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Final SEC Standings

It’s been a full slate of SEC action on this fine Saturday and the dust is finally about to settle on what has been a jumbled picture for the SEC tournament. Here are your current SEC standings:

1. Florida 18-0

2. Kentucky 12-6

3. Georgia 12-6

4. Tennessee 11-7

5. Arkansas 10-8

6. LSU 9-9

7. Ole Miss 9-9

8. Missouri 9-9

9. Texas A&M 8-10

10. Alabama 7-11

11. Vanderbilt 7-11

12. Auburn 6-12

13.  South Carolina 5-13

14. Mississippi State 3-15


Despite the late slide UK has the 2 seed locked up which means their next game will be Friday night but let’s see a show of hands of who picked us to finish with the same SEC record as Georgia? Anywho, the Cats are on to the postseason and will play the winner of  10 seed Alabama and 7 seed LSU. Both are teams the Cats managed to take care of late in the year but LSU is not a team you’d want to play for a third time. Johnny O’Bryant is licking his chops for one more chance at the Cats.

What do you think of how the SEC wrapped up and our road for the SEC tournament?

Article written by Andrew Cassady

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100 responses to “Final SEC Standings”

  1. A

    Lsu 63 UK 58

  2. Jrod

    Must be a misprint somewhere. Is LSU in the 6th or 7th position?

  3. Sad

    You look at the 18-0 and you’re thinking, “that was supposed to be us”. Words just can’t describe how disappointing this season has been. So much wasted talent and unrealized potential for the second year in a row.

    1. What talent?

      Just say’in

  4. ProspectMike

    One and done–a just end to it all.

    1. Carol


      I was really hoping for a great year with UK….

  5. Jake

    Personally, I’m happy to be on the opposite side from Tennessee, they’ve been destroying opponents lately, coming off of three blowout wins.

  6. Obvious

    One and done in the SEC Tourny. LSU will rape us (again) on a neutral court.

    WCS needs to go back to Kansas.

    1. You are Oblivious

      Your comment is idiotic. You have accomplished what in your life? I’ll hang up and listen…

    2. Carol

      WCS is a wonderful player. If only Mr. Calipari would leave him alone….

    3. What talent?


  7. Drunk Car from Pippa Passes

    Hey Wilder you got Ole Miss as number 7

    1. Yep you're drunk all right

      You’re drunk or can’t read. Wilder didn’t make this post.

  8. Here we go now

    LSU is the #7 seed. Post is wrong

    1. Steady

      Post is wrong? Big shock.

  9. Obvious

    Hey Dorthy, go back to Kansas with your rainbow ways.

    1. Toto

      Yep those home grown Kentucky boys really stepped up for the Cats the last couple of years. Can’t imagine how bad UK would be w/o WCS? You might find out when no coach or out of state recruit wants to play for you fans. Save the “Most Passionate Fanbase” nonsense for your kids, more like “Has Nothing, So Lives Vicariously Through College Basketball Fanbase”

    2. ridiculous

      I hate to say it, but your right. Im a huge kentucky fan, and I hate kentucky fans. They are the ones with real entitlement issues, not these kids. The majority of the ksr clowns that comment on here are about a joke, but they have all the answers, and know way more then cal and his crew. Just ask them!

    3. Goodbye

      You are too pathetic to post. Get Lost. Now.

    4. What talent?


  10. Proud Kentuckian

    Georgia learned to play like a team after a slow start. Our guys could learn a lot by emulating them. We have had worse teams but I don’t think I ever remember such disappointing play as we have had over the last 2 years. Don’t lose faith in Cal. He will learn from this and get us going again.

  11. Like the draw

    Don’t want Arkansas or Tennessee right now.

    1. ukbradstith

      Arkansas just got destroyed by Alabama.

  12. GoingToTourney

    Alabama will probably beat LSU

  13. harry

    Our team is broken and has lost confidence. Not sure we want to see anyone but the mirror.

    1. Carol

      How do you keep confidence with a Coach that treats players like Willie the way he does? WCS is one of the very best players on this team. He has great blocking, steaking, running, and dunking abilities…but very under appreciated.

    2. Carol

      That was supposed to say *stealing*


  14. Jwmsix

    How can people really trash the players. Why would they want to return with the fair weather bu??that gets posted.

    1. harry

      I hope people quit that, but that Razorback game at Rupp was detrimental in every aspect. SC game compounded the problem, AL was not improvement and now FL hit us with the knock out punch. Although we have at least two games before we close the chapter, but the blame game has started. Pick your poison :

      Tough Schedule

    2. You are Right

      Very true post.

    3. goukgo

      I agree. They are 18 year old KIDS

    4. Melvit

      18 year olds are adults.


    Gotta beat LSU but can whoop other teams on our side of the bracket. One foot in title game already

  16. NKY_UK_fan

    I usually look forward to this tourney, but this season has the same vibe as most of last season over the last 2 weeks. You can just feel UK won’t do crap.

    1. Reality Check

      Don’t need to feel it. It’s hard, scientific fact at this point. The games are all the evidence you need to know.

  17. NKY_UK_fan

    Wouldn’t you think the #1 ranked shooting guard coming out high school would be lighting it up from 3? Must not be ranked #1 for shooting ability.

    1. SN

      I think you are missing the point. They are still freshmen. It takes time to grow, get stronger, get better. These kids aren’t done, their just having growing pains. A true fan stands behind these kids.

    2. SN Is Right

      Good Post!

    3. Carol

      It’s a process, right?


    4. Unicode

      Please leave the emoji on Facebook, right?


  18. Shelby

    To be honest, i like that bracket, i think we beat LSU and then beat uga. After that who cares, the ncaa brackets will be out before the championship game is over. Win those two games and we could grab a 5 seed, 6 for sure imo.

  19. He Speaks The Truth

    Seriously? Why would the players want to come back? They don’t, they don’t care about our school and if you think they do you are fooling yourself. They are only concerned with one thing, getting to the NBA and they think Cal will get them there. You do realize if we lose the first game of the SEC tournament we could be looking at a second year in a row of being in the NIT. Probably won’t happen because the media and the NCAA want Kentucky in the NCAA tourney but if they get there it’s pretty much based on their “potential” and not what they have shown up to this point. How long do you think the fans and boosters are going to let Cal get away with these types of seasons? I seem to remember people calling Tubby.. Ten Loss Tubby.

    1. harry

      NIT is not happening this year, we are going to the tourney. We might be out first day, but we are going.

    2. He Speaks the Truth

      Right, which is why I said we would probably still go to the tournament this year. Us being there is not because this team has really earned that right though, they have done just enough to probably get in on name recognition more than other teams.

    3. SN

      I agree here. its just a question of whether Cal’s “top talent approach” leaves us enough residual talent to win over the next 5 years or so to win consistently. If it can’t, at some point the program has to be protected.

    4. shut up

      HE SPEAKS THE TRUTH- How do you know these kids dont care? I hope cal gives you idiots the middle finger and bolts….just wait after a couple years you clowns will be begging for him to come back. No high profile coach will leave their job to deal with you delusional hillbillies. How do you think gillispie got hired?



  20. KC

    I find it interesting that UK will face one of the two teams that they were fortunate to get wins against the last few weeks. Who knows maybe LSU won’t shoot well playing inside a dome.

  21. BB

    Our final conference record matched Georgia at 12-6. Just like everyone predicted at the beginning of the season. Keep up the good work Coach Cal! Basketball savant!

  22. Jon

    Thats a great draw outside of LSU who could bounce us in the first game. Damn, why couldn’t it have been Ole Miss or Mizzou.

  23. TomK

    Cal better grease the refs before next Friday, and I’m confident he will. If there’s one thing he excels at, it’s controlling everything besides his players on the floor.

    1. What?

      You are a certified Moron, Tom K. Terrible Post!



  24. Brenda

    We won a national title 2 seasons ago.

    1. CatManDo

      Living in the past sure is fun.

    2. Ok

      Ok so that means he gets to do nothing after that? It amazes me that people think this style of recruiting is going to work long term. For one, not every recruiting class is going to have great players at every position that we can just cherry pick to come to Kentucky. Cal is a great recruiter, but look at last year.. there wasn’t a good point guard that Cal could get so he had to take a transfer in Harrow and we see how well that worked out. You CAN’T just depend on freshman every year, that one championship is not the rule.. its the exception. People have to be smarter than that, especially our coach. We need veteran players that can actually see the floor. He does at least appear to be taking a step in the right direction by bringing in guys like Hawkins and Lee who will be here a few years.. but he needs to keep doing that every year and realize we need more than just one and dones.

    3. SN

      Lee is projected to go early in some predictions. Who knows how many years we have him. That leads me to wonder why he hasn’t been used more. His athleticism alone could contribute. Who could argue that it would have hurt our chances at this point?

    4. lmao

      Kentucky fans are pathetic. That is all


    GTFO trolls tired of y’all bein fare weather. Stop using this team as escape goat for your personal problems.

    1. You're insane

      Trolls and fair weather? Fair weather fans leave a team when its down, real fans stick around and complain because they want to see better from their team. If you want to stick your head in the sand and act like there is nothing wrong then you are part of the problem.


      Your right I didn’t guard any flordia players today so that loss is on me I’m part of the problem sorry

    3. harry

      that is simply not true, some are down right vicious i.e a true definition of fanatic. Plenty of things are wrong with our team, but I am still fan.

    4. binarysolo

      Fair weather? We’re just sick of hearing the same old excuses from Calipari after each loss and there being zero progress. Case in point: we’re still driving the ball into a group of defenders and turning the ball over (or worse, drawing a foul and missing free throws).

      This isn’t fair weathered, it’s us seeing our $5.5 million dollar coach not making this team better.

      Also — how encouraging is it to be a fan of a team that’s coached by a guy who goes on national television and says he’d rather do right by these freshmen even if it hurts the program?

    5. Reality Check

      Escape goat? LoL. It’s “a scape goat.” Thanks for that laugh at least. I needed it.

  26. binarysolo

    Wait a minute… Is Calipari trolling us?? He’s showing all the signs:

    — Making bold statements he can’t back up (“We’re going to be very good”)
    — Disappearing when things aren’t going his way (Ducking out of post-game interviews)
    — Saying the same thing over and over (“This is what freshmen do” “We’re a young team”)

  27. NostraDanis

    Arkansas/Tenn. should be a great game. I would imagine the winner gets a trip to the dance.


      Hogs need more then that they got murdered at bama today

  28. Tinsel

    I wouldn’t be a fan if I didn’t have a problem with this team.

    1. Tinsel

      *to stoops troops


    We got more W vs 51-100 rpi teams than anyone so I like our chances vs teams like that sue me

    1. binarysolo

      Hate to burst your bubble, but you don’t win championships beating RPI 51-100 teams. You certainly won’t see too many of them in the post season.


      Were talkin sec right now boy…

    3. binarysolo

      Cool, cool. Hey, it’s great you’re optimistic, and judging by your name you’re a fan of football. That’s awesome. You might be new to this whole basketball thing so I’ll just catch you up on some things:

      We almost lost to RPI #117 Alabama at home and lost to RPI #162 South Carolina. Yeah, they’re not in our SEC tourney bracket, but if we’re capable of playing the way we did against those teams it doesn’t bode well for the ones ranked higher in our bracket.

      Also, it’s important to note LSU is RPI #64 and we needed OT at home to keep from getting swept.

      You can talk SEC or NCAA all you want, but at the end of the day if you — one of the more optimistic folks in this comments section — is hanging onto RPI 51-100 wins for post-season hopes that says a lot about where this team is right now.

  30. Thanks for all you have done here Cal

    2 more games to lose and then gtfo

  31. brain

    Seems like a good draw. We meet teams we’ve beaten right up to the finals, if we get there.


    Cal ain’t GOIN NOWHERE. Hes comin back and winning big next few years while all y’all jump back on the d***

    1. Hey

      Hey look! Same guy I seen posting we would get the W at UF!

  33. Mojo

    Tennessee will beat Florida…bank it !!

  34. Cat dog

    Does it matter who we play?
    Just go “ball”!

  35. barn

    rumor has it duhville beat a ranked team today

  36. Labman33

    Dont like one and done nor players first program. I am all about the name on the front of the jersey. Cal can coach but can he change for what is best for the University Of Ky who pays him we’ll.What recourse do we have as fans if we disagree with the coach and the one and done.Have been a fan for over fifty years I can’t stop being a fan of the cats can coach Cal make changes to get BBN excited again?


    I’m done with the one & done. I want Bobby Perry, Shagari Alleyne, Michael Porter, Ramon Harris, Sheray Thomas, Jarod Polson, Jon Hood, Wookosh. I want 4 year project players that will never be a threat to leave for the NBA. That’s what I want. Then we will be good again. Do you see my logic.

    1. Reality Check

      I see your bad logic. Since to make your ignorant point you didn’t name the actual good players that stayed.

  38. Cal gotta go

    BCG on a bad day > used car salesman cal

    1. joe


  39. BBN

    This is the most embarrased I have felt about our team, post Tubby era. At least we have a young team…

  40. Chris

    Thoughts on the season and this board:
    1) This season was a huge disappointment and much of it is due to the over-hyped press this team received before it began. I think most everyone thought they would be much better!
    2) The team has no shooters.
    3) The team has no passers.
    4) The team has regressed throughout the year. That is on the coach!
    5) Cal made little to no adjustments within a game or even throughout the season.
    6 This team is a zone team (Boeheim even agreed). They do not have the quickness to play effective man defense for any extended periods of time. However, they are long. Given extensive practice on zone concepts, who knows what they could have done.
    7) Cal hates the zone. He throws up examples of mistakes in the games as to why he doesn’t play it more. How much has he had them practice it? Little is my belief.
    8) The talent on this team was and in some circle continues to be vastly over-rated.
    9) The guards need to learn what a pull-up 8-10 foot jumper is. Fundamentals are lacking.
    10) Hoping for more for the team and coaching next year.
    11) In spite of all this, I will be in ATL spending too much money hoping for a few more Cat victories.
    12) I do not feel the need to explain any of my thoughts here to the political correctness police.

    1. Chaz

      Addressing thought #11:

      wish I could be there too. Have a great time & cheer ’em on.

    2. harry

      good job, have fun in ATL (hopefully no snow)

    3. Jeremy San Diego

      Good post

  41. John Ellis

    LSU may be concerning but Tennessee is playing the best next to Florida and if they had played at UT this week, FL could have had it’s only loss. Thrilled they are on the other side. If UK can get past the first game, should be GA and then the survivor of UT/FL will likely be worn out.

  42. Some inconvenient truths

    Some hard truths for our program
    1 HS “talent” is ranked more on having the right body and athletic ability for the NBA, than actual basketball skills or IQ.

    2. Cal gets these highly ranked recruits based on his loose offensive structure and “player first” mentality. As well as his promise to help get them to the league as fast as possible. He knows changing his coaching approach could negatively effect future recruiting.

    3. Rankings are almost always wrong. Simply observe the results of each NBA draft. With the exception of exceptional talent such as Durant, James, or Davis, the top picks rarely translate to the players they are supposed to be. The draft is filled with players chosen incorrectly too high or too low. We are essentially picking a whole new team yearly based on rankings even less vetted than what the NBA uses.

    4. AAU is a terrible way to pick players. The games demonstrate physical size and athletic ability but don’t challenge players enough to really show who has the other skills a college player needs to succeed- especially right away.

  43. jugg

    shut up coaches will come and they will go! one thing that will never change, and that’s the passion of the big blue nation! now deal with it pal! if cal bolts he bolts! uk will always be a monster in college basketball, even in down years!

  44. CatsfanMike

    Let’s accept that this team was way over hyped and our expectations going into the season were way too high. With that said, the youngest team in America finished second in the SEC to the number 1 team in the country which had 4 seniors starting. Let’s enjoy the success they had. I like the draw and can see them getting in the finals of the tourney. I can see us winning 2 games in the NCAA tourney. Let’s just root for our team to go as far as they can. Then let’s hope most come back next year and we have even more success next year. Hopefully Cal will get tired of dealing with mostly freshmen every year and will build a program where juniors and seniors can contribute. I see potential for that on the bench.

  45. sportsfan

    @jugg-a monster in college basketball…what have you been watching the last two years??(Robert Morris don’t think so)

    UK is horrible, this season is worse than last season…by far! The real team went undefeated 18 -0!!! you fans are to blame- calling it the Best recruiting class ever, 40-0……Please! Go Gators

    1. Mark Liptak


      I see you are trolling on multiple threads with the same comment. Obviously you aren’t smart enough to come up with anything better and must be all of 12 years old.

  46. Mark Liptak

    Well you couldn’t possibly come up with a worse draw for UK. They get LSU in their first game. Typical the way this season has gone.

    The scenario looks to be, lose to LSU, get a #8 seed, then IF they win their first game in the tournament have to play a top #1 regional seed and lose in the second round….but then, of course…maybe the light bulb will come on over the summer for these “kids” (LOL)

  47. WCS FAN

    Back in the day, freshman were not allowed to play and sat the bench and watched and learned.
    (I’m sure all you basketball experts know that.) Now we have 5 starters – all freshman. Doesn’t matter how they were ranked in high school or AAU, THEIR STILL JUST FRESHMAN! We all had way too much expectations of this team and were all excited about what we thought they would do, but we all forgot that they are still just FRESHMAN. Now we are mad at ourselves as much as the team because we got caught drinking the kool-aid. I plan on cheering them on and seeing how they do in the SEC and NCCA tourney’s.

    1. stevieb

      well said

  48. NotWhereItNeeds

    I don’t think I can recall a more pathetic looking SEC basketball tournament. Other than Florida, there is not a team that should be better than a 7 seed in the NCAA tournament. The SEC has a lot of work to do on mens basketball, and quite frankly we are not helping that perception.