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Every team’s odds to win the NCAA Tournament

With the field completely set and the match-ups arranged in a very peculiar order on the bracket, it’s time to see how we’re going to pay for our summer vacation again this year.

The odds for the 68-team tournament are live out in Las Vegas (and on the dark side of the internet) with Villanova and Virginia sharing the title as overall favorite at 5/1 odds.

Kentucky is currently at 28/1 odds to win John Calipari’s second ‘ship.

See the entire list:

Villanova 5/1 Virginia 5/1
Duke 6/1 Michigan 8/1
Michigan State 8/1 Arizona 12/1
Kansas 14/1 Purdue 15/1
North Carolina 18/1 Cincinnati 22/1
Xavier 22/1 Gonzaga 28/1
Kentucky 28/1 West Virginia 40/1
Texas Tech 45/1 Wichita State 45/1
Florida 55/1 Tennessee 60/1
Auburn 65/1 Missouri 65/1
Ohio St 80/1 Houston 100/1
Rhode Island 100/1 Texas A&M 100/1
Oklahoma 150/1 San Diego State 150/1
TCU 150/1 Alabama 200/1
Arkansas 200/1 Clemson 200/1
Davidson 200/1 Miami, Fl. 200/1
Seton Hall 200/1 Texas 200/1
Loyola Chicago 250/1 North Carolina State 250/1
Butler 300/1 Creighton 300/1
Florida State 300/1 UCLA 300/1
Arizona State 500/1 Kansas State 500/1
Marshall 500/1 Montana 500/1
Nevada 500/1 New Mexico State 500/1
Providence 500/1 Stephen F. Austin 500/1
Syracuse 500/1 Virginia Tech 500/1
Wright State 500/1 Bucknell 700/1
St Bonaventure 750/1 Buffalo 1000/1
Murray State 1000/1 South Dakota State 1000/1
CS Fullerton 2000/1 Charleston 2000/1
Georgia State 2000/1 NC Greensboro 2000/1
Pennsylvania 2000/1 Iona 5000/1
LIU Brooklyn 5000/1 Lipscomb 5000/1
NC Central 5000/1 Radford 5000/1
Texas Southern 5000/1 UMBC 5000/1

I have a question. Why are Kentucky and Arizona set up to meet in the second round? Then with Virginia likely awaiting after that, you have three of the top teams lumped together in the top of one region.



Kentucky’s odds already moved to 16/1 on Bovada, where I do my wagering.

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

21 responses to “Every team’s odds to win the NCAA Tournament”

  1. simonsays

    Kansas, Michigan State, Duke

    1. ukkatzfan

      That there is funny. Mich State is one team I am glad we are avoiding. I think that is a tougher bracket.

    2. Eazy

      The point is Arizona are by far the best 4/5 seeds. And they play in the second round. Arizona is a four and are ahead of Kansas who’s a 1. Crazy.

    3. Eazy

      Oh, and Auburn is 65/1. Arizona is 12/1. Both are 4s. Really close, huh?!

    4. Eazy

      One more thing. Like he said three are lumped together on one side of the region. Our bracket would actually get easier in the elite 8. Kansas wouldn’t have to play Duke or MSU until the elite 8. They are on the other side of the region. You obviously missed the point. Nice try, though!

    5. kenny

      You said UL wouldn’t make the tourney this year. You jumped off the wagon, we don’t want you back.

    6. kenny


  2. Optional Facts

    Good grief stop with the poor me… we have to win all the games might as well get tough and beat Arizona and gain some confidence.

  3. gasman01

    I like our chances against Va better than Arizona. Zona a terrible matchup for us. If we can win our first 2 games, I think we beat Va.

    1. Willis Wolf Tattoo

      Why are you more confident about Virginia? Have we really faced an elite defense like that all year?

    2. gasman01

      We don’t have anyone that can handle Ayton inside. I think our length would give Va. trouble. Yes their defense is off the charts, but if Washington continues to improve and Vanderbilt is able to play, I think we could get enough points in the paint to outscore Va.

    3. Sentient Third Eye

      The thing about Arizona is they are VERY thin. They are basically just a 5-man team. If we get them in a physical game with a lot of fouls, they will lose just by having to play subs that are not D-1 caliber.

    4. JaminTheCoach

      Gasman01, I think the same thing was said in 2011 when we faced Ohio State and Sullinger. All we had was Jorts. That worked out pretty well if I recall. I think Sully ended up with 21 and 16 boards but they were all energy draining baskets and rebounds.

    5. michaelb

      Jorts is a force, don’t f****n forget it

  4. Biglaw Dawgin'

    “I have a question. Why are Kentucky and Arizona set up to meet in the second round? … you have three of the top teams lumped together in the top of one region.”

    – Agreed. UK would be in a better position if they traded spots with #6 Miami, #11 Loyola, or possibly even #7 or #10.

  5. BluKudzu

    Neutral floors, anything can happen. I do not see that much of a difference in some of these teams at 60:1 vs 5:1.
    Who knows what is going to happen? Officiating will likely determine the games anyway.

  6. Biglaw Dawgin'

    Kentucky jumped all the way from unranked to #18 after their SEC tourney run.

  7. david8577

    What are Louisville’s odds?

    1. Sentient Third Eye

      I estimate somewhere between zero and none.

  8. RexRox

    I got the Cats at 35-1 at Planet Hollywood on Saturday.

  9. Eazy

    Meant to say UK and Arizona are by far the best 4 and 5s. The odds show that. And we are 10th in the RPI. In our region it’d be much easier to be a 6.