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Fan tweets he’ll get Willie’s face tattooed on him if he comes back, Willie says to put it in writing

We’ve been hearing some hints that Willie Cauley-Stein is leaning towards coming back to UK next season, and this tweet adds some fun kindling to the fire. A fan tweeted Willie that if he returns to Kentucky, he’ll get Willie’s face tattooed on him before the season starts. Willie responded “Let’s get it in writing.” 

Now, the real question is, which Willie tattoo should he get?


Bride of Franken-Willie?


Day-Glo Willie?


Or Hipster Willie?

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35 responses to “Fan tweets he’ll get Willie’s face tattooed on him if he comes back, Willie says to put it in writing”

  1. meh
  2. William

    How about Willie on his willy?

    1. harry

      seven foot Willie?

  3. Ol Blue

    I would like to see the white-haired Willie with the awful undershirt he wore for title game tattooed on this brave fella


    Does Willie realize that the fan tweeting it out is actually putting it “in writing”?

    1. bmt22033

      Maybe WCS wants something more legally binding than a tweet! 😉

    2. Kevin Ware

      No, it’s not putting it in writing. He can always claim he was hacked, like me.

  5. Turken

    WCS, Dakari, Towns, Lee, Lyles, Willis. Who gonna get the minutes?

    1. Jesus

      One of these things is not like the others…

    2. mike

      Willis would play the the three, so he would compete against Poythress and Lyles (assuiming we go big).
      He would only play the four if we go small and quick.

    3. UKSupporter76

      I doubt WCS and Dakari both stay. I think we keep one and lose one. I’m leaning right now to Willie staying and Dakari leaving. But I could live with the reverse. We’ll have experience and depth in the front court. The backcourt is still what worries me.

    4. Mc

      Just like every year, it’s not the position you’re listed as in terms of the team depth chart. If the twins did return we will see several rotations like this: Harrison, Harrison, Booker; Ulis, Harrision, Harrison, Ulis, Harrison, Booker. I don’t think Willis would be the second option at the 3. I’m also not sure if Lyles can guard a 3 any better than someone like Lee or Willis could. I could almost see Lee, or WCS guarding a 3 on defense in lineups that have Towns in since he can spot up from 3. I guess time will tell.

    5. Mc

      *like Lee or WCS could..

  6. Biff Switters

    Not sure about the minutes, but if that’s our lineup then our backcourt should be an assist factory. I think the minutes go to the ones who work the hardest to improve their defensive game. If the other bigs get to work with Willie for another year then his ability to defend away from the basket just might rub off on them good luck to any team trying to beat Kentucky’s size. If they protect the rim next season will be very fun indeed.


  7. John Ellis

    Oh, the bleached Willie, no question. Go bleached or go home.

  8. just saying

    If Willie comes back Dakari leaves, if Willie goes Dakari comes back. Bet on it. One of them will be back, but not both.

  9. Jeff garlin

    So, we got that going for us, which is nice…

  10. We Hang Banners

    I’ll get the twins if they stay.

    1. BBN LOVER

      I think you better put that on twitter…May get a fun response from the twins. Looks to be good signs from Willie, hope the same from the twins!!

    2. Teetim

      One on each breast?

    3. Sure

      You betcha!

  11. jch67

    WCS & Dakari at the 5 with Towns needing to earn minutes
    Lee has an opportunity to earn a starting role over Lyles with the other spelling the starter
    Willis – maybe there’ll be minutes available in 2016; he’ll have to earn minutes over Lyles and Lee

    Cal has this set up nicely. One of WCS, Dakari or Towns will not have enough minutes/experience to go in the 1st round so will end up coming back for another year. Same with Lee, Willis & Lyles.

    At PG he’ll have Ulis & Hawkins backing up Andrew (hopefully!) with at least Hawkins and more likely both coming back in 2016

    At SG he’ll have Booker to back up Aaron (again, hopefully!) and one of them will probably be back the following year.

    The net result = UK, just like 2015, will multiple have experienced players returning, some who were top 25 recruits and McDonald’s AA in 2016.

    Going forward into 2017 he’ll have at least Willis and Hawkins back from the current group and any returnees from 2015 & 2016…

    IMO, this is what Cal has been trying to set up all along; he just didn’t count on have the caliber of recruiting classes he’s had or the propensity for kids to go 1 & done like there is now; even if it’s clear they shouldn’t.

    1. Mc

      Johnson averaged 14 minutes a game this season and is a projected late 1st round pick if he does declare. I know his minutes went up some late.

      Karl Towns is a 7 footer with a decent post up game that can hit 3’s.

      I will be shocked if both WCS, and Johnson return.

    2. jch67

      Mc – maybe, maybe not. But, if one does go, Lee can play the 5 and leave us with pretty much the same situation.

      Somehow I left Poythress out of my post. He’s the only true wing we have but he can play at the 4 as well.

      No matter, Cal has a nice system in place of high-quality recruits coming in knowing they will be playing behind an equally high level recruit from the previous year and it not being likely they head to the league after their first year. And yet, they still want to come to UK and play for Cal!!

  12. Jason Abney

    Just talked to Tyler Black ( 2014 Champion tattoo guy). He said he had no problem getting a Willie tattoo if he came back!! Willie, Harrison’s, ALL keep this in mind. We want all you guys back to finish what you started! BBN is CRAZY!!

  13. Blue Biscuit

    Maybe the guy means he will get Willie’s face tattooed on top of his face. Then he and Willie will be the new Twins.

  14. 2mites

    Pitino has done it again. Talked another first round player into coming back next year. Harrell is coming back with a chance of losing millions of dollars to play another year for loserville. Won’t make a difference to UK tho as Cal owns the Tards.

    1. Chaz

      Don’t know what he hopes to gain. These kids get get a taste of the title and sometimes reasoning goes out the front window. Just hope he doesn’t get hurt or have a stretch of bad games next year. He was coming into the draft hot after this season, I don’t know if this helps or hurts him. Of course, it helps Rick.

    2. Wait, what?

      You say Pitino talked Harrell out of going and cost him millions… In a thread about a player (WCS) potentially returning who is projected as a higher pick than Harrell??

      You can’t have it both ways. If we want to claim to be big brother how about we not worry so much about what those guys down the road are doing, especially if it is as hypocritical as this.

      Truth be told this is a forward-heavy class. Harrell will get drafter higher next year by default, not to mention a year to improve his game. So he passed up a couple million for the chance at several million next year and the chance to be a star on his NBA team rather than a bench player.

      Come on, we are sitting here hoping the twins and WCS do the exact same thing! How do you not see that?

  15. KC

    I want the photo of him drawing on the sidewalk with chalk.

  16. KaeWhy270

    I sent the same challenge to the Harrison Twins last Tuesday. Already have my half sleeve, might as well add them.

  17. Bill

    Hell, put it in writing, man! And if it happens, that guy should get tickets to every home game next year.

  18. Ri

    Natural blond Willie!!!!!!!

  19. David

    I thought the middle one was Willie Idol, er, Billy Idol…

  20. Dee W.

    Part of the contract should also include what part of the body it goes on…tatoos can go in some odd places.