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Article written by Drew Franklin

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27 responses to “ESPN Bracketology sets up huge Revenge Game”

  1. Wade

    I’ll take it

    1. JoChan

      Nah, would rather play the Va. Tech versus Kansas St. winner than Michigan in the 3rd round.

    2. JoChan

      My bad, this was meant for the comment below.

  2. Larkin123

    I’d rather the second 2 seed than play the Zion and Duke in elite 8. Whoever gets stuck with Duke is pretty much playing the best team before ff.

  3. friendsofcoal

    I really like that bracket. The only thing I could see changing if we lost in the SEC-T would be flip-flopping with Duke and I’m fine with that as well.

  4. friendsofcoal

    Face it folks, If we win 3-4 games in the NCAA-T then we’re going to play Duke and I’m hoping it’s in Louisville aka Rupp Area West.

  5. apocalypse

    Yes, we may face dUKe again, but I honestly believe we can take them even with Zion. AND, who in UK land believes different? We are a much better team now than at the start, our players understand their roles, and in Louisville, who knows?

  6. pondo23

    USA Today has UK as a 2 seed with UNC as the 1 in the South.

    I kinda like this bracket better

    1. 1IH

      Where are they getting this shit?
      “Meanwhile, Travis has missed the last five games for Kentucky and is expected to be back for the SEC tournament. UK went 4-1 without him, losing to Tennessee on the road. Kentucky pummeled the Volunteers earlier this season with him in the lineup. ”

    2. bigbluebanana

      Right, because you’re like his best friend that’s been saying his parents told you he’s out right? Random guy in chats, or USA freakin Today? Guess I’ll take your word for it.

    3. JoChan

      Or like numerous closely related to UK sites over USToday…so yeah, I’ll take his (their) word for it…

  7. Smyrna_Cat

    Not sure any of us care about G-webb any more!

    1. ClutchCargo

      I was at the game and experienced that WTF moment in person. I have barely thought of it since, until I saw this story. UK haters like to try to taunt us with stuff like GW and Robert Morris and don’t seem to grasp that we don’t even care about those games.

  8. spincr4hire

    Kansas St revenge rematch would be great too

    1. BluemanGreen

      thats the rematch I want too!

    2. plumloopy

      And PJ goes 10-10 from the line.

  9. KYjellyRoll

    I see a rematch with seton hall and Kansas st in the mix as well?

    1. Carcrook

      Beat me to it!

  10. catsarerunnin

    The ghost of the Billy G era shall rise from the grave if this holds true!!

  11. RealCatsFan

    Just like Count K got the losses from the 95-96 season “expunged” from his record, the losses under BCG should not count for UK. 😉

    1. ClutchCargo

      Count K’s back went out. Our whole friggin’ head coach went haywire, so that should be even more compelling reason to expunge BCG’s losses.

  12. lexcatfan2367


  13. joseph_daniel

    Beat Gardner “Spud” Webb, smash KState, then Coach K and RJ in Louisville…WOW! Dream bracket and greatest revenge run Eva!

  14. ballplayerstu

    I’ll take it all day everyday!

  15. JDizzle14

    I dont think anyone really cares abt the worst loss and worst basketball coach in school history these days…..what a weak headline. When i saw it, i started thinking maybe S Hall, K ST, or maybe someone else we’ve lost to in the tournament in the recent past. But then to find theyre talkin abt a game from a completely different era…..some of the stuff out here… smh

  16. KYCat4EVER

    I’m going out on a limb and say Our CATS won’t play Duke unless it’s in the final four… but what a game it may be!

  17. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree

    They’ll put Duke on the other side of the bracket to play the worse 1 in e8 and second worse in f4 if zion doesn’t play, if he does then this is the bracket I can see.