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Harrison Twins’ dad tells the twins its okay to return



In this article the Harrison Twins’ father talks about how he told his sons it would be okay if they return to Kentucky.

According to the article, Aaron Sr. said he had never had an extensive talk with his sons about them leaving for the NBA, but gave them some advice after Andrew said the pressure to leave for the NBA was wearing on him.

“What I told him was, ‘Son, me and your mother, we’re in a fine financial situation. It’s not like you have to go, If it doesn’t work out, we’ve got next year, the year after that or the year after that. …There’s no pressure for you to go. And I don’t know where he got that in his mind, that pressure. I told him not to worry about it. Relax and have fun.” -Aaron Sr. said.

What daddy Harrison said must have worked, because the twins have been playing great in the SEC tournament since they sat down and had ‘the talk’.


You can read the full article here.


Article written by Courtney Hessler

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34 responses to “Harrison Twins’ dad tells the twins its okay to return”

  1. jus sayin

    Everyone should read this article. It is really telling. Sometimes we stop seeing the players as people. It’s no wonder they have been playing so tense.

    1. I Love It


    2. Dee W.

      No kidding – witness the jerks showing up on the Senior Night post who could find nothing better to do than make comments attacking our players rather than honoring them. Disgraceful conduct by so-called “fans.”

  2. Buckets

    I, for one, would love to have both of them back.

    1. 44 Stitches

      I’m with you. Would love to have both come back.

    2. Ale8

      I agree

  3. Elephants Gerald

    Looks like we found the real tweak

  4. hal

    line opened for tm’s game at UF -5.5

  5. Jozey Wells

    Think its time for them to separate.

  6. I hope

    They make a good tourney run this year, but the twins stay for next year. We will really need that experience and depth at guard position! Great article.

  7. bill o'reilly

    This can’t be right…because blacks don’t have no daddies and they ask for hand outs. Kentucky should know since they are Repubs

    1. Rixter

      Isn’t anonymity awesome!!

    2. Boogie

      You are a TURD

    3. Jughead

      Al? Al Sharpton? Is that you?

    4. MassConfusion

      Paul? Paul Ryan? Is that you?

    5. Hush

      We know it’s not Rand Paul. He’s too busy spending every waking moment on Fox News or pandering to people who are in no way connected to Kentucky.

    6. Luther

      This is right out of the MSNBC playbook – sad…

    7. Dee W.

      You, sir, are disgusting. Sick, and disgusting.

      “Real Cracka'” aka “rainman”, etc. I presume.

    8. CatsfanMike

      This comment should be removed. It has no value and is hurtful. The author should be banned as a racist.

    9. Hill

      You’re right. The state is totally republican, from the governor on down. Although this might be news to Breshear.

  8. Ale8

    Aaron “TheTweak” Harrison Sr.

  9. Jughead

    Them’s good folks! In Cal we trust.

  10. Jughead

    I want them back…would be awesome with the incoming frosh.

  11. Woohop

    Horse hockey. His reference to their financial situation first out of his mouth connotes what the parents expected sooner than later………..not a “what is best for his kids”. Horse hockey!

    1. Miss Nomer

      I think you misconnoted that

  12. kingrex

    They are not SUPPOSED to leave after one year in college! This is exactly the kind of environment I fear Cal has installed at UK. Not just the special players feeling as though they should go, but guys who had simply okay seasons. That being said, I love the way they have both played in the tourney.

    1. Says Who?

      Says you. And you’re wrong. They’re SUPPOSED to do whatever they believe is in their OWN best interest, not come back because just because it is in YOUR best interest. If you had the chance to go fulfill your dream would you take it or would you stick around in college? The answer really is that simple. I don’t know why so many people have such a hard time comprehending it. If they come back I would love to see them play here another year. But if they go, I understand. The kids are going to do whatever is best for them, be it stay or go. As they should.

    2. catsrus

      Sure are lucky the Harrisons are more mature than trolls on here.

  13. Charlie

    The second comment here was annoying to read.

  14. catsrus

    BTW did yawl happen to watch Providence work their way into the field? That should help our seeding.

  15. RealCatsFan

    It pains me to say it, and we will have to see if it will adversely affect his draft status, but I have a lot of respect for Russ Smith coming back for his senior year at Louisville. That alone should help dispel the myth that a kid who plays for his school for more than one year is somehow a “failure”. Now I realize it’s somewhat apples to oranges, as Smith was never projected as a one-and-done or a lottery pick, but maybe these kids all need to step back and realize what a special experience playing college basketball can be. Once they hit the NBA, the fan and team pride experience, good or bad kind of goes away. Cal would serve his teams well to bring in guys like Cuz, MKG, and A.D. to talk to these kids, because each has expressed regret at not being able to play for more than one year at UK.

    1. sammydog

      Russ was not going to be drafted very high last year. When that became apparent, Pitino advised him to come back and try to learn the point guard position. If he did well, he might get drafted at that position because he is too small. Russ did not come back because he wanted to continue to experience those great college memories. Both he and his father were crowing after the championship about how Russ was off to the NBA until they were confronted with reality. Russ is a great college player but that doesn’t always translate to NBA success. It is possible for Russ but rare for a player so small to have a good NBA career. Russ came back but not for the reasons you imply.

  16. CatsfanMike

    This article shows that there is way too much pressure on kids to go to the NBA too soon. Hope that culture changes here at Kentucky. All these kids need to be back next year with the exception of Randle. Even he could use another year of college but that is not going to happen.

  17. MC

    Kentucky freshman are viewed as failures if the don’t go pro after their freshman year anymore. No wonder they struggle.