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Article written by Jack Pilgrim

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13 responses to “Georgia Tech basketball caught with “high-level” recruiting violations”

  1. Bruce Dickinson

    It seems like there is a lot smoke around Duke and their recruiting. Too bad the ncaa is like the 3 stooges trying to put out a fire.

    1. jim tom

      What he said ^

    2. UKDude

      Please, that is very insulting to the stooges.

  2. chrislarkey

    I hope one of these people flip for immunity and tell about the obvious cheating duke does

  3. Han

    Duke will never be punished no matter how many of their players and former players are linked to recruiting scandals. Someone could release video of Capel handing bags of cash and keys to houses to Duke players and nothing would happen. ESPN would barely mention it and even that would just be Bilas and Dickie V talking about how it’s all overblown and Coach K is too good of a man to allow that kind of thing.

    1. chrislarkey

      Coach k is about as arrogant and liked about as much as his dad, bobby knight

    2. J-Dub421

      Corey Maguette admitted in Court he took money in AAU, and the NCAA was like, “Eh.”

  4. serdi

    GT tell the NCAA TO STICK IT. Do not cooperate!!!

  5. chrislarkey

    Wonder if the strip bar was Cheetahs
    It’s very close to GA Tech football field

  6. Big johnson

    GT is terrible, I’m surprised they were even being investigated.

  7. fredlexky

    Funny… kid leaves Duke and bam he’s in the middle of an investigation. Any school but Duke or NC seem to be fair game for looks under the NCAA microscope, those two can do what they want and seem to be bulletproof.

  8. Wildfelinebeeline

    I think KSR should start a new game called Broken Rules Bingo that stars all former Duke players! Ready? Go…..

  9. bigbluebanana

    As much as I hate saying it, GT or any other school right now should just stfu. The only way I see the NCAA becoming a respectable entity, is if there’s huge fallout from all this. Ncaa can’t continue to let dook and UNC type programs get away with murder and then try and make examples of the LSU’s and GT’s of the world. Ncaa is so far up its own azz that their head will soon be spinning, and that’s the recipe for change.