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Article written by Drew Franklin

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19 responses to “Everything Coach Cal Said After The Game”

  1. LouisaCatFan

    I’m glade these questions where hard ones.

  2. maximumscott

    Didnt answer about hagans back

    1. KYjellyRoll

      “Fell on a kids foot”

  3. J. Did

    Hope Hagans’ back is O.K.

    Enjoy watching Tyler Herro.

    He’s a special player; gonna miss him next year.

    1. chris43

      The only players we’ll lose are Pj, Travis, and Johnson unless something major changes like a guy playing outta his mind rest of the season, transferring or doing something stupid such as leaving simply to leave and going undrafted.

  4. dave1964

    Set P.J. Washington on the bench, last few games looks like he has zero motivation. We can’t make good passes that put the shooter in possession to catch and shoot . This team is very hard to watch and enjoy the game.

    1. unbridled

      Hero needs to come off the bench as well.

    2. unbridled

      Also, if P.J. is not ready to play….he should remain on the bench. The guy could/should dominate, but he’s for some reason choosing not to. I don’t think that mindset should be rewarded with playing time. Regardless, in cal I trust and I’m confident all the issues will be figured out between now and crunch time.

  5. bankerbh

    They played zone for 40 minutes and it’s really hard with a young team. C’mon. No it’s not. They were lost because they didn’t have a coach calling plays that work against the zone. The SEC logo was wide open the first half and none of the players went to that spot for a pass. You get an easy 12 footer or you dump it off to one of the bigs when the defense moves away from the bucket. Maybe oversimplified but Cal’s “we’re young” crap is annoying when it comes down to him not providing x’s and o’s.

    1. catsarerunnin

      How many games have you won in your coaching career??

    2. bankerbh

      Oh jeesh Cats, you got me with that comeback. You are too clever. Going to the logo was something we taught the kids in elementary school. You are too smart for the rest of us though. I’m sure you built the computer or mobile device you use to read KSR. Ot, how long did it take you to build the car you drive? Point being you dumb arse is you didn’t have to build either to use them and you don’t have to be a college coach to see when the players aren’t executing the offense correctly against a zone.

    3. Jiminy Crickets

      Catsrunnin anyone that’s ever played basketball at any level knows the weakness of the zone is the area at the free throw line, throwing it around the perimeter, and driving play into the strengths of the zone. With zone you either attack the middle, or shoot over it.

    4. catsarerunnin

      You’re not a coach Jenny. Cal knows more than you. Get over yourself. You’re just another whining bandwagon fan like Slater.

    5. Jiminy Crickets

      I never said I was a coach. Said I played. Which I’d bet is more than you’ve ever done.

    6. catsarerunnin

      Oh you played? So yes of course that makes you an expert. Get over yourself Jenny.

  6. Jiminy Crickets

    Here ya go catsrunnin.. enjoy

    1. Blue Bill

      Is that you out there coaching? Go back to your basement.

  7. Jiminy Crickets

    I’ll give u all day to post a video that says passing around the perimeter and feeding the post is a way to attack the zone.

  8. catsarerunnin

    Lol you’re really an idiot. Post videos? That proves your point? Stoogery will get you nowhere Jenny.