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Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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14 responses to “How this Kentucky team ranks vs. Calipari’s others in experience”

  1. J. Did

    “Qu’ils mangent de la brioche”.

  2. FakeDickeyV

    Wow awesome article! Puts the importance of returning experience into perspective

  3. Big Sexy

    Looks like we can count on a 30 win, Elite 8 season. Can we bet on that in Vegas?

  4. Big Sexy

    The 3 best teams had the most returning minutes and points. 3 of the 4 teams that returned the least are the only teams that didn’t at least reach the Elite 8. Damning evidence that “one and done” is not the best option.

  5. CahillsCrossingNT

    Very nice piece here. Well done.

  6. dave1964

    Unless Blackshear commits it will be a long season Richards has to be one of the worst bigs Cal has had and returning point production is nonexistent.

    1. katmandue2you

      Doesn’t mean he can’t make a huge leap forward. I agree that Richards production has been far short of his potential. But should the lightbulb come on he has the physical tools to impact the game in a bigtime way.

  7. nicky

    Mrs TT must be a mathematician in real life…??

  8. Ridge Runner

    Great article indeed. However, I’m a bit concerned this particular year on how well the talent level moves up from all that experience. Let’s just say I’m not as confident as other years listed on the report. Hoping I’m wrong for sure.

    1. Ridge Runner

      “Talent level moves up” isn’t a good phrase, my apologies. Basically I meant how much that experience improves would be a better choice of words.

  9. makeitstop

    I could be proven wrong – hope I’m not – but I think the returning minutes is a better indication of returning talent. And who u have coming in is just as important. Nick’s freshman numbers were better – my rough math says if u use those numbers we are closer to 40% of returning minutes. Quade used minutes then left, so it’s a little skewed, as well. And u weren’t going to move Reid Travis out of that lineup. Bottom line is in terms of returning talent they probably have the 3rd most behind the 2012 and 2015 teams. And the incoming talent is solid. They hv experience at guard, which is most important and an actual post presence on D that was missing from the early exit teams. I think they set up pretty well and fall a little shy of the two great teams but mostly bc there’s no KAT or AD. Take them out and they match up pretty well.

    1. makeitstop

      I’d agree that 09/10 was an anomaly bc apart from Patterson the returning minutes were nowhere near as important as the incoming talent, so talent wise, next years group has the sizable edge in returning talent… Maxey may not be Wall but he’s good and there’s no Boogie, but returning talent is better.

    2. bigblue2284

      The way to predict a team is by Elite talent. The guys who stayed are not elite and not going to make huge strides, they are what they are. The guys coming in aren’t elite, good but not elite. Cal’s most successful teams have had elite level talent Wall, Cousins, Davis, MKG, Townes ect. Could they end up in a final four? Sure. Will it be another ugly season and an ok tournament run? Most likely. This is the rinse and repeat cycle we are in, it was exciting and fun initially because it felt like we were building a dynasty to topple UCLA. Now it’s just stale and burned out.

    3. Bird88

      Lol! Maxey and Whitney both are elite. Both are likely lottery picks. If a freshman lottery pick isn’t elite then what is? Plus this article doesn’t even factor in the experience of Nate Sestina.