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Get ready, Cal’s tweaking even more


John Calipari is currently talking to Tom Leach on his radio show, and said that today, he did even more tweaking in preparation for Kansas State: “The reason I say there is room, we still have a couple of guys not playing how they’re capable of playing. I did some more tweaking today. It’s not a re-tweak. But more tweaking for this week.”

“The tweak that we did will stay, and I’ve got one more tweak now,” Cal said, joking that the national media was calling him to ask what the tweak was. “We’ve got one more that we’ll throw in here that I think you’ll see, and you’ll say, ‘I got it. I see what he was doing.'”

Here we go again…

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21 responses to “Get ready, Cal’s tweaking even more”

  1. Love Cal

    Can’t wait for Friday night… Even if he didn’t change anything I think this team finally knows how to play together and have figured out that when you play as a team with the amount of talent we have we are gonna be hard to beat..

  2. Shooter

    That is Greg May in the middle.

  3. Blue Hair

    He got James Young some new shoes.

  4. Cal

    The tweak only works against lowly SEC schools that only care about football.

    1. Blue

      This from an expert on lowly.

  5. SoCalCat

    His tweak was to stop talking about specific players and talk about mythical things and put the focus back on the coach. He has shown the players the fan base is so crazy they will talk about anything. They see the ‘tweak’ took a life of its own and now ‘tweak part 2’ again takes the focus off the players and the bizzareness is back on the coach.

  6. UKBlue

    I love Cal, but as big & long as we are, it is totally nuts & makes no sense for Cal not to play multiple zones. Use our size & length to our advantage on defense to wear teams down, not allow them to get anywhere near the basket, and make them have to settle for much lower percentage shots. This would frustrate the living bajesus out of teams; since we have waves of players we can bring off the bench, we can just keep pounding teams on defense. Someone really needs to send Cal Sun Tzu Art of War !! Cal is not using all of our tools in our tool belt effectively.

    1. KG

      and you’ve won how many National Championships,been to how many final fours and coach where? It morons like you who are the problem.

  7. catsrus

    This tweak will be to get Allen Iverson to play point.

  8. bluebloodtoo

    Tweak… wasn’t that a southpark character? Coach Cal having fun now. I just hope the players keep having fun.

  9. Jughead


  10. wtf

    I know what the latest tweak is. Cal gonna use the bench!!!!! Go more than 7 deep. Sub the twins more often.

    1. Sub them for whom?

      Who do we have on the bench that’s worth benching the Harrisons? Polson, I will grant you, has shown he can be a steadying influence on the team and contribute a key three here and there. But Hawkins, in my opinion, has shown that he’s not ready to be much of a contributor at this point in his UK career. And those two are pretty much the only subs we have for the twins. Our best line up has both the twins in it.

  11. sammydog

    Will a tweak each week we could tweak our way to the final 4.

  12. Hendo Blue

    UKBlue I’m not so sure about that. Think it’s good to mix things up with a zone from time to time. But Florida made our zone look bad in the second half ending with a big dunk by Young. I think our man to man, when we get after people is pretty good. It was very good against LSU and was pretty good against Florida after we got down 16 in the second half. We just need to learn to play hard on defense for a whole game… not just stretches here and there.

    1. PaducahCatsFan

      Play hard on D and the offense starts flowing. Play with a purpose….

  13. SMH

    Has Marshall Henderson been arrested yet?

  14. Ruben9830

    He removed the high ball screen

  15. Jimi

    Cal is Brilliant!!!

    Cal tweaked it like this, he tweaked it like that, he tweaked it with a wiffle ball bat!!!!


  16. musrat59

    Maybe, he is going to use his secret weapon, our man, Willis.

  17. calvin

    The more tweaks, the better. I believe these tweaks would have even helped last years team. And Cal has got to incorporate these tweaks into his “process”. Wonder why his assistant coaches never suggest any great tweaks?