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Article written by Drew Franklin

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15 responses to “Herro Highlights: Great Moments From His Time At UK”

  1. Cincy Cayt

    Thanks for the memories, but it’s time to get paid.

  2. VirginiaCat

    So many highlights to consider when reviewing Tyler’s long, five month career at UK.

    1. makeitstop

      U guys make Debbie Downer look like Miss Congeniality. Hell, I thought they would tell him, beef up, come back next year, ur top 6-8, but it looks like Brad Stevens said “I may not take u with my first pick but I’ll take u if ur on the board w one of my 3.” Other option is Pat Riley, who loves Cal’s guys and could sure use him, or Billy Donovan… all picking in his range. Maybe “come out now and grow w us” is more appealing than join a shitty team and languish for years bf u get out, like Boogie and AD and Booker.

    2. makeitstop

      Oh – and those are quality organizations and coaches so it isn’t like he’ll suffer from not having as good of a staff around him. I’m just guessing but several mock drafts have him in their range and he seems like he’s a fit w any of them.

    3. JT919

      Makeitstop, you’re exactly right. Personally I’d love to see him go to San Antonio, Popovich is a mastermind when it comes to developing players, especially guards in recent years.

  3. UKfanforlife

    Wish Mr. Herro all the best in his NBA career. Of course we, the fan base, would love to see him play another season. From what I saw, he really improved from the start of the season, to the tourney games. That is a testimony to his hard work and to the Kentucky coaching staff.

    1. dave1964

      Barley knew ya Bye.

    2. runningunnin.454

      I think barely is the word you’re looking for, Dave. Barley is a grain used in making beer.

  4. CoachCat

    He’s a great kid. A good shooter. He’s streaky at best. Plays zero defense. Needs about 20lbs of muscle and needs to get quicker when driving. He’s going to make a great NBA player. He just needs another year or two. He will get those in the D league now

    1. IrishCat

      When the scouts assess CoachCat, basketball IQ isn’t on the list of strengths..

  5. Swizzle

    Yeah he was great vs Auburn. See ya. Enjoy the g league.

    1. henderblue

      Thankless ^^ yeah he’ll enjoy millions..

  6. Larkin123

    I cant watch any of these… too upsetting, wasted, one year, no final fours, never see it again, and fans calling next which will put us out one round earlier in tournament..

  7. kjd

    Herro is a great free throw shooter. He is a good player.
    Good luck.

  8. Pensacola_Cat_Fan

    I have no problem with him leaving. I wish him all the luck in the world. I would probably do the same thing. I can’t help but thinking though…was Herro one of the most overrated players here ever? I think he COULD have been great but if you just look at his stats, they don’t seem to jive with the attention he got from fans. I dunno but this seems more like a Booker situation in which he really didn’t even touch the surface of what he could do. Perfect stroke but rarely did the ball go in down the stretch.