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Kentucky looking to make the step up from just “competing” against the nation’s top teams to pulling out victories, and Louisville faces their first big road test in Rupp Arena.

Rivalries like Kentucky-Louisville one show just how much passion is involved in college athletics. Both teams recent successes only fuel the flame even more for this game. “A lot of people say, ‘We hate the other guy, that’s why we have a great rivalry,'” Bilas said. “But to say, ‘We hate the other guy, and we hang banners,’ that’s pretty good.”

Kentucky-Louisville has quickly jetted past Duke-UNC as the nastiest, and most nationally important rivalry in college basketball. “These two teams hate each other, their coaches hate each other, their fanbases hate each other, and this rivalry is an all-out, year-round brawl.”

Freshman and new players must get indoctrinated quickly to the importance of this rivalry, especially when both teams have a national recruiting base. “You’ve got to talk to people that live in Lexington. Like, the people, not people that play,” WCS said. “You’ve really got to talk to the fans, because they’re so passionate about it. You feel their passion when you’re talking to them about it with them. The freshmen that haven’t been here don’t know what the rivalry is like.”


Let’s take another trip down memory lane…



Article written by Will Totten

Born in Indiana and raised in Louisville, I am the unlikeliest UK fan.

6 responses to “Gameday Links”

  1. UK56Always

    FIRST!!!! GO CATS!!!! UK by 6

  2. UK56Always

    When KU got Wiggins I was telling my friends, “I hope he likes being double or triple teamed…that wouldn’t happen at UK cuz we have the Twins! WOW check out the lead photo!

  3. Cat Fan

    Can someone help me out? I got a Apple Ipad for Christmas, I’m not seeing a KSR app being available.
    Is this true? Thanks in advance for your help!

  4. Got CAL?

    If UK shoots 70% from the free throw line, they win by 10 pts.. GO CATS!!

  5. Hendo Blue

    Stick with it Got CAL…stick with it…I’m hearing you and you may be on to something. We need to win the boards too.

  6. Clint

    I remember being at gambino’s after this game when Patrick Sparks walks in, after the team got back in town. The place erupts! I have never seen so many girls all over a guy. My man looks like he has been drinking a six pack of bud heavies in wal-mart’s parking but girls treated him like he was justin timberlake. It was awesome. #youremyboyblue