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HALF: Kentucky 30 Texas A&M 26

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After twenty minutes of play, Kentucky leads Texas A&M 30-26 in College Station. Considering their five-minute scoring drought early in the game, the fact that the Cats have a four-point lead right now is huge.

After a few bad games, Kevin Knox has looked much better and leads the Cats with eleven points, followed by Shai Gilgeous-Alexander with six. Hamidou Diallo, Jarred Vanderbilt, and Wenyen Gabriel all have two fouls, with Hami playing only six minutes so far. As a result of the foul trouble, Brad Calipari logged some rare first half minutes, grabbing a defensive rebound in his short time on the court.

Kentucky’s shooting is still not ideal, at only 36.4%, but they held A&M to 30.6%. Let’s hope the strong finish to the first half carries over to the second.

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29 responses to “HALF: Kentucky 30 Texas A&M 26”

  1. KayutsBy90

    Win or lose this game, I’m proud of this first half. Some mistake but also a little of capitalization of their mistakes.

    1. BigBlueNationDude

      Good for you being proud bc theres a 2nd half also. And there getting whipped.

    2. callitlikeiseeit

      Love how article says UK held A&M to 30%……did you watch the game. A&M had wide open shots all 1st half, just they are not a good shooting team either and missed. We held them to 30%………oh my.

  2. DelrayCat

    This team is FAR FAR worse than the NIT team.

  3. DelrayCat

    They may not win again…smh.

    1. DelrayCat

      The remaining road games will go about like this one…SEC foes smelling blood in the water.
      They may be able to beat Ol Miss at home playing like this…but that’s even questionable.

  4. BigBlueNationDude

    Cal must have had a really nice speech at halftime. Probably made some timely adjustments also.

  5. big cat

    Yeah…I’m proud too…wink wink.

  6. big cat

    Let’s have some real hypothetical fun. Who would be the ideal replacement for Cal? Izzo? Brad Stevens? Donovan?

    1. BigBlueNationDude

      None. Dont get started with these blue tinters and Cal. He is god to them

    2. kjd

      Bryce Drew at Vandy, he’s recruited 2 McD All-Americans to Vandy!

  7. USMC5150

    Is it football season yet?

  8. CombatMedic_98

    This is embarrassing!!!

  9. BigBlueNationDude

    Worst coaching Cal has had. His team has no fight. Confused on offense and defense. They are giving up on him. Biggest sign of a losing coach. Wave the white flag. NIT

  10. big cat

    Cal should play the ESPN replay to the team…commentators tellin truth and video doesn’t lie. Team lazy.

  11. Miller45

    11 minutes to go im turning the game off for the first time this season. I’ve tried to be optimistic and supportive to a fault all season and if I’m wrong I’ll eat my words but not a single one of them gives a sh*t about anything and won’t win another game

  12. cosmic_cats

    This is brutal. I hope these guys come back. We really won’t be any good if these mediocre one and dones keep bouncing early. We either have to start landing the best of the best again or get these guys to stick around. I know there are too many people that are negative on here, but I have to outlet my frustration somehow.

    1. BigBlueNationDude

      Why do you want them back. 1 year isnt going to make a huge difference they are terrible.

    2. Miller45

      no. 1 year can make a difference and I want them back as you should, and they will be back like it or not

    3. CombatMedic_98

      We can be positive n speak life over it, but if u are lazy and play like this…yeah NIT!

  13. joeandrewc

    Well, well, well… I was called a NIT tard on an earlier post because I said A&M would blow the doors off, which would start a downward spiral to the NIT. You people seriously think this team is NCAA bound? Absolutely not. Sad that A&M has a player busting his A$$ with a TORN ACL while Kentucky jogs up the court. Unbelievably pathetic. Bunch of entitled punks who think they make it in the league. They’ll wind up in the G-League or overseas with the effort they’ve put into this season.

    1. BigBlueNationDude

      Yeah but Cal has to have representation on draft night. Hes gonna rush a couple guys out.

    2. Miller45

      you were wrong about one thing. the downward spiral had already begun in columbia

    3. kjd

      Being critical is one thing, but “entitled punks” is out of line IMO.

  14. big cat

    Let’s be blunt. Blunt (slang) can be a problem…lol…

  15. dballrb

    Train wreck in slow motion.

  16. FACTS

    We suck

  17. TDaniel

    I wonder if anyone has told these kids that they suck? At what point of the recruiting process did coach think any of these guys were good.
    I mean Vanderbilt may be one of the worst players I have ever seen offensively.

  18. bigbluenation90

    Really? Is it football season? We suck at football and will always suck at football. I’m not giving up on our boys yet