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HALF: Duke 59 Kentucky 42

Of all the things I envisioned happening tonight, this wasn’t one of them. Kentucky trails Duke at half 59-42, and if that score isn’t indication enough, it’s an old fashioned butt-whooping.

The story of the game? Duke’s trio of star freshmen, RJ Barrett, Zion Williamson, and Cam Reddish, have a combined 45 points. Kentucky has no answer for Barrett (20 points) or Williamson (13 points), even though Zion only played ten minutes in the first half due to foul trouble. The Cats have struggled to achieve any flow on offense or defense. Keldon Johnson leads the way with 12 points, followed by Reid Travis with 8 and EJ Montgomery with 6. Kentucky is only 1-10 from three-point land. If there’s any hope of eating into Duke’s giant lead, that’s gotta change fast.

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92 responses to “HALF: Duke 59 Kentucky 42”

  1. Bigblue7982

    We suck this game very disappointing.

    1. unbridled

      We will suck a lot of games if they don’t learn how to play basketball.

    2. unbridled

      Cal is just watching duke clown on his dudes and how alpha duke is. It’s almost impossible to teach a killer instinct and nerve.

    3. mashburnfan1

      But Cal puts players in the NBA, blah, blah, blah…Like I said many times, if K had the same teams Cal had he would have won 4 or more titles the last 10-11 years. Luckily we play in the weak SEC so will be able to get a good record. BTW SEC UF blown out by 21 {was not that close} by a very average ACC team FSU. Can anyone tell me anything Cal has worked on in practice, ANYTHING? We can’t guard, don’t help, don’t even stop the ball on breaks, that is 5th grase stuff. Typical Cal offense, no He can’t coach folks, lived off recruiting the best players and having the best talent, and still just got the 1 title. By now you know UK fans blame all losses on officiating. Right now we are dowm 32 points but have shot 13 more free throws. Guess we need to find another excuse..maybe the late start time or it being first game. Oh wait dUKe and Coach K had same start time and 1st game.

    4. Robkycats54

      Same ole Kentucky team no shooters, coach Cal doesn’t play the right roster…. Disappointed to say the least I can remember a top 5 team in my life being down by almost 40 at one point smh…. Then you go zone to a team that shoot’s 3’s smh, coach k definitely out coached him SMH this is terrible, but keldon look great, absolutely none of our bigs move they feet on defense sad day for me as a Kentucky fan coach needs to start the lineup from the Bahamas we’ve seen that work


      Coach Cal took the confidence away from quade & Nick this game not starting them

    5. unbridled

      Robkycat, you are borderline silly. You think this was coaching? That’s hilarious. Tonight was a display of talent. Zone defense was your issue? They were dropping bombs from 3 in man to man. Tonight educated the nation of how good the pukes are and how over rated the cats are. The line ups don’t matter. Nor do the offense or defensive sets. If you want to complain….complain about the disparity in talent.

    6. unbridled

      Mashburn you clearly don’t understand the game enough to justify a response. Good luck scooter

  2. cking

    This may be the second worst loss to DUke in HISTORY!!

  3. cking

    Note to Self:
    If we suck in exhibition then we are going to suck in the first game.

  4. cking

    No set plays…

    Guards not feeding the post…

    Too many 3s…

    The worst defensive performance in the Cal era.

  5. davis2319

    We are terrified of them. Plain and simple. We looked over and saw those 3 guys and peed down or leg. Hopefully we sack up at halftime

    1. unbridled

      Maybe a combination of that…..and the cats aren’t very good at basketball. Too much unearned hype for uk.

  6. friendsofcoal


    1. unbridled

      It’s really beyond embarrassing

    2. recliner coach

      At least we are a football school

  7. Aar

    Mrs TT, not to be contradictory but I suspected this could happen after watching the Cats’ exhibition performances. The most disappointing part is that the Cats didn’t do much against their second string.

  8. friendsofcoal

    Why aren’t my comments showing up??

    1. Aar


  9. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree

    As bad as our guys are playing they should be with in 10. I guess the refs are going to be asking Zion to squeal like a piggy later. Of course he told Coach “K”ill your momma you owe me another 300k that the NCAA will chalk up to Duke’s allowable living expense.

    1. SanDiegoDave

      You are an idiot

    2. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree

      Coming from a Puke troll that puts my IQ in the 140s

  10. friendsofcoal

    Come on guys…let’s get it together!

  11. RAGE

    This is just EMBARRASSING!!!! I ain’t even going to watch any more of this…. we don’t even look like we have any fight or energy tonight

  12. pbsully

    Not looking good early in the season,but it only matters in March.

    1. Aar


    2. Gr8scot

      yeah maybe we’ll reach the final four… of the NIT… NOT!

  13. Papaw

    No defense, rushed shots, Hagans inability to make a simple pass and on time, totally out talented= blowout

  14. chris43

    Not playing defense, can’t buy a shot, not playing team ball and most of all getting out hustled! What can you expect?

  15. davis2319

    This looks like Kansas and Kentucky when we blew them out. Not a good start to the season. Very discouraging. Duke is more talented and looks up to the challenge.

  16. gasman01

    Thank God for football right now! We look totally lost.

  17. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree

    RJ Barret has things you can’t teach like how to get away with charges and travels

  18. friendsofcoal

    Cal needs to recruit and let somebody else coach the games. He sure didn’t have this crew ready.

  19. Larkin123

    I said we lose by 25… Cal should have never messed with his team.. Should’ve been tweaking all year. This is the team being rebuilt.It’ll be a while until they come out of it. If we came from the Bahamas and set foot On the court we would’ve been very competitive tonight. I love the players and I love the program, but he has done this with almost every team except 2 or 3.

  20. A_Blue_Wildcat

    1st round exit this year

  21. cking

    40-0 my ass…

    I new we were going to get SMOKED!

    Who is this team? Where is the team that played in the Bahamas?

  22. gasman01

    This is the worse opening game I’ve ever witnessed…

  23. KYCat4EVER

    Hate to have to suggest this, but Coach K really showed up and out coached Coached Cal! You could SEE it on the faces of the Duke team during the team introductions: ALL SERIOUSNESS… ALL BUSINESS! Our CATS looked like they were going to Disneyland! What a reflection on COACH CAL! What humiliation for us, and it needs to be hung on Coach Cals Neck! His commonly used “my players are just 18 year old kids” excuse went out the Window tonight. Coach K sure showed all of us that excuse doesn’t hold water at Duke!

  24. RAGE


    1. KYCat4EVER

      Agree! I can almost hear Coach Cal now “it’s youth! They just don’t listen to what I tell them to do. “ It’s telling because these Duke freshman sure do look like they listen to their coach! After watching this embarrassment, I start to wonder “how would our 30-0 team have done if Coach K had them?” After tonight’s beat down and humiliating National TV performance… the JIG IS UP for Coach Cal!

  25. W1ldCats4Life

    Sometimes there’s just bigger, faster, stronger players out there…..Duke has 3 that are just better. No other way around it. They’re more skilled, more efficient, more court awareness.

    1. Aar

      Agree. 3 players come together much more quickly than 9.

  26. Kat4Life

    Among the worst ass whippings I have ever witnessed against Kentucky

  27. cking

    How does Cal mess up a team that looked lights out in the Bahamas and turn them into this….

    This is Cal…always worrying about peaking early…

    It’s like they took the ladt 3 months off.

  28. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree

    If you payed me I played like I’d never played before. Somewhere combatmedic98 is thinking why isn’t dirty.

    1. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree

      Isn’t Cal dirty

  29. cking

    This looks to be our biggest loss points wise of the Cal era?


    Cal quit on this team at halftime. His facial expression on the last TV timeout says it all…he’s checked out.

  31. Jesus H. Chrysler

    Nick Richards is a wasted scholarship

    1. mashburnfan1

      And he was #1 rated center recruit in high school. This is why I always say wait till Dec/Jan to see what kind of players and team we have, when you have to start over every year you have no idea what you really have. We did not start totally over but basically did, a few leftover scrubs from a bad team last year. We may not have to wait till Dec/Jan this year, just like I said last year in Nov I will say it this year. This team has no shot at a title, NONE. Sadly there is little reason to watch this year and for the 2nd straight year I will not be attending a UK basketball game.

    2. Cat68

      …and he’s better this year…what?

    3. Jesus H. Chrysler

      Quade ain’t much better.

  32. friendsofcoal

    Cal really needs to sit down when he gets home and think about things.

  33. Hink75

    Why is Harro in the game.

    1. Aar

      Shooters need to shoot themselves out of funks like he has been in for the past two weeks.

  34. michaelb

    This $#!+ is making me a Duke fan

    1. NiteSyde

      Hope you are joking. Go somewhere else. Blue till I die!

  35. chris43

    Duke has a TON of talent but I truly don’t understand what happened to The Bahamas team that played so well.

    1. Aar

      Cal is right. That team was at risk of peaking early. The Cats have a long time to get better before the next top 10 opponent. Do you think any of these players will leave this game without a fire in their belly?

    2. W1ldCats4Life

      Pro teams didn’t play defense

    3. friendsofcoal

      Cal got a hold of them. He hadn’t messed their games up yet when they were in the Bahamas.

  36. katmandue2you


  37. cking

    We are the laughing stock of college basketball tonight!!!

    Tennessee is licking their chops!!!

    24-10…Sweet 16 if we are lucky

  38. Shively1978

    I still don’t see why any recruit picks Duke over UK they have had one good coach ever and he’s got one foot in the damn grave. Barrett and Zion should have been ours. Plus Coach K wouldn’t even recruit one and dones until he was struggling to recruit against Cal. Can’t blame it all on Cal but it gets old being a stepping stone for the NBA. I wish the in state talent would get better like it use to be when u had good players from Kentucky that cared about the program and not then selves. Never been so embarrassed to be a UK fan in the 30 years after the football performance and now this. You got to have teams ready for the spotlight. Our opponents seem to get it right why can’t we

    1. cking

      Could be that they want a $250000 education…
      Uk is 100k

    2. mashburnfan1

      Shively1978 said….I still don’t see why any recruit picks Duke over UK…………Are you insane. K can coach better than Cal while sleeping. K is not even on same level as Cal as a coach. I would take K at 50% over Cal at 100%. Just watch the teams play, you can see the difference {and not just this game}

    3. Shively1978

      You must be really young. Duke ain’t shit without Coach K. There fan base is full of bandwagon idiots that only watch them cause there good. All you hear us Cal is corrupt. You think coach K got the top three recruits that all play the same position and done it honestly I highly dought it. He’s just as corrupt as anyone else he just been doing it long enough he dosent get caught.

    4. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree

      Coach K offense Coach Cal defense. Defense takes longer but wins more.

  39. Aar

    Would Cal allow Williamson to play the 1 if he had come to UK?

    1. friendsofcoal

      That’s comical!

    2. Aar

      It’s sad but i meant it comically. Watching Adebayo in the NBA got me to consider it. The fact that we find it funny may factor into the most recent and future recruiting cycles!

  40. plumloopy

    I don’t know how we were rated over a team that basically took the top three prospects in a strong class. We were the best team on 2010, 2012 and 2015, all due to recruiting the best players. We won once, but the window of opportunity has closed. We’re not winning the top guys anymore. Unless we’re going to attract *good* players that are willing to stay 3-4 years (not players who wanted to be one-and-dones but things didn’t work out) along with other top 30 freshmen, we may as well get used to being an excellent, but second tier team. Travis was a senior who didn’t think he’d get drafted, but now he’s our savior? Psssh.

  41. katmandue2you


  42. Shively1978

    At least the cheerleading squad still has a championship caliber program. Simply F&-&-+G embarrassing.

  43. gocats1978

    Wow! “Coach” Cal got owned! No excuses for this.

  44. dbake

    Most disgusting UK game I have ever witnessed. Reminded me of the Billy G eror. PJ unchanged….Nick Richards unchanged….Quade Greene unchanged….Jamel Baker….wait…who is that. Promise you Reid was saying….man I should be at Villanova…. Absolutely pitiful….i don’t care what excuses coach has…this is totally unacceptable… I can’t even type anymore

    1. mashburnfan1

      What change did you expect. Others stayed and got no better, Poythress, Twins, Bricksoe etc. Cal does not develope players. He had draft picks because he recruited the top 10 guys, kids that would have been high picks from High School. Mow K is getting them and he will win titles with them.

  45. recliner coach

    We need a KY Kid playing, to show these guys what it really means to play for UK.

  46. Cat68

    Nick and Quade went backwards! That last sequence was amateur hour at best

  47. dakich is stupid

    Well Duke is the best team in the nation obviously. I think our cats should be ranked about 15th. Lot of no shows today. Cal didn’t get these guys ready for this opponent. We’ve got a long way to go. This team showed a lot of quit. Cal has his work cut out for him. This year will be a frustrating year I think.

    1. SanDiegoDave

      Other than 2012, when has a year not been frustrating?

  48. AndTheDevil

    Big difference tonight is K plays modern basketball, Cal plays a style that peaked in the mid-90s. Can’t blame Zion for going to Duke. Cal would have only allowed him to post.

  49. friendsofcoal

    I’m hoping our fans got out of there quick!

  50. friendsofcoal

    Glad I didn’t make the trip to Indy. I really wanted to but glad I didn’t.

  51. SanDiegoDave

    It’s the first game of the season, for Christ’s sake. The world is not coming to an end because UK lost to Duke in November.

    1. dbake

      A loss is one thing….but this was inexcusable…you can’t hide it behind 1st game talk….this is awful.

      Kentucky was better no where on the court

    2. AndTheDevil

      If this was the first game of basketball these kids had ever played in their lives, which it kind of looked that way.

  52. Cat68

    Nick, Nick, Nick….just, wow!

  53. Batsell

    Goodness! Thank The Lord this game is OVER!

  54. Kat4Life

    Never in my wildest dreams…..

  55. ukbradstith

    Have to go zone to beat Duke. We’ll still have plenty of chances to prove ourselves, it’s just one of those nights that spiraled out of control

  56. CatsandPats

    Time to sit back and watch those Blue Devils OWN the nation for the next 4-5 months. Gonna be a long season for the Cats.

  57. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree

    Ah the joys of the ACC where blue bloods can buy championships and win football games with crappy teams. UK would have 20 Natties by now and way more bowls if we would have just sold out and joined the NCAACC