” UNC Media Relations put me in the crowd for the game, where I was given a harsh refresher course in “The Carolina Way.” For two and a half hours, I listened to fans around me yell about “PayPal Cal,” the evils of one-and-done, and the Tarheels “doing things the right way.” At one point, with my laptop battery on life support and no electrical outlet because, you know, I was in the stands, I argued back, bringing up the academic scandal. It mostly silenced those around me, although a lady behind me “accidentally” spilled her drink all over my computer bag. Nice, right? You can imagine how lovely they were after UK lost.

Anyways, in the spirit of the week, here are my tips for winning any argument with a North Carolina fan, featuring the Academic Scandal Trump Card, a Carolina hater’s secret weapon.


Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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18 responses to “How to win any argument with a North Carolina fan”

  1. I Love It

    Nice work, Tyler.

  2. dsims0004

    Loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. bballdoc

    I have a button that says “Life is too short to argue with stupid people.”

  4. serdi

    Very good, but we need to focus not on North Carolina but on making Rupp the best atmosphere it has ever been Saturday…not dwelling on being anti-North Carolina (when it so easy to do right now) but being on incredibly supportive of UK and ignoring North Carolina’s presence.

    I am 60 years old and I have listen since I was 12 in 1966 when I first starting following UK how superior the Carolina Way was an how inferior we were in any comparison, and on top of that had only been successful by cheating or playing inferior competition. This is not the time to gloat. Stay focused on the prize…incredible atmosphere Saturday…will our team to victory. I hope the offense comes alive and the defense is smothering.

    As long as we win the last game…till the battle is won.

  5. NoelGallagher

    Brilliant and so True!

  6. Jud

    Just win all else is simply noise.

  7. BigBlueSkyDog

    Brilliantly done, Tyler. The only minor point of contention is “unbiased local media.” They are extremely biased. Against UK, that is.

  8. Gowcats

    This is a work of art, or is it a work of chart that should be graphically shown at the game by industrious students?

  9. sylvar
  10. BTownUKFan

    Can you make a poster of this that I can hang in my office?
    GO CATS!

  11. UKfaninLou

    Good stuff! And more words to make it useful.

  12. jeffj

    dont know what is best. Mrs. Tyler or the responses. Good one folks !! GO CATS !!!

  13. bosshogg24

    Good work Mrs. Tyler, you may win the Pulitzer for this article!

  14. G_Money

    Excellent work – very impressive. Thanks!

  15. jeffj

    Absolutely Sensational Mrs. Tyler …………………………. GO CATS

  16. CPACAT

    Mrs TT, we are going to start calling you “butter”, cause you are on a roll!!
    Go CATS!

  17. KevinM

    MTT, that is the most impressive piece of research I’ve ever seen on this site.

    You are definitely setting the bar high for those who follow.

    Oh, and if someone offers you a UNC jacket to wear, you know what to do.

  18. Sir Brandon

    Lady Ty bringeth it yet again!