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65 responses to “For some reason, Joe Lunardi moved Kentucky down to a two-seed”

  1. Voice of Reason

    Any bracket with Duke in it is where we want to be.

    1. Ridge Runner

      God, I know the boys want them as bad as we fans do. Rematch made with Revenge.

  2. Duuuuuude

    Irregardless, I don’t want to see Duke in the final 4. If it takes Kentucky to keep that from happening, then so be it.

    1. BBNfromOklahoma

      It is just “regardless”, my guy. Yeah, I don’t think I want to see Duke until as late as possible personally.

    2. BluejayK

      Who cares man?? Oklahoma got you that uptight and arrogant my guy?

    3. Melvit
    4. StayBlue

      Guys, it’s a blog for crying out loud. OMG

    5. ukkatzfan

      English teachers on a message board. That’s irrelevant irritating irridiculously crazy ???

    6. CatfaninCinci

      Firstly, irregardless of what people might think, for all intensive purposes, I think Duke don’t never want to play the Cayuts in Kentucky.

  3. Ridge Runner

    Just saw that over at the world leader (cough). He just felt pressure from CBS and bent.

    1. Ridge Runner
    2. StayBlue

      Yes, Palm did it and he thought about it AFTER keeping us at 1. Then said, oh yes 2 I mean.

  4. KYjellyRoll

    Ridiculous. I think if we win the sec tourney we’re a one seed anyways. I think our cats can run with duke now

    1. 4everUKblue

      Brackets are already done by the time the SEC championship is decided.

    2. catsarerunnin

      That’s true. It ain’t right but it’s true.

    3. UKsuperdave

      What 4ever said is it. The SEC tournament is held so late that Kentucky’s good performances in it has NEVER helped us out one bit. It should’ve helped us in seeding on quite a few occasions but it hasn’t and won’t…ever.

    4. UKBigBlueForever

      You guys are for the most part correct. However this year we will be rewatching UT in the semis.. whomever wins that game will be the final 1 seed. The championship game is irrelevant though

    5. UKBigBlueForever

      Will be in a rematch with UT*

    6. 4everUKblue

      If I’m not mistaken, the ACC tournament champ is decided on Saturday. Why can’t the SEC change the final game to be played on Saturday?

  5. Papaw

    Duke could have 10 loses and still get a one seed

  6. Mc12

    Did he send a tweet that he was considering moving Duke to a 2 seed after their ugly performance at home to Wake Forest (like he did after UK beat Arkansas)?

    1. StayBlue

      Really, Mc. You know it.

  7. 4everUKblue

    Has Lunardi ever been right? None of this means anything, only the brackets on Selection Sunday.

    1. Realme


    2. spincr4hire


    3. bigbluebanana

      Nope, never, not even a little bit. The dude makes crazy money working part time for espn and he’s not even in like the top 20 bracketologist guys either. Any unbiased person on this site could fill out brackets and be almost as accurate as him. That being said, I’d still prefer the two seed because this team particularly plays better in the underdog role.

  8. Lumpy52

    My hope is UVA wins ACC, Cats win SEC tourney. Cats would then take over the Louisville 1 seed and whomever (Duke or UNC) played UVA in the acc title game (and lose it) would be the 1 seed in Kansas City.

    1. Skooms

      In that scenario, VA gets the Louisville region Lumpy. WE CAN’T get the Louisville regional unless we’re a 2.

  9. az1006

    If UNC beats Duke this weekend, good chance they’ll be on the 1 line. Lot of moving parts yet to be figured out.

  10. KyZoneBlitz

    1 seed in Louisville, without a doubt

  11. VirginiaCat

    I don’t understand the fervor to play Duke in the tournament. Seriously, particularly if they have Zion back, I think they are a bridge too far. Don’t bash me, please. I am as much a fan as anyone, but I am also a realist. My hope is that someone knocks off Duke so that we don’t have to face them. Without Duke in the mix, I like our chances. The key will be staying consistent for six games.

    1. Ridge Runner

      Yes, we “could” lose but my reasoning is I want to go after the media darling and team that beat us. We have to try for the payback as the loss was humiliating. Unless they get upset again in the tournament to “Acme University.”…. let’s settle this thing with our team surely wanting redemption.

    2. StillBP

      I don’t want to play them early but I would love to play them again as long as we get Reid back to healthy. Not scared, our boys know their roles now and we are a different team with Hagans running the point.

    3. Cokely53

      @ StillBP we aren’t different with him running it lately. Hagans has been God awful lately. We need him to bounce back and become that defensive menace he was midway through the season. Even then I’m with VirginiaCat. I want no part of them with Zion back. Sure revenge is great and all but we still don’t match up with them at all, that part hasn’t changed.

  12. Ridge Runner

    I think we all know there’s a lot left to be resolved. But the point here (to me) is nothing on the Court has happened to cause Joey to change us from a 1 to a 2. That’s the head scratcher for logic.

    1. StayBlue


  13. UKsuperdave

    If Zion is playing I don’t want to play Duke. He’s a game changer like AD was for us.

    1. StayBlue

      Don’t be scared man. Our guys are salivating over a rematch. You don’t get spanked and not have a spark.

  14. weneedpitino

    I’m still thinking a 4. GO CATS!!

    1. 2Dogs

      Keep thinking. Stop commenting. Go with your inner voice.

    2. Cokely53

      Is louisville even making the tourney this year? Are they even going to have a team in a couple seasons?

    3. Skooms


  15. CatstopWontstop

    GIVE ME THE SOUTH REGION ALL DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1 seed, 2 seed, 10 seed…I don’t give a. I’d rather play Duke in Louisville than any other 1 or 2 seed anywhere else.

  16. Wade

    That’s a tough road to get to duke for a 2 seed. Oh well let’s gooo! Beat fl by 20 and win the sec tourney!

  17. clarks

    South no doubt about it. Better a 2 in south than a one anywhere else.

  18. davis2319

    They will end up ripping us off some how it happens every year

  19. bluecat15

    Coach K gonna squeal like a little girl if he has to play the Cats in Louisville

  20. Bluebloodtoo

    UK in Louisville would be too big of an advantage. I don’t think the NCAA would do that given how well UK fans travel. They are going to put us somewhere else to ensure we spend our money in their host cities.

  21. KYjellyRoll

    Would the elite 8 game be played in Louisville? Or just opening two games?

    1. Cole28

      Opening two would be in Columbus. Elite eight (i.e. next two games) would be in Louisville.

  22. friendsofcoal

    My pick is by far a 2 seed in Louisville with Duke as the 1. Game of the year for sure and we win by 8-10 at the Yum! Bucket.

  23. RAGE

    Wow how is Nevada a 6??? Yet Gonzaga gets a 1 with no questions asked… That is crazy to me I know Gonzaga is the better team but cmon their schedule isn’t much better than Nevada really… No one in the WCC could beat Nevada or any other team in the best few teams in the Mountain West… other than Gonzaga that is

    1. RAGE

      Don’t get me wrong before somebody tells me I am wrong or crazy… I truly hope they put Gonzaga as far away from us as they can… Cause I think we match up horrible with them and I hope somebody knocks them off long before we have to play them.. Just doesn’t make since to me I don’t know how Nevada is any lower than a 4

    2. bigbluebreeze

      UNR took L’s to SDSU and Utah State recently. Both unranked teams ouch

  24. ballplayerstu

    I don’t care we play or where. You know they are gonna screw us only to get the highest ratings. All about money.

  25. ballplayerstu

    I agree

  26. ukbradstith

    Nevada would be the best 6 seed ever and it wouldn’t be close.

    1. RAGE

      I agree… I think in that bracket right there we play them in the round of 16

  27. Righteous1

    How do any of you know that Reid Travis will play again this year? His draft stock would go down if he does not either play well or gets hurt again. Need I mention J. Vanderbilt from last year? We should not count on Travis playing unless UK makes it to the Final Four which is in his hometown.. We also should lose in the SEC tournament. Historical data proves we go farther in the NCAA tournament when we lose in the SEC tournament. Look up how we did in the NCAA tournament when we lost in the SEC tournament on our last 3 NCAA championships.

  28. shelby

    Lunardi has no friggin clue what the committee will do.

  29. DrewP

    Lunardi is a fool…

  30. BigolBlue

    Hoe Lunardi needs an ass kickin from Slater. Bayside style

    1. 4everUKblue

      Or you could just do it, since you’re Slater.

  31. crwally

    No 2 with Duke…attending a regional is a very cool experience and being in Louisville would allow more fans the opportunity.

    1. The last sith lord

      Im with you a 2 seed in da ville against da greatest villian