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Exclusive Look at UConn’s Defensive Strategy for Tomorrow

via @_Happy_Gilmore

via @_Happy_Gilmore

Well played @_Happy_Gilmore, well played.

Although, the Huskies could put five men right there and Aaron would still sink it in their eye and let ’em hang.

Article written by Jonathan Schuette

15 responses to “Exclusive Look at UConn’s Defensive Strategy for Tomorrow”

  1. Cousins Fake Tooth

    Maggard posted this several hours ago.

    1. hal

      and it was just as unfunny there too

  2. arlo

    i wonder if uk/uconn combined loss total might be a record for teams in a chamionship game?

  3. John Sower

    What is the best Wildcat radio station to listen to the Cats while in Dallas?

  4. Jason

    This would not be very effective for the other areas of the floor would be left unguarded and we could score easy baskets

    1. Zac

      Theres always a buzzkill…

  5. Redditor

    This was posted on Reddit last night just after the win, and has been re-posted EVERYWHERE since. Get some OC, plz

    1. L1C6

      hey Grumpy Redditor, not everyone goes to Reddit. I don’t have tons of time to kill so when I do, I choose KSR. Just bc you sit on the internet all day doesn’t mean the rest of us do.

  6. Some Of Us...

    just saw it here for the first time, and yes it was funny.

    1. spookykim

      I LOL’d !

  7. The Rest of Us...

    It was clever last night on Reddit. Still clever today. I’m ok with limited OC on a free site, but maybe site the source. Give the redditor who posted it originally a little credit.

  8. old wooden ship

    Iheart radio app. Then u can get 1080 or WLAP 630. I was at the game last night and I kept my phone to my ear during Florida/u conn game. You guys don’t realize how bad uconn fans are if u haven’t been around them.

  9. kyboy415

    I’m proud of this team no matter what happens tomorrow night.. This team may go down as one of my favorites just because of the fight they have had.. I’m not gonna lie Uconn’s backcourt scares me.. Napier and Boatwright are the best guard duo in college basketball and they disrupt your offense more than any 2 guards i have ever seen. Aaron and Andrew are gonna have their hands full.. I didn’t think anyone could shut down Wilbekin that or Appling and Harris from Michigan St.. We can not get into early foul trouble at the guard position or we are in for a long night.. With that being said Napier is their leading rebounder and that is a HUGE advantage to us.. They have the same momentum as we have heading into this game.. We contain napier and daniels we easily win the game..

  10. bluecal

    If the game comes down to that last shot again they will be all over Aaron. I say we have the twins change jerseys at half time.

  11. hokus

    well if the game is close at the end huskies will be on the twins like white on rice everyone knows that they have the spot marked on the floor where to guard aron but they will probably will forget that james young likes to shoot the 3 from the other side of the floor. GO CATS BE CAREFUL WITH THAT TROPHY ON THE WAY BACK TO LEXINGTON!!!!!!!.