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Article written by Drew Franklin

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15 responses to “Herro says Washington is the best three-point shooter on team”

  1. bigbluebanana

    Overall, I’d say the percentages do reflect this team’s best shooters. PJ also has the third most makes. When you watch PJ shoot, it really is a soft, almost perfect shot. I like any of our guys shooting the 3, except Nick. Herro needs to keep putting them up at the same clip too, even if his percentage is lower. Would be cool to see Nick hit one though.

    1. michaelb

      I love how late in games on the road Herro has a knack for just splashing in the other teams face

    2. bigbluebanana

      He really does! One thing I e noticed the last month or so, when we need to get a bucket to quiet momentum, he’s been the man! I have also noticed that no matter who takes that shot when we need it, my butthole doesn’t clasp air-tight and I’m not saying “why take that shot?”. I trust this team on so many levels. This is the most confidence I have had in a team since 2015. We may lose a couple more, and we may not win it all, but I love this team. You can’t turn on a conversation about college ball on espn, cbs, fox sports, etc. without the talking heads putting us in the conversation as maybe the team playing the best in the country…and man I love that!

    3. ClutchCargo

      I predict that Nick will be a solid 3 pt shooter one day. Has a great shooting stroke, and he is already money from around 15 ft when he shoots it in rhythm.

    4. bigbluebanana

      I agree clutch, his shot is pretty. In fact, all of our guys have pretty strokes. The worst looking one may actually be Baker’s!

  2. michaelb

    Love having this team with 8 guys that can stroke it from deep. Even better than that is we have 5 that can be relied upon to hit a last second 3 . Amazing !

    1. SGCanter

      Herro seems to draw a really good defender. His shots are contested. He works really hard to get open. Constant movement. PJ is a post up player. PJs threes come when his man is playing off him to stop the inside game. PJ also has good height and can usually get his shot off easier.

  3. Wade

    He makes it look effortless and they are all set shots like a free throw! Herro gets ran off a lot and has to make the hard three while moving to get open or after sprinting. Never catch and shoot rarely!

  4. BigolBlue

    Is anyone suprised Reid hit 5 this season? I musta missed those.

    1. 4everUKblue

      Probably happened while you were sniffing Hoak’s jockstrap.

    2. bigbluebanana

      No bigolblue, we actually watch the games to make informed opinions. We all know Reid has hit 3’s. I AM surprised Howe we that you made this comment without mentioning the ones he’s missed though. Ryen Russillo used to have a great bit where he impersonated “that guy” of any given fan base. Taking any positive from a team and turning it into a negative. Point= Reid has hit 5 threes this year. Your counter= “yeah, but he’s missed more than he’s made. Needs to focus on rebounding”. That’s you, that’s what you sound like all the time. I can all but guarantee that if UK were to win the title against dook this year by 40, your only comment would be “should’ve won by 50, Cal let dook back in it”.

    3. henderblue

      Lol 4ever..?

  5. The last sith lord

    No way in the northside of Hades does pj shoot better than Herro. Its 2 different situations herro is a freshman and has spent most of the season trying to find his role and apply his game as well as adjust to the college game. I happy for Pj hasnt had deal with that bumpy transition and didnt have to experiment with his game. Granted hes worked on his shot since last year but he hasnt taken that many 3point shots. By tourney time im sure the real shot of Herro will be on the grandest stage in all the land. And you will all know that once again the sith lord was rt.

  6. WatchutalkinboutWillis

    All this article does is make me miss Doron Lamb. What a guy! I was hoping Baker would be that kind of three point shooter.

  7. CahillsCrossingNT

    I’m glad P.J. has improved his three-point shooting. However, his foul shooting late in the game is a big concern to me. He missed two front ends the other day when four potential points were available. If UK is in a tight game, I fully expect opponents to deliberately send him to the line in the coming weeks.