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Fox Sports 1’s 1-on-1 with John Calipari

In case you missed last night’s interview on Fox Sports 1, here it is in its entirety. Watch as John Vincent Calipari sits down with Bill Raftery to discuss his coaching career, NBA rumors, and how things are going at the University of Kentucky this season.

“This year’s team is the best post up team I’ve ever had, including my years with the Nets.”


Article written by Drew Franklin

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18 responses to “Fox Sports 1’s 1-on-1 with John Calipari”

  1. johnboynotbilly

    Let’s beat Boise THEN talk!

  2. Mcheek

    Its the best post-up team, however; teams play zone defenses to keep us from posting up. If our bigs try to post up they are double or triple teamed as soon as they receive the ball. So, what to do? Pass the ball to the open man and have him drive the paint or shoot. We should be good… right?

  3. enuffalready

    Just coach your team!

    1. Bunny


  4. hugecatfan

    You think Cal is eating his words now?

    “This year’s team is the best post up team I’ve ever had, including my years with the Nets.”

    Have to trust Cal but…I hope we get to see it out of this team.

  5. Jerk

    Let me see….Easy to defend (zone,any zone)easy to beat of the dribble, doesn’t have a clue how to defend the pick and roll, refuse to block out, refuse to put forth effort, jackass Cal refuses to play zone himself, freakin egomaniac..I believe I was writing the same thing last year about this time. Who the hell is evaluating the talent for Cal now? Talk about drinking the cool aid! They have told us the same crap for two years in a row, looks like Ryan Harrow was not to blame after all, it was Cals inability to coach. Been pissed at him ever since the West Virginia game, and he has been out coached everytime he has faced a big time coach. And you guys will never have to worry about him leaving, NBA doesn’t want him, he has been proven in the NBA already, proved his inefective coaching ability. Never thought I would see anyone as bad as Joe B Hall , the most stupid coach ever in college basketball, but it looks like I have. Cals right we have all drank the cool aid, he has deceived the whole state of Kentucky, never plays any of the Kentucky boys, just a bunch of lazy a$$ uncaring bums on there way to the NBA, these sleeze bag coaches have ruined college basketball. Well I guess that’s my rant. Go Big Blue! Go and hire a coach that is…

    1. PhilUK18

      It really alarms me how stupid you are. You’re telling me that one of only two people to take three different programs to a Final 4 is a terrible coach? Say what you will about the NCAA’s stupid “we’re going to pretend this didn’t happen” vacating tournament games thing, those Memphis and UMass Final 4s did happen. And he never plays any of the Kentucky boys? Hawkins gets a decent chunk of minutes and the rest of them don’t play because they aren’t good enough. Get it through your thick skull that we can’t compete while playing those people. I’m a huge Polson fan, but he got outclassed every time he was on the floor against a big time opponent last season. Same is true with Hood, he just isn’t good enough. Who do you think Hood should take minutes away from on this team? And you want to sing the praises of Ryan Harrow? The kid is on his THIRD SCHOOL! He failed miserably at the first two, and you think that’s Cal’s fault? And it’s DECEMBER! The 2010-11 Final 4 team lost 8 or 9 (I cant remember and don’t want to bother looking it up) games in the regular season. They still made the Final 4! Stop being so stupid. Or just quit being a UK fan, because you make us all look dumb.

    2. Hug

      Pitino(who I dearly miss) is the only coach to take three teams to the final four. All of Caliparis don’t count.

  6. concernedukfan

    “I respect what he’s done as a basketball coach”. The key phras is “as a basketball coach”

  7. concernedukfan

    jerk = moron.

    1. PhilUK18

      Absolutely. The morons that are complaining about all the one and done players and Cal’s philosophy and coaching ability were the same idiots who were complaining when Tubby got kids who weren’t as good but would stay a long time (and lose a lot of games every season). There’s never anything that’s good enough or “just right” for these kinds of “fans” because they’re miserable and incredibly stupid.

  8. Jerk

    #7 your the moron if you still believe all the bullsh#t Cal is shoving down your throat, oh I guess you are use to things being shoved down your throat. It’s not my opinion, it is a proven fact. Remember The NIT? He is such an egomania that he rescheduled them this year to just stroke his ego. You can believe his crap if you want, but everybody else in the state doesn’t. Looks like you are the moron from where I sit…

    1. PhilUK18

      We all know you can’t see anything with your head shoved so far up your ass

  9. Jerk

    Cal for President! Anything to get him out of KY!!!

  10. Sean

    So, jerk (appropriate name btw), you think Coaches Cal and Hall are bad coaches? Both won national championships didn’t they? You are the worst kind of fan, and I don’t really know if you deserve to be called a Kentucky fan. Leave, we are all much better off without you.

  11. Jerk

    Don’t understand why the truth hurts so bad. As far as Hall goes, that was the biggest loser ever at KY. I was around to watch him take NBA quality teams and lose the championship every year but one,because he was a moron. The only guy in history to take players out as soon as they start hitting. Walk up and down the sideline with his little rolled up program. If he was a good coach, they wouldn’t have lost his job, simple as that. I have been watching the Cats since 1971, but the truth is the truth, and A$$holes like you are not going to bully me out of my opinion. What’s wrong with reality? I didn’t like Cals sleezy approach to the job at Kentucky, got rid of almost all of the players that were here when he came, we are going to get what we deserve for this win at all cost mentality. All these guys are going to leave at the end of the season, and without a championship, next years team will suck also;and what about all these guys one the bench? that work and have heart, but never get to play. Hey if your losing and the bums on the court don’t care, put those guys in, your losing anyway. That’s what I hate about Cal and what we have become, he says i dont promise these guys anything, if not, then why wont he pull them out when they play like sh$t?Everyone says we are like an NBA production line, really hate what has happened to College Basketball,it’s just not about the Student Athelete anymore, but producing NBA draft picks…

  12. Jerk

    Hey Phil, you are an idiot, that can’t see the truth because you sir are a fool. Pitino took a rag tag bunch of KY boys and won with them, that’s ability, but cal cant coach so he has to try an get talent to cover up his inability to coach. And promise them the NBA money.This site has a bunch of juveniles that because someone doesn’t agree with there moronic ideas, they have to try and show there lack intelligence through insults. And you sir have just shown your IQ, which is just below that of an ape, I can say what ever I want, it takes the uneducatable to argue with truth logic and common sense. Cal to NBA this year, because of the lack of a Championship this season, he will bolt for the Pro’s. hope so, we need a real coach like one of the Drews, or one of the young coaces that keep kickin our A$$. I feel so powerful with this platform and all of this knowledge that I have.

  13. Jerk

    By the way Phil, is that 18 your IQ?