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How Kyle Wiltjer may have helped…

wiltjer 3 goggles

This team is missing something. We’ve talked a lot about that.  Whether it’s leadership, passing, free throws, youth, missing layups, poor shooting, body language–whatever you want to blame it on–is beyond me.  One thing we haven’t talked much about is what could have been with Kyle Wiltjer.  The further this year progresses, the more I think that he would have been able to bring to this team.  At times, watching these guys on offense is like watching a Max Smith led Kentucky football team attempt to drive 90 yards downfield. If ever there was a year in which it has looked like Cal really does just roll the ball at there and lets his guys play, now is that time.  I think having a steady scorer like Kyle Wiltjer would have brought some stability to this truly erratic offense.  Here are some reasons why:

Kyle Wiltjer, if he was anything, was a shooter.  At times he was streaky, yes, but in the role that he would have had on this team, his three point percentages would have shot back up to where they were in the 11-12 season, in my opinion.  At this point, James Young is not the deadeye three point threat that we believed him to be.  That isn’t to say Young hasn’t been good, he is just a different player than I think Kentucky fans expected.  Young is probably a different player than what Wiltjer expected as well. I think, like the rest of us, Kyle Wiltjer got caught up in the hype of this years team.  He loved Lexington, loved the fans, loved his teammates, and I think enjoyed playing for Kentucky.  He didn’t transfer because he wasn’t happy.  He transferred because it appeared that there might not be a spot for him on this years team.  I think he was wrong–and so were the rest of us who weren’t concerned when he left.  Wiltjer, who would have hovered around the 40% mark or better from beyond the arc would have opened up the lane for Randle and the twins.  Furthermore, Kentucky fans wouldn’t be subjected to the torture that is watching nearly each and every one of our players miss free throw after free throw.  At 81% during both of his seasons at UK, it would have been a breath of fresh air to know that at least someone on the team has a chance to make both free throws.

Perhaps most importantly is the leadership Wiltjer would have brought.  It’s true that Wiltjer wasn’t known for his take charge mentality–in fact that may have been a knock on him by some folks last year.  The fact is, however, that Wiltjer would have been a junior on a team full of freshman. He has a national championship ring.  He is a proven contributor which is necessary to be a leader on a team.  Also, he would have had three years of playing for Coach Cal under his belt.  At times, I think these young guys have a hard time knowing how to deal with Cal.  For anyone who has ever played a sport, you know that it is inevitable for players to sometimes butt heads with their coach.  Having an older guy like Wiltjer around to take cues from and to act as a liaison between the players and Cal I think would have been a valuable asset.  In my view, this team desperately needs someone to take charge and to be honest, I’m not sure there is a single player on the squad that is capable of doing it.  I firmly believe Wiltjer would have been that guy. 

Look, I know talking about what might have been with Wiltjer is useless fodder at this point (this is a blog after all).  I’m struggling to find answers just like you.  Maybe Wiltjer would have been one of those answers and maybe he wouldn’t have been.  There is more than enough time for Kentucky to turn things around–and I think they will.  While this team certainly doesn’t resemble 11-12, I don’t think they’re any closer to looking like last year’s squad. They clearly have the talent and hopefully it’s only a matter of time before they make the jump from me to us.  I do know that as a fan, I am struggling to relate to this team–perhaps because we all thought it would be so easy.  One thing is certain: seeing Kyle Wiltjer out there would have made this transition a lot easier for everyone–the fans and the team.   

Article written by Matt Wheatley

86 responses to “How Kyle Wiltjer may have helped…”

  1. KevinM

    Sorry, but Wiltjer doesn’t get 10 mpg with this team.

    You see how much AP is struggling? Polson has not done much for us this year either.


      Says who? You wouldn’t play Wiltjer over Johnson and Lee? I sure as hell would.

    2. eastkycat

      No sane person would play wiltjer over johnson, and neither johnson nor lee get alot of min in big games (Johnson 14min vs MSU (mainly because of the sheer size of their bigs), 4 vs Providence, 4 vs Baylor, 11 vs Boise, and 7 vs UNC/ Lee 1 min vs Mich St, 0 vs Providence, 4 vs Baylor and he hasn’t played in the last two). Wiltjer is just a slightly better Derek Willis, but Willis seems slightly quicker than Wiltjer. Wiltjer’s problem was he couldn’t guard ANYONE, do none of you remember last year??? The only reason he could play a little bit with 11-12 is because through MKG’s hustle and AD’s sheer dominance Wiltjer’s defensive flaw could be slightly masked. Also Wiltjer didn’t show much leadership last year and didn’t step up when we desperately needed to so who’s to say he would this year just because he would be a year older?

    3. Korean Tacos

      Who on this team can guard anyone?

    4. eastkycat

      aaron harrison and dominique are decent defenders (not world class by any means but better than anyone last year) and wcs is a pretty good low post defender (not noel or AD) but one of the best in the nation (watch other teams, more than just espn highlights and you’ll understand)

    5. kingrex

      agree…Cal is totally incapable of using a bench. He talks about it, but in the heat of a game it just does not happen. Wiltjer would not have played 2 mins in this game. It is as though he has a blind spot for the bench.

  2. payton51

    not worried 9 coming folks

    1. Blue and white

      That’s what I’m talking about! Tired of these Chicken Little posts on here.

      I mean, Wiltjer, really? That’s what this team is lacking? Do you have any comprehension of the game of basketball for which this state and this fan base are so notable?

    2. Elwood Blues

      Both of you need a reality check. Yeah, this team still has a chance to win the title, but to still arrogantly expect it is just ridiculous. It’s like you people haven’t learned anything from last year.You’re probably the same people that bought a 40-0 shirt. Just shut up and enjoy the season.

  3. Buckets

    Wiltjer wouldn’t have cracked Cal’s 7-man rotation. And as bad as the twins are defensively, imagine if they were on the floor with Wiltjer. We’d give up 90-100 every game.

  4. No No No No No


    Stop it, now.

    This is a good team that will come together in due time, with several hold overs for next year, further building that “experience base” that everyone continually calls for. Stop whining and grasping for straws every single time they lose a game, and stop having moronic expectations for 18 year old kids.

    Posts like these do absolutely no good, whatsoever. It doesn’t matter if Kyle could have been that guy. He’s not here. Move on.

  5. Brian the Derpface

    Counterpoint: where does he play? Put him at the 4 in place of Julius and you take away what’s made him tick. Put him at the 5 and you lose the offensive rebounding that’s been our bread-and-butter. He’s probably a downgrade on defense over anyone now because he was always a liability.

    Even if he took all Dakari’s minutes tonight and some of Willie’s he might total 15 minutes on the court. Kinda hard to lead while not playing.

  6. Flippy23

    Yes…..and conceivably Ryan Harrow could as well…….he’s blowing up at Georgia State……..

  7. Garmaster

    Somebody will comment that Wiltjer couldn’t guard anybody and ignore the fact that none of the current players are doing a very good job on defense. At least Kyle can make a free throw, make good passes, and knock down threes with consistency.

    1. eastkycat

      Kyle couldn’t dream of being half the defender’s the Twins and Young are (and that’s saying alot because none of the 3 are good at defending). Go back and watch any of our upteen losses last year and you’ll change your mind.

  8. Don Tucker

    Wiltjer would have been abused on the defensive end and if he doesn’t get wide open shots, he can’t contribute offensively. The slowest footwork of any McDonald’s All-American I’ve ever seen. Kevin is right. He wasn’t going to play any minutes this year because he would have redshirted had he stayed. He only played 23 minutes last year and that team was god awful.

  9. Black Owned

    Yeah, but Cal only plays colored players.

  10. Skeps

    Wilter would have been huge for us this year. We need perimeter scoring.

    1. Luther

      Sorry but KW was a HUGE liability on D and wouldn’t have gotten much playing time. He made a smart decision for himself to transfer…

  11. Wiggy

    No way Kyle would help this team. He would be riding the pine next to willus. Cal thinks he can’t play anyone other than his top 7 guys and Kyle wouldn’t be one of them on this team.

  12. wss

    Kyle if anything was a quiter.

  13. K2da

    Don’t be stupid…none of Cals players get better in second year. That’s why Kyle left. He didn’t think he was improving.lamb and Jones didn’t get much better, they just had MKG and Davis. Hell Jones almost went into the tank after Indiana game. And now Stein and Poythress are not better. Before anyone starts yelling about Jorts and Liggins and Miller….they was not his recruits! BOOM!!!!!!

    1. Buckets

      Willie isn’t better than last year? That’s ridiculous. He’s 10 times better, at least. BOOM!!!

    2. Impressive

      Did you really just say that WCS isn’t better this year than last?

      “I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.”

    3. eastkycat

      WCS isn’t better….that’s just laughable, Lamb was light years better, Jones added an entire new aspect to his game, and if you don’t think Poythress is better than last year (not a lot but still noticeable) go back and watch him in SEC play last year

    4. K2da

      You guys lack common sense. Ofcourse they’re better by natural progression, it’s not like they’re physically challenged. But the biggest leap a player makes is from frshm to soph. And wcs leap is simply from being here a yr. Still has no moves, week rebounder against players his size, and puts fear into no one. I leave Poythress out, a blind man can see he’s finished.

  14. Jatt Monez

    Hey UK, good to see you guys are ok with whoring your basketball program out so that Calipari can be the highest paid coach, and these one and dones can bolt for the NBA and never think about you again!!

  15. Tennessee Wildcat

    I am so sick and tired of seeing these Wiltjer stories coming out after every loss. Give me a break!!! That ship has sailed. Why don’t we ask ourselves how we would be if MKG, Anthony Davis and Brandon Knight were still here? Wiltjer wouldn’t even crack Cal’s rotation this year. He did the right thing for him and the UK program. Dude was so slow, I am in my mid 40s and could get past him. Matt, could you please stop your writers from pulling out the Wiltjer card after every loss? Definitely not cool.


    If y’all think were not getting #9 then GTFO. Games in December ain’t that big a deal. Well get better, get in torney and win these games in march. You can’t be talking bout how were not AD’s team or Wall’s team. This is a diffrent year and stay on for the ride. GO CATS

  17. Bald Guy

    I could not disagree more… ever. We lack defense and Wiltjer was the worst defender we have seen since Rob Lock.

  18. 44 Stitches

    To HELL with kyle wiltjer!!! He quit and left.

  19. DTuck

    K2da is right. If Cal makes you better, but didn’t recruit you, then the credit belongs to someone else. Josh Harrellson didn’t get better because of Cal. It was the bathroom stall that did it for him.

  20. jj

    I really hope the great Matt Jones has Doug Goutlieb (spelling?) on the radio and calls him a troll again for not having Kentucky in his top 5 to begin the year. No one mentions that around here but I would love to have him say he was dead to rights wrong and I hate Doug because he is a troll but Matt looks real bad now for that move.

    1. eastkycat

      yea because being ranked top 5 really matters in December. Will you come back in March when we’re on are way to the Final Four and apologize to Matt for your comment tonight? Didn’t think so, let the season play out before dissing Matt on one comment.

    2. Garmaster

      Being ranked in the top 5 in December may matter a little if you are looking to win a National Championship. I went back and looked at the past 20 years and only once was the eventual National Champion ranked outside of the top 8 in the AP top 25 for the second week of December (unranked Syracuse in 2003). In fact, all but 5 times the eventual National Champ was ranked in the top 5 in the second week of December—-8.Arizona in 1997, unranked Syracuse in 2003, 7. Florida in 2006, 7. Duke in 2010, and 6. Louisville last year.

  21. John W.

    Kyle Wiltjer, seriously? That kid would not have helped one bit. Let’s all get real, we gave Calipari a pass last year coming off a National Title, but it’s time to start calling it like it is. This team as well as last years runs no offense whatsoever. It’s not dribble drive or anything close to it. It’s clear out, one on one basketball. Run some motion offense. Post Randle up on the low block and throw him the ball. When he’s double teamed hit a man cutting thru the lane or kick it out to an open shooter. Play defense, especially at the pg position. Andrew is lazy, his demeanor on the court is embarrassing, and he’s a liability at the the free throw line. All of which are unacceptable. I’m tired of hearing Cal say, “Well, they are 18.” I don’t care. You recruited them. Make it work. Mold them, coach them, and find a way to win. There is too much talent on the court to be losing. The honeymoon is over. MKG, Anthony Davis, John Wall, and DaMarcus Cousins are not walking thru that door. An experienced senior like P. Patterson or Darius is not walking thru that door. And most definitely a scrawny scared to be great Kyle Wiltjer is not walking thru that door and if he did he wouldn’t help one bit. Run an offense. Run plays for Randle and get James Young open on the perimeter. Defend and make free throws. KISS. Keep It Simple Stupid. Kyle F’n Wiltjer, are you kidding me? Good Lord.

  22. tripled6610

    DTuck…You forgot to say BOOM!!

  23. bosshogg24

    UK has a player on the bench that is better than Kyle Wiltjer (Derick Willis) that never gets to play. Wiltjer was too slow and couldn’t play defense!

    1. NO1UNO


    2. RahRah

      I was really hoping Cal would put Willis in late in the second half when a couple of threes would have changed the game. Wouldn’t have hurt to try.


    GET OFF MATT. He is a FAN and he cares about the Cats and wanted us to go 40-0. GET OUT

    1. NO1UNO

      MJ toe-sucker.

  25. gg3

    Who are you Matts bodyguard. He needs called out for bringing on a national media member and calling him a troll because he had a different opinion (which looks more than right) and acting like a d-bag. Plenty of people are fans and can still be wrong. So anyone who CARES about the cats can be a dbag. Good to know. And 40 and 0 is mental anyway.

  26. Where are the untouchables

    You are seeing things through blue colored glasses and see no reality. Wiltjer would have been the miller. UK will not win 9 this year not any other year without a miller like player on the team. Cal said it best the championship year. “Miller was the glue that held this team together”. Because he was a between player and a senior. Cal pushes all the veterans away for his prima Donna’s. We will never win a championship with teams like this. I’ve been a fan since I was a child. Attended basketball camps when Kyle Macy, Mel Turpin and Sam Bowie were there. How does cal expect tees kids to play. It was he who told them that UK is now a player first school. I’m not sure why you guys expect from these kids when they are recruited to play one year and you will get in the league. There is no tradition in these guys, they don’t understand rivalry and they don’t understand a team concept because that is not what they are told. Get use to this fans, because we will be lucky to make the tourney with this team and no leader. I hate having to cheer for we guys every year and until things change, this is what you get. You wanted the big recruits, well here they are. I would rather have a team like the untouchables that cared more about kentucky then the name on their back.

    1. eastkycat

      Wiltjer is not the Miller because Miller accepted a bench/limited role, while Wiltjer ran from it. You are a disgrace of a UK fan, Miller is a selfless player that will forever be in our hearts NEVER compare him to Wiltjer.

  27. Georgia Blue

    Just because you got the TALENT and No. 1 recruits . You still have to play the game. You still have to play DEFENSE and Hit your FT. And that’s what hurting this Team . FUNDAMENTAL BB

  28. Are you serious?

    Wiltjer had his chance to be a leader last year and instead helped blow up the team alongside Harrow. Wiltjer is AWFUL and we’ll be fine if he never steps foot in this state again

  29. Robert Smith

    With Wiltjer we lost to the first round of the NIT and he is supposed to be a difference maker against UNC?

    I’m not buying it. The only thing we’d have with Wiltjer this year is more videos showing us how he isn’t in the gym.

    1. Skat

      …or in the weight room!

  30. w brandenburg

    you are delusional

  31. kywildcat

    This site is aids

  32. freddie


  33. yeah right

    I know Matt says this site is used to bring UK news in the most ridiculous manner possible, I didn’t realize he also meant the most moronic ideas possible. Sir, you have my vote for the worst post ever on KSR.

  34. terry

    Not sure how a team that struggles to guard would be helped by a guy who cant guard a mailbox.

    1. Luther

      Good one!

  35. Ho Lee Fuk

    Kyle was not even serious about getting himself in-shape to play college basketball in his 2 years at UK. He looked like a 14 year old boy, that was in the school band.

  36. Do whut?

    It’s enough that this site feels the need to constantly knock kids like Ryan Harrow who didn’t succeed at the level they had hoped to when they were with the team but it’s too much with the constant shots at kids like Maxwell Smith (who by the way has played all year with a bum shoulder) who are still associated with the program. You guys put the ass in class. With “fans” like KSR writers who needs rivals?

  37. Ned Tugent

    If we’re talking about former plyrs that would help… a starting 5 of Sr. Brandon Knight, Sr. Doron Lamb, Jr. MKG, Sr. Terrance Jones, and Jr. Davis would help a little bit. As we all know, that ain’t happening. Moral of the story is… we are who we are. Talented, but young, inexperienced and now getting very down on themselves. I’m holding out hope this team get’s it this yr, if not I hope the majority come back next yr. and stop this viscious cycle of team overhauls. It’s starting to look more like rebuilding and not reloading.

  38. J in Orlando

    The guy we needed tonight…Wiltjer wasnt that guy the entire time he was at UK…so to assume he would suddenly have been that guy (and thus putting Young on the bench) is nothing more than a solution in search of a problem. We didnt get fouled standing around on the perimeter like Wiltjer did…we got fouled being aggressive and athletic…Wiltjer was neither. So he wouldnt have even gotten to the line the way Young did in his place. We dont need justifications, we just lost a road game.

  39. Do whut?

    p.s.-I must have been out of the room during all of those scintillating Jalen Whitlow led 90 yard TD drives. Yeah, out of the room. That must be it.

  40. Wrong

    This team isn’t missing Wilter at all. In fact we have a player just like him. But Cal is too f’n stupid to play him. Imagine Coach K or even Pitino with this team. Try to imagine that. Cal is a one dimensional coach that can’t adapt to the players he has. It’s his dribble drive, man to man no matter what. Even though he has a team better suited to press and play zone. He can’t adapt. And he can’t sub. Was so telling to see the 3 announcers astonished to see him not pull Willie after his 3rd foul in the first half and not risk a rebound foul with 1.9 seconds left. They, rightfully, couldn’t believe it. In Cals defense he had just gotten a technical and was upset. Which means the assistants have to alert him. So they are either inept or afraid to confront him. I’m going with inept. Pay me their salary and I promise you’ll get results. And unlike the entire media and coaching staff I’ll ask Cal why he isn’t playing Willis. Especially when Young shoots so horribly and continually gambles on steals that leave his man wide open to go to the rim. So it can’t be because of the D. This is why Wiltjer left. Because if you aren’t a certain NBA prospect he doesn’t even see you.

    1. Garmaster

      He got the tech because he blew up about the foul call on Willie. I’m not sure how he couldn’t have know it was Willie’s 3rd.

    2. eastkycat

      and this shows why you don’t know what you’re talking about you didn’t watch the game. Cal got the T after the foul was callled but you act like he got it before…..for the last time people don’t comment if you don’t actually WATCH the games.

  41. Nato45

    BOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Stop the Turnovers, hit the free throws, we win every game we have played. Wiltjer is exactly where he needs to be. This team has played 11 games! And lost three games that everyone of you people would have said (if honest) we could lose two before the season was ever played. One bad loss.

  42. UKBird

    Wiltjer wouldn’t have helped this team, This team needs to play defense, to much of letting up on defense and giving up. Wiltjer couldn’t guard a glass of water. I would like to see Randle with more blocks. Also would like to see Lee come and play more.

  43. Joey Widcat

    I am 42 yrs. old and a life-long Wildcat fan. I’ve been there thru the ups and downs, the hi’s and lows. I’ve yet to hear one commentator mention the fact that Julius Randle is an absolute turnover machine. He averages over 4 turnovers per game, does not kick the ball back out when he gets double or even triple teamed. Remember when everybody referred to T. Jones as the blackhole his freshman year? The ball would go in , but never come back out of the paint…sound familiar? Some folks are in need of a reality check, at this point he literally could not come off the bench for the Knicks, much less be a candidate for POY. I do hope that he comes around and realizes his true potential. Yes, I know he’s an 18 yr. old kid, so if everyone else realizes that, then let’s not put him on a pedestal or put the weight of the basketball program on his shoulders. Do what needs to be done, and park his behind on the bench. Make him earn his spot, because at this point 6’9-250 does not mean anything to any of our opponents! There are guys at the end of our bench that deserve an opportunity, but Cal forgets about them…really Cal?

  44. robuk

    You lost me way up there when you said K.W. was a steady scorer. That was about the most moronic assessment of Wiltjer or what this team needs. I can’t say anymore to such stupidity.

  45. Blue Elvis

    Wiltjer + leadership = oxymoron
    Get a grip man, you’re embarrassing yourself!

  46. Mark

    We have a Willis that shoots as well as Wiltjer. Cal does not use him at all. Both he and Lee play better defense than Wiltjer and they sit on the bench. Not even when we are in foul trouble?

  47. msg

    this team needs to improve its free throw shooting. If they made half of the free throws they missed in the 3 losses they would be 11-0. Cal needs to take the next week of his time of practice to improve free throws. 80 % or better is a good free throw shooter, none of his teams past or present excelled in this area of the game. West Virginia game 3 years missed free throws, 6 of the 12 losses last year poor free throw shooting. Cal needs to focus more as team in area.

  48. CATandMONKEY

    As has been mentioned previously, had Kyle returned it would be with a redshirt. So the column is rather moot. Maybe he could have provided some off-the-court leadership but the effects of that possibility are minimal.
    Free throws. Decrease turnovers by even 20% and we win at l east 10/11.

    Would LOVE to see Julius and the bigs develop even a modicum of the interior passing we saw between Erik Daniela and Chuck Hayes. Develop Randle’s passing skills and you decrease his turnovers. Only good things can follow.
    I remain skeptical yet cautiously optimistic for the futur e of this season.

  49. CATandMONKEY

    As has been mentioned previously, had Kyle returned it would be with a redshirt. So the column is rather moot. Maybe he could have provided some off-the-court leadership but the effects of that possibility are minimal.
    Free throws. Decrease turnovers by even 20% and we win at l east 10/11.

    Would LOVE to see Julius and the bigs develop even a modicum of the interior passing we saw between Erik Daniels and Chuck Hayes. Develop Randle’s passing skills and you decrease his turnovers. Only good things can follow.
    I remain skeptical yet cautiously optimistic for the futur e of this season.

    1. CATandMONKEY

      Apologies for double post. Thought first post didn’t make it.

  50. Redfish

    So that’s where we are with this team……wondering how players from last years early exit NIT squad, that we ripped into all last year, would have helped to lead and make the 13′ squad relevant….frankly this year is starting to feel more and more like last year. To mention and speculate what the Cats need to secure a number 1 seed in March is unimaginable. Right now we need to worry about playing well enough to get into the big dance……period. After waiting with incredible anticipation to follow this years talented group……’m quickly losing interest in this team. Sadly I have 4 Final Four tickets that will likely be found for sale on eBay or stub hub in early March….hope that I’m wrong……but deep down I know that I’m not.

  51. Jeff

    Put the Senior from Jessamine County in the game when the youngsters are not playing well together, let him direct traffic for a while. Problem Solved

  52. brain

    You’ve got to be freaking kidding.

  53. Oohlala

    I said from day one that this team suited Wiltjer. They way teams double and triple team the post this year would have left him wide open for threes. He may not have played a lot of minutes but its harder to leave him open to help in the paint when he could drain a three. Last years team didnt have such a post threat and allowed teams to concentrate on him not getting open.

  54. bluecreeker

    Kyle Wiltjer is exactly what this team is missing……..sorry to all of you who disagree.

    Last years team wasn’t very good, but they absolutely sucked without Kyle on the floor. Kyle was a true “point forward” and the offense had no flow last year unless he was in the game. He ran the offense better than anybody else, including Polson who wasn’t bad.

    After 2 years of Calipari and UK practice + games, Kyle knew exactly what Cal wanted to do. With Witjer on the floor the opponent has no choice but to respect his 3 point shot, therefore having him in the game spread the opponents defense out and allowed cutters in the lane much easier.

    Kyle Wiltjer was the best passer on the floor, and would be a better passer today than any of the frosh I see playing.

    For those who said he wasn’t a leader…..well you would need to ask John Calipari about that I guess. Seems as though Cal bet the house on guys like Archie Goodwin and Harrow.

    Yes I understand Kyle was a little slow wherein man-to-man defense is concerned…….As for me, Wiltjer would be on the floor, and I WOULD PLAY A FREAKIN ZONE D to help him out.

    As it stands today, we must all watch this program which obviously regards NBA Draft status more than putting a good product on the floor.

  55. Blueneck

    It’s amazing how fast BBN goes to the

  56. Blueneck

    It’s amazing how fast BBN hits the panic button. I guess that’s why Vitale and a Bilas made the comments they did.
    Kyle, a leader? Really? In what, making videos? As much as I liked him he wasn’t dedicated to getting in basketball shape. A competitor stays and gets better and proves they can do it. (Remember that kid IU had that Knight kept kicking off them team but he kept coming to practice anyway?) If Kyle didn’t believe in himself how was he going to lead? To those who laud his shooting and offense, we needed it more last year than this year and it wasn’t enough last year to make up for his defense.
    And no mention was made of Kyle’s stats so some might mis-remember how good he shot due to his streakiness. FWIW, he shot 37% on threes last year which is by no means a dead eye.
    And you think Kyles FT would make a difference? He attempted less than 2 FT per game last year and you know he would have played less min this year.

  57. MC

    Give ne heart over talent any day. These kids are just biding their time unti the draft. I dont care about AAU ball. Im getting tired of UK being coming AAU ball.
    Look at Arizona. Those kids play with emotion and a sense of purpose. Look at the UK women..same thing.
    Blame Calapari for caring more about the kids NBA draft number than motivating these kids this year. They already play like pro players…with no emotion!!!

  58. Mick

    What ever happened to the hype (especially from Calipari even) about how much better he thought Willis was than he thought. We have another Wiltjer sitting on the bench as if he has totally disappeared from the Wildcats team. I really don’t expect he’ll be back next season.

  59. Jbugg

    How bout how Marcus Lee would help.He did not play at All yesterday or the Michigan St. game.The guy has the best motor and attitude but sits the bench WAY more than he should.Cal leans way to much on D Hawkins. He may be productive in practice, but I’m not impressed with him in games yet.He is not ready. Poulson needs those minutes.He can knock down free throws too. Andrew turns the ball over too much to be running this program.His body language is contagious.Time to grow up and grow up quick. The Cats will be Ok.If not we will go back to the NIT again.

  60. radmankd

    You said it. Useless fodder. Kyle left.
    We have plenty of capable talent. Will we see it come together?
    That’s the question.
    For me, the answer will be stated on Dec 28th.



  62. cats8

    everybody gives wiltjer all this grief after he has one bad season with a team that overall was bad. I say the bad team environment rubbed off on him & caused him to play bad. Put him with a good team with good attitude & he plays good. Same goes for every player. I’m just saying, but if Wiltjer was still at UK, we’d have probably only one loss which would be vs Mich st. With his free throws & some help with his 3’s ,we would have won against UNC & Baylor. We also wouldn’t have that many turnovers with him