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Florida completes a perfect 18-0 SEC season with 84-65 blowout win over Kentucky


Kentucky fell behind by the largest margin all season in the first half, trailing by as many as 21 points at one point. Kentucky showed signs of life in the second half, chipping away at Florida’s big lead. Kentucky got all the way within 6 points, but Florida always found a way to respond. Florida capped off a perfect 18-0 SEC record by virtue of a 19 point blowout win over the Cats, 84-65. In the end, Kentucky folded down the stretch. Julius Randle led Kentucky with 16 points, 10 rebounds and 1 assist. Patric Young had a season high 18 points today for the Gators.

Article written by Ally Tucker

I once successfully requested "The Wobble" to be played 6 times at one wedding.

125 responses to “Florida completes a perfect 18-0 SEC season with 84-65 blowout win over Kentucky”

  1. lesigh

    That pic…it’s like Prince played basketball. Purple Rain!

    1. Too funny!

      Good one!!!

  2. Kevin Grevey

    We drop 3 out of our last 4 games. The most over rated recruiting class in the history of UK Basketball

    1. hell cat

      . . . in the history of basketball period.

    2. Wah-burgers and French cries?

      Too early to judge. Comments like this are immature. We complain about the 1 and done rule, then we complain when freshmen struggle and return.

      Wait until their careers are over to judge the class as the worst ever. Players return next year (except randle) and mix with that class and we will be there!! Then judge the class. Anything before then is just emotional whining.

    3. Maybe...

      I don’t know that anybody’s complaining about struggling and returning. I think the angst comes from the awareness that in many cases it’s going to be struggling and then leaving anyway. I agree it’s too early to judge the class, but in the current UK environment I can’t blame anybody for assuming that we’ve already seen the best this class will ever offer us.

    4. Silver lining?

      Good point and I agree. If anyone goes after this year other than randle then the nba scouts need to watch more basketball!!

      If I’m right, next year we have the harrisons, young, poythress, Dakari, lee, ullis, booker, lyles and the other center. There may be a defining moment in that roster. But PLEASE, no 40 and 0 conversations!!

  3. Willy

    Lucky it wasn’t more, wish they could get it together but not much hope now.

    1. Carmine

      Im with u i thought that maybe beating Florida would be maybe what “turns the light on” as Cal said i guess maybe winning SEC tourney but these kids and Coaches look worn out !!

  4. run out of town.

    three ten loss seasons. enought said. ten loss cal.

    1. Rei

      Only two. But 2 in a row.

    2. yo

      10 Loss Cal. I rest my case. But he sure can recruit. Does us no good though, since given enough time he destroys any talent he recruits. They are much worse after a yfull ear under Cal than they were the first game of the season. And Poythress needs a lot more PT, as 20 plus minutes per game is just not enough. Alex is a scoring machine!!!

  5. Jrod

    Only question now is whether we’ll see another win this year.

  6. Cal's pre-taped interview

    Who cares if we lose? What’s more important is doing the right thing for these kids. I’ll figure this out later.

    1. Boomeruofk

      Yes I really idiotic comment by cal

  7. Thursty

    I went to UK/Florida football game this year and can remember thinking “just wait till basketball season” while watching the UF fans. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined this season going this way. Most likely will have ten loses going into NCAAs. Wow.

  8. Shawna

    I am so damn sick of these refs not calling theses games right if it’s a fowl at one end guess what it is at the other also. I say kentucky is the sleeper team in this NCAA tournament , because in the tournament fowls will be called . I sat here watched kentucky get physically beaten . great street ball game !!! Only fowls on one end of the court KENTUCKY. Makes me sick and I am proud of Uk were gonna kick their ass in the tournament ……

    1. Birds?

      Fowls? Lol

    2. Willy

      Too many birds in the arena I think!!!

    3. Skeps

      Those stupid chickens cost us the game again.

    4. ??

      Personal Foul, not a personal fowl.

    5. hell cat

      Foghorn Leghorn should’ve gotten a technical fowl

    6. Fowl-Odor

      That’s what this team gives off.

    7. Axe Cop

      Parody account.

  9. The Real Mash

    What station is the KSR post game on?

  10. So ga cat

    Calipari made a comment in pre-game show on cbs that he would make a decision in favor of the player over the program—well how is that working out for us! What does that mean anyway?

    1. Reality Check

      It means staying in a man-to-man to prepare guys for the NBA. It means telling guys to dribble-drive into 3 defenders to prepare them for the NBA instead of running any plays. Basically it means preparing guys for the NBA style of play over winning at UK.

    2. John Wall

      I am a UK optimist till I die, but that comment upset me and its time to reevaluate that principle. Screw us right?

    3. Bill Brasky

      I’m a Cal defender through and through, but it’s a terrible time to make that comment. Some of the fan base has turned, some is teetering, and even the most loyal supporters have become somewhat apathetic. Even if he thinks that he shouldn’t have said it publicly. And if he does think that, someone may need to have a talk with him and remind him who his employer is to refocus his priorities.

  11. Wait until march.... This team is young

    This team is young. Cal will turn them around by March

    1. jch67

      He just never told us which March…

  12. Gator Chomp

    Haha, 8 all Americans isn’t enough for roll it out there Cal.

  13. Joker

    Die in a fire Gator Chomp

    1. Phillips

      You already died in the dumpster fire that is UK football.

  14. K2da

    Who’s ready for midnight madness!!!???
    “We don’t just play basketball…we are the only basketball team in the Universe!”
    Let me write for ya ” 10 loss Cal”

  15. So ga cat

    No player can be bigger than the program—-look at Florida —_team play wins championships

  16. Jim

    UK once owned the SEC, the past few years Florida has owned with no signs on letting up. Sad.

    1. Rei

      Florida hasn’t won the SEC tournament since 2007

    2. Cycledelicbikes

      UK won a national title 2 years ago in case you forgot.

  17. buddyblue62

    men vs boys uk will be good if these kids stay 3 or 4 years.
    somebody made a boo boo are these kids really mcdonalds all americans?

    1. Bill H

      I’ve been saying, as a lot of us have, these guys need to return for another year. I hope not. We need a whole new approach. These guys are too slow to play defense and just don’t have the heart to hustle. They will lose the first game in SEC and First game in NCAA.

  18. bluenip

    Randle is definitively the team leader. they put up a good fight.

  19. Harold

    This freshman crap does not work. Look at Kansas today. They have all these talented freshman and lose to West Virginia. They have one less loss than we do. Cal keeps talking about making the rule 2 and done and how dominant UK would be but it’s not and he is living in a fantasy world.

    1. Maude

      Kansas put up 86 points against a West Virginia team that would of beat Florida today.

  20. Seriously

    Sad. Sad. Sad. I’m already drunk.

    1. Reality Check


  21. Lcat

    The gators are really good and we are average. It is tough for these freshmen to compete against juniors and seniors. Fl is really a good passing team and we are just not quick enough to keep up with a fast, crisp passing team. I do not think AH is a point guard . Our guys did play hard-I will give them credit. The gators were just too good.

    1. Seriously

      Play hard and still get blown out. Moral victory much?

    2. Reality Check

      But how do you explain losing to Arkansas at home then a terrible SC team the next game?

  22. Ten loss Cal

    thanks for the 10 million for the last 2 years…because i sure didn’t deserve it.

    1. Yep


  23. Mark

    So, now that the whole start 5 freshmen experiment is over…can we get back to building a program. We say this is a player’s first program…but if players don’t put the program first, then I don’t want them.

    1. One and Done is Done

      You win the Internet today, sir!

    2. Ten loss Cal

      Thats what i mean by players first…get them to the draft and try to have fun while you here for 5 months,because i’m sure stealing my money haha

  24. bosshog

    Simple economic law-if you have a chance to become a multi-millionaire at 18 you take it. These Florida players weren’t good enough to get to the league, and now they’re experiencing their just reward for being in college 4 years…..maybe Billy will take them to the Dairy Queen after the game. As long as Cal is able to continue this pattern he’ll continue to mint a lot of millionaires and we’ll continue to be saddled with these boom/bust seasons.


    Isn’t fowl a bird. Fouls won’t help this team because the shot about 50%. In the end, these are good players with potential. But unfortunately, they will be all leaving to go to the pros and we will be rebuilding again. Unless you have players like John Wall, Demarcus Cousins, Anthony Davis, Gilchrist, Terrence Jones, Brandon Knight, a bunch a regular freshman are going to struggle. They are just not strong enough, quick enough or savvy enough. In 2 to 3 years they probably would be but they will all be gone.

    1. jch67

      Who’s going pro other than Randle?

      WCS is the only other potential 1st rounder and he isn’t a lock by any means.

      The twins played themselves out of the 1st round for sure and are questionable 2nd rounders – they’ll be back.

      Young has done the same.

      Poythress? doubtful

      The problem will be playing time next year

  26. Skeps

    Can’t wait to see how the Cal lovers are going to defend the players above the program statement Cal made.

    1. wtf

      Skeps: Cal has said this since day one. I defend cal. EVERY coach in America has down years.

    2. Reality Check

      No, he has never said “even if it hurts the program” like he did today.

  27. oh really

    If this exact Florida team were at kentucky and go four years without making a final four, would that really satisfy you idiots? Yeah, I doubt it

  28. Cal-Topia

    Time to panic. We are fuggked.

  29. UK Fan in Morehead

    Barring a post-season miracle, this may go down as the most frustrating and disappointing UK basketball season ever for this fan. Expectations were so high. So much wasted talent and potential.

  30. Tom Householder

    Really hate all the announcers acting like Fla is the only team to go undefeated in conference play. UK has done it three times. CATS played hard today. Will never give up on them.

  31. Cycledelicbikes

    I saw it as when the lead was cut to 6, the Harrison’s decided to start throwing up the ridiculous shots they feel they must do, and that was the end of the comeback offensively.

    1. Jambone

      I counted 18 of those today. Hey don’t blame the twins. They are obviously coached to do just that. Just like Archie Goodwin and Ryan harrow were. Doth we see a pattern? I can’t recall more than a half dozen set plays all day. Cal would make a nice YAA coach. Just let em run and gun. Oh, and scream a lot. I sure wish a Cub Scout would come forward with a molester charge or something

  32. Gator Chomp

    Bottom line, Cal can’t coach.

    1. Rubes

      It’s the loserville troll posting as a gator again! Nothing like riding the coattails of another team!

  33. Seriously


  34. Jonathan

    What a rough three weeks. It’s so hard to be positive right now…all I want to do is complain. Truth is…we are not a very good basketball team right now.

  35. Ryan

    I’m done with this team and looking ahead for next season. We’re a joke this year. I predict a loss in the first game of sec tournament and round 1 loss in the ncaa tournament.

    1. RondoNumbaNine

      And you sir are an idiot! And not a true fan! Go cheer for another we can do without you for the rest of this season and for the seasons to come

  36. NOD

    When this team commits to playing team D & understand the offense must go through the post we may actually have something. Florida got whatever they wanted when they wanted it. 84 pts 20 too many for winning B-Ball.

  37. ??

    I do wonder if there will be t-shirts on the fans of other teams, at the SEC Tourney that say, “Keep Calm the Twins are Coming Back” ?

  38. JIm

    UK will obviously not win the national title this year so now I am for anyone who can beat Florida or Loserville. Anyone but them.

    1. Elk

      If you’re gonna get beat, you may as well go down to the best team in the land. Root for Florida to pull it out and to keep it in the SEC.

    2. Huh?

      Keep it in the SEC? It left the SEC last year, in case you forgot.

  39. Papaw Brooks

    Cal needs to be put in check. I don’t think he took the media’s speculation about the NBA the right way. After next year, he may not have the choice and it would be the most graceful way to handle things for both parties. I like Cal, but I think he is too vain to realize that this “players first” marketing garbage needs to go. This isn’t Memphis, No name will ever be bigger than the one on the FRONT of the jersey. Realize and ACKNOWLEDGE that or please go to the Knicks.

    1. Elk

      Phil Jackson has all but locked up the Knicks job.

  40. RondoNumbaNine

    I am 100% committed to this team through thick and thin! But one thing I cannot stand is a UK fan that bashes Coach Cal! This man came here to recruit top players. Yes the past 2 years these players have played well below their HS all American status, but you only get a MKG and Anthony Davis every blue moon! Believe in this team is all i ask, bc this team has the will to win, they just need to show it for 40+ minutes!! And when this team puts it together in the tournament I don’t want to hear all the ppl that stopped eating Coach Calipari’s ice cream to jump back on!! Go Big Blue!!

    1. Hopefully

      Exactly. There are a lot of people who are fair weather fans.

    2. Hmm.

      There are a lot of people who have begun to see through Cal’s B.S., too.

    3. Cats, Cats, Cats

      Actually, Hopefully, there are a lot of people on here who are morons.

  41. Reality check

    If these kids truly think about declaring, hello to a couple years being tossed around in the D-Leauge and eventually packing their bags, headed to Europe.

  42. John Wall

    I love my cats but they all need to return next year and give us the season their talent shows, and give us a team we love again. Come on Cal its time to do this for us

  43. disgustipated

    You know, these last two seasons will really not be any better than Gillispie’s two seasons. You know that, right? Only differences are Cal yells and BCG made them sit in a toilet.

    1. Hopefully

      Let the season end and then judge.

    2. Rei

      But wouldn’t they get wet

    3. disgustipated

      The season IS over.

  44. bmt22033

    I’m not sure if this has always been Calipari’s view or if he’s just gotten to the point where he’s willing to openly verbalize it but his quote on CBS about doing what’s best for the players first and worrying about if it hurts him ***OR THE PROGRAM*** later has finally moved me into the camp that thinks it’s time for him to move on. He’s an great recruiter and I actually think he’s a pretty good coach, too, but this whole “players first at all costs” mantra rubs me the wrong way. I want the program to have continued success as much as anyone but I don’t think the constant revolving door of one-and-done players is the best way to go about it. Yeah, we had McDonald’s All-Americans on the bench and went 22-9 and lost in the second round of the NCAA tournament but you know what? We had two or three guys get drafted and that’s all that matters!!!

    1. Hopefully

      So what’s best for the players should take a backseat to your desires as a fan? If the shoe was on the other foot you would be singing a different tune. It’s the way it is now. If you want elite talent then you have the possibility if the one and done. Just a few years back everyone was in the dumps because we did not get elite talent and were out the first weekend of the tournament.

    2. Reality Check

      No, getting players to the NBA should take a back seat to what’s best for the team.

  45. Observant Cat

    I obviously know nothing! I thought it would be close!

    1. Elk

      Hey, had these kids not come out and fought at the beginning of the second half the margin would’ve been much greater than 19.

  46. joe

    Dear idiots – Cal says “player first” because it helps with recruiting, which helps improve the program.

    Saying “players above program” is a way to help the program. jeez

    1. roundball fool

      thanks, Joe.

      players are the program.

    2. jus sayin

      Thank you

    3. Reality Check

      Saying “I don’t care if it hurts the program” is a very different thing.
      And no, players aren’t the program. Players are privileged to play in the program.


      Yes – I”m sure 17-year olds are interested in coming here b/c of Dan Issel memories and “the program”.

      But that’s a good slogan – “come to UK – we put the program’s interest above yours”. Good luck with that “Reality Check”

  47. Matt

    Hopefully this will end the stupid Alabama Football-Kentucky Basketball and Nick Saban-John Calipari comparisons. UK hasn’t accomplished anything close to Alabama FB over the last 4-5 years, and for Cal to be in the same breath as Saban is laughable. Saban is at least a great in game coach where as Cal is a quality coach, but by no means a “great” coach.

  48. Scott Stewart

    Even if they were that team (best ever .. Yada yada) I would’ve expected exactly what i seen today.
    If they stayed another few years with the incoming players, only then should you expect greatness. At the end of the day they are young kids and Florida are grown young men. For that reason I’m out…

  49. katdaddy

    Let’s keep hanging on to his ass so we don’t lose recruits.Losing double figure Games every yr and paying Cal $5 mil a yr is ok. All i heard after losing to SC was about losing recruits. Cal must get the hell out of lexington. Fire his ass! This team ain’t no better than they was in November.

    1. 9-asty

      I agree. Showing no improvement is the biggest indicator that the coach hasn’t been doing his job.

  50. The Problem Is

    Cal started believing his own bullshit after winning a title. Used to be just a sales pitch, now it is a way of doing things.

  51. Tom Householder

    Yes i agree that this team has done as well as we hoped, but to continually bash Coach Cal and the players just gives all the TRUE BLUE fans a bad name. Yes you’re entitled to your opinions but as the old saying goes “if you can’t be positive in your criticism shut the hell up”

    1. Reality Check

      Unfortunately for you there’s this thing called the 1st Amendment.

    2. Reality Check is an idiot

      Reality…1st amendment is about government censorship. Not dumbass jack wagons on a message board.

      Don’t be That Guy that thinks stating opinion is a 1st Amendment issue. That Guy is a moron.

  52. Reality Check

    Well, we don’t have to worry about Cal going to the Knicks. They are hiring Phil Jackson to their front office and there’s no way he’ll pick Cal. He’s a coaching genius and probably doesn’t want a coach that expects his players to sub themselves. Or one that puts any player before the organization.

    1. sammydog

      Why continue to push this nonsense about the Knicks? Cal isn’t going anywhere and certainly not to the Knicks. This talk is more than ridiculous.

  53. katdaddy

    Joe he’s help the program alright.Help with double figure losses every yr.

  54. wally

    Its true they have a hard time being young.Cal only gives advice on who should stay or leave I have never heard of him pushing or telling them that they are one and done.There will be plenty on the shelf next year.For all you pissy fans ,just turn it off and let the other 99 percent of us enjoy the best basketball program in the country.If you want to turn coat go ahead because you just will just bitch about that program too.

  55. 9-asty

    I didn’t blame Cal for that season last year due to the really week and shallow roster. However, this year doesn’t all the blame have to fall on Cal? Say what you will about the freshmen being over rated, but they are not bad players. This team has been playing games together for four months now. There is no excuse to be closing out the season like they are. I honestly do not think this team has shown any progress from where they were at the beginning of the season, and that’s all on the coach. His roster next year should be unbelievable, and if he can’t win next year, he needs to go. I wouldn’t mind him bolting for the nba after this embarrassment of a season.

    1. Coach Cal

      Thank you for defending me for last year. Obviously, as head coach for the previous three seasons, I had zero control over my recruiting or personnel.

  56. Tmwilliams84

    Cal is so worried about these kids future And the NBA he needs to go with them.

  57. katdaddy

    Rondonumbanine your on Crack!

    1. BlueEra

      I agree. Rondonbanine you don’t know squat.

  58. So ga cat

    Oh look Louisville is peaking in March. Feel like I’m going to puke

  59. KyMash

    I absolutely do not get how there are so many people so down on Cal. Yes, this season has been more than a disappointment and yes, the last season sucked as well, but come on!
    It’s irresponsible to expect only the best every year. And yes I know we are Kentucky and that’s how it is.
    I just say that you’d be wise to watch what you wish for.

    1. Cats, Cats, Cats

      Simple. Over half of them are posers, and the rest are morons.

  60. The Dude

    Who would have thought this team that was preseason number 1 would end the season unranked.

    I’m officially done with Cal.

    1. Misty-Eyed

      Well, bye.

    2. Cats, Cats, Cats

      I’ll try to fight the tears.


    Andrew 3-14, nuff said

  62. Mark Liptak

    I guess the light bulb didn’t come on today did it?

  63. TN Kat

    40-oh, thanks to you guys who over hype !! Thanks!!