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Fletcher Magee was not impressed with UK’s defense

We all know the Kentucky Wildcats held off the Wofford Terriers on Saturday to move on the Sweet Sixteen of the NCAA Tournament. Also, we all know that Fletcher Magee has made the most three-pointers in NCAA history.

Well, the Cats weren’t about to let one of the most prolific shooters in Division-I college basketball history beat them. They forced Magee into a ton of bad shots and didn’t give him a sliver of breathing room. If Wofford was going to upset Kentucky, it was going to have to be through someone else.

Despite setting the record mentioned above just days earlier on Thursday night, Tyler Herro and the Kentucky Wildcats helped Magee achieve another three-point shooting record. After going 0-12 from downtown, Magee set the record for the most three-point attempts without a make in NCAA Tournament history.

This was due in large part to the defense of Tyler Herro and Co. Of the 12 three-pointers Magee attempted, 11 of them were contested. But that didn’t impress him – he didn’t see any difference between the Cats’ defense and the defenses he’s been playing all year.

I’ve shot the shots I got tonight against every team in the [Southern Conference], every other team I’ve played. They were no harder,” Magee said. “I just didn’t shoot it well. Some of them felt good and were short, some of them felt good and were long, and some of them were just off. It’s just what happens.”

Sure, sometimes it just happens. But, for some context, his previous worst career game without a successful three came earlier this season against Kansas, when he went 0-9 from deep. Saturday was the fourth time in his four-year career with Wofford where he failed to make a three.

However, it seems Magee just struggles when he faces better opponents. In four games this season against KenPom top-50 defenses, Magee only shot 16 percent from behind the arc. Meanwhile, his average was exponentially higher when he competed against the lower-level teams. He shot over 45 percent against KenPom defenses rated outside the top 100 and a whooping 58 percent against non-Division 1 teams.

Magee should probably look to give credit where it’s due. I’m sure a KenPom top-10 defense like Kentucky’s was a bit more difficult to maneuver than the Citadel’s or Mercer’s. And maybe, just maybe, it had something to do with the length and athleticism of UK’s elite defense, especially that of Tyler Herro.


Article written by Nick Wheatley

49 responses to “Fletcher Magee was not impressed with UK’s defense”

  1. Ridge Runner

    Yeah, but kinda old news. We’ve moved on.

    Just saw our next game time on CBS for Friday night @9:59 EST.

    1. Ridge Runner

      Watching the UH – OState game reaffirms my initial thoughts.. neither overall worry me. Just PJ getting back does.

    2. TheAssman

      Agree…neither team has looked too impressive. And we HAVE to get PJ back!!

    3. weneedpitino

      I have watched Houston play off and on all season. Ky will anniahlate them, they do not stand a chance. Bad team, bad coaching, just bad overall. The whole game while we are blowing them out, the only thing they will be thinking is Houston we have a problem. Go cats, and go tom hanks!!

    4. Kat4Life

      Not CBS……that station is obviously reserved for Duke

  2. Cokely53

    He can reflect back on how “unimpressive” it was from home while watching us Friday night. You know.. because we’re still playing

    1. syrin23

      I was even less impressed with his shite shooting, a’hole.

  3. Dubowski

    He literally gave credit to UK’s Defense right before he said that. Stop making up stories. These dudes played hard. Worry about the next one.

    1. Big Sexy

      So you’re saying the media here is leaving out part of the story to manipulate the reader and garner a certain reaction? Boy that sounds familiar.

    2. crwally

      He said their defense was good, BUT wasn’t any different than what he faced all year. I had the reaction of this article when I saw his comments after the game.

    3. Rixter

      You know what I do if there’s a news source I don’t like, or I find unreliable?

  4. jos_ros_

    sure thing bud ! lol

  5. TB112162

    Who cares if he is impressed his season is over and UK survived and advanced

    1. unbridled

      That’s my point. This guys opinion matters nothing. He can be as unimpressed as he wants from his mom’s couch. Good for him. I don’t really care.

  6. rainman

    Fair enough, and I wasn’t impressed with his shooting!

    1. Ridge Runner

      Haaaaa.. absolutely.


      Exactly what I was thinking

  7. Swizzle

    Ole tits boy never was very good with humility. Perhaps he’ll learn overseas.

  8. mikeintn

    Just watching Houston, I think we win without PJ.

    1. TheAssman

      But we have to have him for unc or Auburn.

    2. mikeintn

      I agree.

  9. makeitstop

    I’m surprised he wasn’t more gracious. That’s bad form and gets him nowhere and the truth is, as the article points out, he plays worse against better opponents. No shame there but why highlight it by being an a$$&@!!?

    1. bluecrowe

      Well think about how we as fans feel about the teams who beat us in the NCAA tourney. It would be difficult to be overly gracious in the days following a loss. I really do not blame him. I can barely think of UCONN, Wisconsin, UNC, WV, KState, Michigan State, or Marquette.

    2. ukjaybrat

      big difference. we’re fans. he is a player. and good sportsmanship is a part of being a player. if he wants to be a salty jerk, keep that crap to yourself. don’t run your mouth to a reporter.

  10. CopenhagenCat

    Well he will get to watch UKs defense again but from his couch.

  11. catsarerunnin

    What’s a Fletcher?

    1. JVice

      catsarerunnin – A Fletcher is someone who makes arrows, thanks for asking.

    2. catsarerunnin

      Ohhhh ok. Well he probably can’t hit anything with those either.

  12. bbn606

    And we weren’t very impressed with him either.

  13. ThankfulCat

    Truth is he takes lousy shots and sometimes they go in

    1. Trinity45

      That’s the truth, he took shots that were not good, UK’s defense was most likely much faster and bigger than anything he ever faced in the Southern Conference, but now it’s just sour grapes because his weak A$$ game is going home

  14. sdcast01

    Wofford listed Magee at 6’4” tall, and that little guard, #5 at 6’ even. I know a lot of programs exaggerate, but neither looked even close. Herro is listed at 6’5” and seemed to tower over Magee. No doubt the length bothered him.

  15. cats646

    Fletcher, lol.

  16. damage_control

    Some things Fletcher McGee IS impresses with:
    Sock Hops
    The Ed Sullivan Show
    Rocky Marciano

    1. notFromhere

      …and his reflection.

      “I look so good, even when I miss..”

  17. N-UR-i

    Yeah, its just a coincidence that every time he plays a good team he sucks lol

    1. Realme

      ^ This. ^

  18. BigBlue4Three

    Well, his name checks out…Feltcher. Because he DID suck ass.

  19. speaksthetruth

    Isn’t that like chanting overrated when you win? Just shows he’s not as good as he thinks he is if he goes 0/12 with mediocre defense.

  20. chris43

    Mad as hell that Boy Wonder shut that azz down! ??

  21. Le Docteur

    He reminds me of the Black Knight in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. No arms, no legs and still mouthing off.

  22. dane82

    let me just be the first to say, WE weren’t very impressed with HIM either! checkmate.

  23. bigrich98

    underrated time to talk shit= right after your team loses

    1. notFromhere

      Is he related to Jay Cutler?

      He talks sht and ch uh okes on it just like little j

  24. Realme

    What a selfish moron. He had a teammate that wasn’t shooting poorly, but somehow still needed to take 2 more shots at the end of the game when he’d already missed TEN.

    1. notFromhere

      “There’s no M E in team…”

      Oh damn

  25. shelby

    If it wasn’t the D, he must just be a choker in the big games. His choice i guess.

    1. notFromhere


  26. notFromhere

    His initials- FM

    Needs to wear a choker

    “I should have transferred to Duke, so I could have easier shots and learn to flop, cry, trip, and swallow…” Fletcher