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Hey Coach Cal, I do know some sh*t

As a member of the working press at Kentucky basketball games, I was offended when John Calipari looked a room full of reporters in the eyes and said, “You don’t know sh*t,” after Tuesday night’s game against Texas A&M.

I was not in the room at the time, so maybe I wasn’t included in the group of sh*t-not-knowers he called out, but I still felt Cal’s brutally honest words deep down in my heart.

Now, in Cal’s defense, the media does not know much — definitely not as much as it pretends to know. And I can’t speak for everyone who watches the games with a lanyard around their neck and a laptop or Steno Pad in front of them, but I can speak for myself.

And I know a little sh*t.

Granted, it’s not much sh*t. But I do know more sh*t than Calipari led on with his comment at the press conference. So in defense of myself and some of my colleagues, here is some sh*t I know:

– I know Kentucky showed toughness last night, but still needs to show more or it can lose to anyone.

– I know P.J. Washington has looked great the last three games, finally.

– I know I’m not going to watch the replay of the final two seconds of the game because I know Wenyen Gabriel probably fouled Tyler Davis.

– I know Shai Gilgeous-Alexander has been the MVP since cutting his hair.

– I know Kevin Knox does not play defense.

– I also know Kentucky needs Knox’s offense.

– I know Hamidou Diallo is going to be horrible in some games and awesome in others. That’s who he is.

– I know the Rupp Arena crowd needs to stop yelling SHOOT! when Brad Calipari is in the game.

– I know Nick Richards needs to be better or he can take a seat.

– I know Wenyen Gabriel should never dribble, but always shoot when open.

– I know this team is far from its ceiling; the question is, will it find its ceiling in time?

– I know it’s ridiculous to say this team can’t reach the ___ round of the NCAA tournament because every team in college basketball is beatable, maybe more so than in any other year.

– I know the Cats need to accept Cal’s coaching (LISTEN!) in order to be a team that can make a Final Four run.

– I know Pitino knew.

– I know Quade Green better not be out much longer.

– I know nothing about what’s going on with Jarred Vanderbilt behind the scenes, but I have a pretty good guess.

– I know Kentucky can be much better fundamentally.

– I know the trip to West Virginia is going to be difficult.

– I also know the back-to-back trips to Texas A&M and Auburn will be difficult.

– I know we overreacted to the Tennessee loss.

– I know Kentucky really needs to beat Florida when ESPN College GameDay comes to town in 10 days.

– I know it’s stupid to give up on a team in January because the 2010-11 and 2013-14 teams almost won it all.

– I know Kentucky beat Louisville by 29 points.

– I know Kentucky could’ve beaten Louisville by 40 points.

– I know I like my team.

See, Cal? I know some sh*t.

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

47 responses to “Hey Coach Cal, I do know some sh*t”

  1. runningunnin.454

    So what is your guess about Vanderbilt? Me and Cal would love to know.

    1. 4everUKblue

      Drew, sorry man but I don’t believe you know as much as you think you know. I’m gonna have to take Cal’s word over yours every time. Oh and humble yourself man.

  2. Reese Davis

    1. Cal was joking
    2. He’s right, you don’t know shit compared to someone who’s coach or played basketball at a high level before

    1. JTHinton

      100% right. KSR lighten up!!!

    2. Biglaw Dawgin'

      Definitely agree. Most reporters know a little, but not 1/100th of what the coaches know. The analysis above is just like every other buzz-word analysis of reporters who know a little, but not much. “Showed toughness,” “Looked great,” “does not play defense,” and “needs to be better” are just observations, not actual knowledge or breakdown of the game. Not trying to pick on Drew, but spouting generalizations after saying how much you know is kind of proving Cal’s point.

    3. Rembrandt

      Agree. If the columnist must write an article to publicly declare that he is offended by Cal, then maybe he is in the wrong line of work.

      In one way of looking at it, Cal is actually the media’s dream. Cal is successful, transparent, direct, and doesn’t beat around the bush. What more could you ask?

  3. Blue Boy

    I know Cal is starting to feel the pressure.

    1. secrick

      YEP 14 and 3 big time pressure.NOT

  4. lindamyers56

    Most ask stupid stupid questions which they don’t know anything. Most do no homework. Why do you think your team isn’t tough? Why do you think Nick is not coming along? These are just stupid.

    1. Ez21

      Nick isn’t coming along. He’s been worse and worse each game. With that being said it’s mainly bc he just hasn’t played a lot of basketball. He started late. Not this year in general. Also toughness means a lot of different things which Cal tried to relay to the team last night bc some don’t get it. However, if u think they’re tough right now it just shows how much sh*t u really do not know.

    2. Laker Cat 18

      I know his stats aren’t all-american caliber, but Richards does lead the team in rebounds, blocks, & field goal percentage. What does his performance say about the rest of the team?

    3. Rembrandt

      Rushes to judgment by novice fans about true freshmen UK players have almost always proven to be wrong. Nick Richards is a high level talent, climbing a learning curve. By March, he will be a different player.

  5. JLP

    Agree with first poster. I am absolutely confused by Vanderbilt situation. How can a guy practice well but shy away from games??? I would think he would be chomping at the bit to get in. JUST DO NOT UNDERSTAND. Please divulge your guess Drew.

  6. PillsburyThrowboy

    Drew starts with:

    As a member of the working press at Kentucky basketball games, I was offended when John Calipari looked a room full of reporters in the eyes and said, “You don’t know sh*t,”

    And then follows that up with:

    Now, in Cal’s defense, the media does not know much
    Are you offended or just don’t like hearing the truth?

  7. AdamN

    I think the Vanderbilt situation is that he is just now physically ready, but he hasn’t been practicing with the team. So he is behind everybody else. Wouldn’t be smart to throw him out there until he is at least somewhat caught up. Wouldn’t be fair to him or the team.

    1. BeejeCat

      Good call. Let’s use Brad instead because he practices.

    2. AdamN

      Umm… they don’t play the same position.

    3. BeejeCat

      In positionless basketball they do. They would be playing bigger and you wouldn’t have been holding your breath every time Vanderbilt touched the ball.

    4. Luether

      Use Brad because he’s the best shooter on the team – NOT…

    5. unbridled

      The Vanderbilt situation is suspect. I think coach calls comments about the Vanderbilt are puzzling. We know nothing about what’s going on there. Nothing. Cal does know what’s going on and I know he is propelry addressing it. Hopefully Vanderbilt “chooses” (coach cals word) to join the team on the court soon

    6. 4everUKblue

      Please tell me that came straight from you sources Luether!

    7. notFromhere

      You’re right. It’s more simple than people want to hear. They want the team to win, but they also want Vanderbilt to play now. They don’t understand that both things might be mutually exclusive. Offensively he is needed. Defensively, he might not know where he needs to be and/or vice versa depending on the situation.

      They are not necessarily more knowledgeable than the media when compared to coaches of the game.

  8. Kat4Life

    Well said Drew…… could have added: I know Zion Williamson will not attend UK, I know Vandy will be tough at home this Sat, I know less than 3 of this years players will be drafted, I know our team next year will use platoons again, and I know the SEC Tourney will be the best of the past decade…….

  9. catsarerunnin

    Drew you consider yourself one of the “working press”???….ummm…ok?

    1. 4everUKblue


  10. ClutchCargo

    Just a WAG, but if you had been at the presser and answered the question, then Cal might have included you with Larry Vaught before telling the others they don’t know sh*t. Sometimes the truth hurts, I get it.


    I know we’re going to drop the game at West Virginia, but I also know it will be a “learning” loss and we’ll see a more aggressive and physically tough team when they return to Lexington on January 20th.

    1. Luether

      My sources say that WV will punk Ky…

    2. Cuck fards


    3. 4everUKblue

      Thank god Luether your sources have spoken, now I don’t have to watch the game. Why not tell your sources to post on KSR so we don’t have to read your stupid @ss bulls!t.

  12. wyatts1

    I know that this teams ceiling is much lower when Jared Vanderbilt isn’t playing, I know they all have 💓 but not enough, I know something is just missing and after seeing jv’s mixtape he made (while he was injured*) and his dressing out for games and shoot around and now practice’s he clearly wants to play so this entire situation about him playing isn’t his doing, it’s coach’s call. 5 star top 20 recruits don’t enroll at UK to ride the bench, they come to compete for a national championship. Also I know any and all liberals don’t know sh*t, or they wouldn’t be liberals lol

    1. unbridled

      ^^^Dumb comment. Last night coach cal specifically said it was Venderbilt’s decision. Are you suggesting that coach cal was completely lying to the press? I’m pretty sure coach cal called out Vanderbilt last night.

      I actually agree with your liberal/communist assertion.

    2. wyatts1

      I have to disagree with you, if you believe it’s a dumb comment you haven’t been paying attention to the situation yourself and may wanna think twice before calling anyone’s comment dumb. Yes coach did say it was his decision the other day, and that’s convenient considering the kids been dressing up to practice, and to play, even making his nba workout type tape in late December. Seems like his health was fine during this time, so did you think he was doing this because he was in decisive about his feelings on what he should be doing? JV seems to be willing then and now to play ball, health was the concern before, now it’s his mental attitude according to coach, both of which is that call Cal has made not JV. It’s crazy to me that coach said JV’s head wasn’t right yet but he plays Brad, lol IDC how JV’s head is, cause in any situation he’s 10x better then Brad calipari.

  13. drbigblue

    Come on Drew, man up, give Cal some room, for some humor. If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.

  14. 2Dogs

    Who wrote this, Drew Franklin or Jerry Tipton?

  15. lexslamman

    I’m a journalist and I have to chime in with something important:

    Ignorance, or feigning ignorance, is one of the most useful tools of our trade. It’s how you get an enthusiastic, descriptive, informative answer out of people. No one cares what a journalist thinks or has to say, they want the story. No one has ever cared about a journalist’s feelings on Calipari or the shot clock or the one-and-done rule, just like no one should care about a journalist’s feelings on religion, politics or culture. We’re supposed to be blank, enigmatic slates. That’s the among the best ways to achieve and ensure a level of objectivity in our storytelling.

    1. makeitstop

      Well spotted. PLEASE teach journalism to people who think bc they get ink or airtime we want their opinions. We don’t. We want their observations.

  16. Le Docteur

    You may know some sh*t, but you don’t know d*ck.

  17. dan213

    Hey lexslamman I agree with what you wrote if we’re talking about some sort of alternate world made up of a utopian society with idealistic principles. Unfortunately we don’t. I wish the media was as transparent and objective as you’ve claimed they should be but that’s simply not true. No matter how much you or I or anyone else wants it to be. Sorry to sound cynical and I’m in no way impugning your character (for the record) but the media bias has become a real problem in our country. Take for example the fake news media. I’m sure you’re familiar with that term. Hardly blank enigmatic slates. Wouldn’t you agree?

  18. rlburd2

    Is Vanderbilt worried about hurting draft stock?

  19. BigBlueToo

    Drew knows.

    1. 4everUKblue

      Is Drew Luether’s sources???

  20. bradbcats

    His legs look like toothpicks. He might not have the strength yet to play.

  21. rlburd2

    The site’s draw used to be recruiting news. Sometimes just speculation but always the first place you find it. Now everyone has basically the same info. Can you at least throw your guesses out there? It would be the best post of the day/week instantly. It’s what people are talking about. Give the ppl what they want. Thank.

    1. makeitstop

      I think – no info – that Cal is saying it’s up to JV. He’s saying to recruits it’s a player first program, he won’t force u to hurt ur draft stock. He’s saying to fans, the guy could play, it’s not me. He’s saying to scouts if he does play, he’s not as good as he could be or will be; and he’s saying the team “he’ll take ur minutes if u don’t step up.” And that’s pretty sophisticated messaging…

  22. UK Maine-iac

    Are we sure Drew wasn’t being sarcastic? That all seemed like sarcasm because Drew has always laughed at being called a “reporter”. Either that or he was drunk.

  23. Paw

    Drew Franklin looks like you stepped on the Cry Babies toes some of them are Butt Hurt 😭 looks like they are the only ones able to say what they think!! If you have a link for Preparation H you should post it for them! 😜🤣