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HALF: Kentucky 31 Seton Hall 25

Well, I’ve seen prettier games in my life. Kentucky leads Seton Hall 31-25 at half, but it was brutal basketball to watch.

Neither team shot over 35% from the floor, which is good for Kentucky’s defense, but the offense just couldn’t get going. PJ Washington leads the way with 11 points after a hot start, followed by Immanuel Quickley with 8, including two threes that gave the Cats some life late in the half.

Hopefully Kentucky remembers how to shoot in the second half.

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16 responses to “HALF: Kentucky 31 Seton Hall 25”

  1. Bigblue7982

    Good defense!

    1. BigolBlue

      Seton hall isnt good

  2. ScottGreene22

    We ever learn to play both ends of the court and that’s a big if we could be dangerous.

  3. LegggoooCats

    I’m so tired of it always being “well that wasn’t pretty,” or “an ugly win,” etc… I completely agree with that being written, what I’m tired of is that we don’t play a more modern, exciting brand of basketball. Other than a couple of dominant teams, we’ve played UGLY basketball 95% of the time since Cal has been here. He’s so set in his ways that it’s frustrating as hell. When he was getting the best of the best recruits yearly, we could overlook it because we knew we would eventually put it all together, but he’s getting whipped by Coach K in that department as well. Cal cares more about putting guys in the NBA than he does winning titles at Kentucky and I’ve never liked that. His blueprint is failing. All of the talent we have dominating the NBA and we have only 1 title to show for it. It’s B.S. Sorry to rant, but I think the polish and shine of Cal has completely worn off for me.

    1. BigolBlue


    2. henderblue

      Well you Louisville and Indiana coming up next. Go with one of them

  4. binarysolo

    Herro doing a great impresion of the Harrisons by driving to the basket and turning the ball over.

    1. terwilliger

      What do Herro and the Harrison’s both have in common? Hey we’re both “coached” by Cal.

      John Calipari does not teach any sort of offensive system, period. Anyone who is still arguing that 10 years in is literally blind.

  5. binarysolo

    A great outlet opportunity? Nah, PJ will hang onto the ball and give an unnecessary stare down.

  6. BPatte

    It doesn’t matter if we win or lose, it is obvious we are not a top 10 team!

    1. BigolBlue

      Nor a top 50 team

  7. RockyMtnCatFan

    Hero is garbage

    1. blueblood4life

      Calling a 17 year old boy garbage is unreal dude! Cal is the head coach ! This is a process and as long as cal is at UK that’s the way it will be . These kids fault hard and you can blame pour decisions but we will get better !!! Seton hall just wanted it more !!! Go CATS!!!


    Did that really just happen??

  9. Matt10

    This should already be a loss and it is all on the coach. Piss poor shot selection. Pitiful turnover after pitiful turnover. One stretch the first half with three turnovers and three terrible shots in a row and no timeout. Left Tyler in when he couldn’t hit the side of a barn. Let one opposing player beat his team the second half. They may win in overtime but its already a loss in my book.

  10. sonnyg333

    Worst defensive team in the country and if you look at player progress on this team worst coaching staff. Duke had layup drill and several games later we still are giving free runs to the basket one after the other. SAD basketball and I put NO blame on the payers.