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Article written by Jack Pilgrim

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48 responses to “Everything you need to know about Michael Avenatti’s Nike allegations”

  1. Wade

    Well kp is smart to use the info he got. Is he guilty for having a clean program in a dirty business ,you damn right. Watch us get the death penalty, lol! NCAA would do anything to get cal and Kentucky. Think Nike would be first to throw us under the bus if we did anything wrong but couldn’t so they made duke their flagship program. that’s why we didn’t play in the pk80 on Phil knights bday. Go cats.

    1. ibescootch

      Why in the world would NCAA or Nike want to throw us under the bus?! Nike and the NCAA make so much money off UK, Duke, and Arizona, it’s stupid to think they’d jeopardize that, or that there’s any big conspiracy to “get them”. Both organizations are businesses. You don’t shoot your cash cow.

    2. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      They’ve done it before.

  2. Ridge Runner

    That’s a pretty good perspective of everything to this point, Jack. Thanks for the detailed clear approach.

    1. Realme

      Agreed. Thanks Jack.

  3. SCOTTdavis12

    Payne didn’t do shit but comment

    1. Megan

      Knowing there’s a crime being committed and not doing shit about it doesn’t make you an angel. Jack’s done his usually excellent job of giving us the details, and he’s offered speculation on motives that could place KP in a relatively good light (while acknowledging there’s another possibility). But he spends no time on the simple question of what a person should do when they discover criminal activity. Is the answer nothing? Is that what we teach our children?

      Agree with Jack there appears to be no reason to sweat about this, but I’m disappointed in KP if he knew about this and allowed it to continue. Is there any ethical obligation to report wrongdoing? If I knew the guy next door were beating his wife, I’d notify someone.

    2. runningunnin.454

      Payne was fishing for info about whom to avoid and when to back off. You note that we did not get Ayton, Bol Bol, Zion, Romeo, Reddish, Barrett, Bagley, Dante, etc.
      NCAA violations are not criminal activity like domestic violence, besides…
      EVERYBODY knew it was happening…including the NCAA. The four letter association is know for arbitrary enforcement while some schools participate with impunity.
      But, if you insist, I will tell the Infractions Committee, myself.
      Hey, folks; the sky is blue, grass is green, and water is wet.

    3. Looother

      If I knew the gal next door was beating her boyfriend, I’d notify someone…

  4. 4everUKblue

    Thanks Jack, your article was much more informative than Drew’s. Knowing how much they’d love to nail Cal is the main reason I haven’t been worried at all, but your article really slammed the door shut IMO.

  5. UKCatAttack

    It is naive in my opinion to think we haven’t had some guys that got a little change on the side.

    1. 4everUKblue

      Before Cal maybe but not since Cal has been coach, he’s too smart for that. Thinking he has is just wishful thinking for Cal haters.

    2. Ridge Runner

      I’m with 4ever on this. In fact, Cal knows (as do many of us) the UK job is the top of the basketball world. He’s stated many times.. “It’s not for everybody”. We can get really good, great players who do the right thing and don’t need to contemplate those that don’t. Once you are the gold standard (another phrase we know he uses) – why look at anything that can tarnish that image.

    3. 4everUKblue

      You’re right Ridge he loves this program too much to do anything like that. Who did you say Zion was again for those who missed it?

    4. Ridge Runner

      4ever, looks like that hits a nerve for deletion. I’ll just respect the KSR staff here on the reasoning but I’m not real sure why. One thing for certain… it’s cool the AA shortstop was honored. Lol

    5. 4everUKblue

      I loved it, couldn’t stop laughing.

    6. 4everUKblue

      Was it the Wichita Wingnuts?

    7. Looother

      Correct and some of it’s a matter of public record…

    8. 4everUKblue

      Bring some evidence forward or STFU Loother and cat attack.

  6. UKinIN

    I have a hard time believing that Nike is greatly concerned with these dollar amounts. Not trying to dispute anything related to UK. I just can’t believe that Nike is really worried about $20K more to a player they want.

    1. Han

      It’s more about that 20k not being on paperwork/visible than it is about how much. If it got out that they were making payments to people like that, it raises a lot of issues with bribery, taxes, wire fraud, etc. The stuff that got those coaches indicted.

  7. Ridge Runner

    Auctioneer holds up pic of player, taps the gavel and [in a one minute very fast uttering as in a [car sale commercial]….

    Opening of 20k… who’ll give me 25..25 k…25..25… I got 25…now let’s get 30…30k…30k…who’ll go 30k….30…25 going once…we got 30… who’ll hit 35…35k….

    1. Ridge Runner

      Of course real coaches aren’t in attendance. So we got symbols of bidders.

      Wait I see a dude holding up a hair piece. Okay Bill Self getting in on the action. Cool.

    2. Ridge Runner

      Another guy holding up a wet white business shirt. What the hell! Oh… Sean Miller rocking some bids, I see it now.

    3. Ridge Runner

      There seems to be several signs of a “rat face” that appears, then in an instance is rushed out of the arena. No one seems willing to make the connections… oh hold on…

    4. Ridge Runner

      There is one recognizable face and he’s selling popcorn with a tee shirt on that says .. {Rick, I can do it in 14 seconds} — Yes, it’s Pat Forde doin’ the Volunteer vending stuff for tonight’s event. Awesome.

    5. runningunnin.454

      There’s a sign that simply says, “Strong A$$ Offer”. Oh, that’s just Willie Wade’s guy from LSU.
      There’s another that just says, “Quack, Quack”. Oh, Dana Altman’s guy is here.

    6. Ridge Runner

      RG, I finally saw that yeah. They were behind another guy being escorted out hastily with a rat face sign. Those guys are everywhere and then escorted out by ncaa guys in white coats really fast.

  8. Ridge Runner

    Sorry Jack, I messed up your post. In one of my silly moods again. Delete as needed sir.

    1. Realme

      I wouldn’t call that messing anything up. Have you seen some of the stuff nut jobs write on here? I thought it was good.

    2. Ridge Runner

      I hear ya Realme.. true.

    3. michaelb

      Hey I missed the comment that was deleted can some1 tell me what it sounded like

    4. 4everUKblue

      Ridge that was no mess up, it was the highlight of my day.

  9. Just saying

    Great post and I seldom say that on here. Said it before and say it again— “don’t do business on cell phone texts or emails dude?” Believe it or not there is such a communication format called private face-to-face conversations. Guess what they work!

  10. UKfanman01

    I’ve always said Cal is clean. KP was ignorant and shocked at the inner workings. He def didnt sound like Sean Miller talking. Also Duke wasn’t listed in Zions final 3 and he ended up going there haha. UofLol gets a recruit (Bowen) in the same exact fashion and it was immediate investigation

    1. mashburnfan1

      He is clean? He is also one of the few coaches out there that has had wins vacated at 2 different Schools but of course “he knew nothing”. And all of you that do not think UK has cheated in recruiting you are not wanting to believe the truth or just plain stupid. All do it in some form, Cal just knows to leave it to others like he used to with WW Wes. Am sure Cal will not be as stupid as Miller was and be directly on the phone himself, btw we were in the Zion “bidding” {that is what all on here said when he announced dUKe} up until his announcement.

    2. Ridge Runner

      Mash, were you at the auction last night holding up a sign that read.. “I hate Cal even if he ain’t here”?
      Pretty sure it was you cuz you were like the angriest dude around and by yourself.

    3. catsarerunnin

      Mashturd seems to forget his Dirty Birds lost a banner.

    4. dcforuk

      IDK the Umass details but Rose is the reason for Memphis. That had zero to do with Cal.

    5. Ridge Runner

      DC, no use talking reasoning and truth to this guy. Yes, Rose and the S.A.T. is correct but this dude is infatuated with Cal Hatred and any logic to him is wasted. Just saving ya some time.

    6. Ridge Runner

      UMass? Yeah, it boils down to Marcus Camby taking benefits while in school. Here is his quote accepting responsibility .. “I’m really sorry,” Camby said. “I fully intend to pay back all the money – donate the money back to the school. My teammates and coaches knew nothing as I hid it from them. I know I disappointed them and the fans. People make mistakes and I made mistakes.”

    7. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      Another crock from Mash. Have you forgotten that EVERYBODY and their grandma had Zion going to Clemson? As I recall UK and Clemson were considered top 2.

    8. 4everUKblue

      Why does anyone read mashbum’s comments anymore? He’s a Cal hater who picks and chooses whatever fits his agenda and ignores facts that don’t. He wants so bad for people to think he knows something but the truth is he’s just an insignificant twit. Ignore him and you’re quality of life will improve immensely.

    9. 4everUKblue

      If he could put aside Cal hate and report the real facts instead of what he wishes were the facts he might be okay but he is incapable.

  11. JASUN74

    I agree that he wasn’t involved, but why are you all afraid to write the rest of what he said????? That’s ashame and you act like if you don’t write it than no one else will see it. He did say “watch you back bro” , but he said more after that. Nothing I think was terrible and he’s was just talking to a friend, but why leave anything out he said, when you’re clearly trying to make it sound like those were his only words.

    As far as I’m concerned, he’s just trying to get information from the guy so he’ll know who to stay away from!! Or maybe the guy was trying to see if KP would bite and sit him up? I don’t know. But there’s more to the conversation than “Watch your back bro “. I read it and some my not have, and wanted to. Why leave it out though?? Don’t be afraid of all truths!!

    Anyway, It’s nothing that could hurt him or the school, but you’re giving people half the story and this may be the only place some read, they’re trying to make up their minds without seeing all of it!! It’s like you’re trying to hide it or something. Come on man!

  12. runningunnin.454

    It would appear that Nike execs are aware of improper acts; but, want no specific information. Likewise, coaches like Coach K, Self, Pearl, Wade, and the Miller brothers hide behind proxies, thereby flying above the fray.
    Altman at Oregon is another that has been mentioned in court records. It was reported that Oregon offered ” an astronomical” amount of money to obtain Brian Bowen’s services. Adidas then came up with $100,000, and Bowen signed with Louisville.

  13. StuckinLville

    All I’m seeing is how players named didnt end up at UK cuz Cal isn’t an idiot. I swear if Duke is dirty and they do nothing people should protest at NCAA headquarters.

  14. makeitstop

    Will Wade and Sean Miller text about the specific offers, and our guy asks “who’s involved” and responds “wow” and advises to be careful when assured it’s being done “cleanly”. That’s about as exculpatory as u can get. And what DuBose is talking about doesn’t trigger any reporting obligation bc none of these AAU coaches are governed by the NCAA, nor are any high school players, nor their families. If the payments involve or result in taking a scholarship, then the NCAA has jxn, but that’s not discussed here. Will Wade’s “strong ass offer” is a different matter. But KP did just what he should do here, got into, and evidently steered clear or started planning who to recruit if the players’ “aunt” prevailed on him to go to UA or IU or, let’s say Duke.