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Duke, UCLA now co-favorites to win the title

Bovada updated its odds to win college basketball’s grand prize today and it is Duke and UCLA atop the list as co-favorites for the ‘ship.

Bovada gives those schools 5/1 odds to win it all, while Kentucky isn’t too far behind with 6/1 odds to go the distance in March.

A look at the list:

Duke 5/1
UCLA 5/1
Kentucky 6/1
Kansas 11/1
North Carolina 11/1
Villanova 11/1
Indiana 18/1
Gonzaga 20/1
Baylor 22/1
Oregon 22/1
Wisconsin 22/1
Louisville 25/1

As always, gamble responsibly, but put a lot of money on Kentucky if you’re feeling swaggy today.

Article written by Drew Franklin

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8 responses to “Duke, UCLA now co-favorites to win the title”

  1. runningunnin.454

    Didn’t we just watch both of them get whipped?
    What was so impressive?

  2. taylorsvillecat

    But everybody will watch every Duke game now to root against Grayson Allen. Whata heel. (used in the pro wrestling sense, not UNC)

  3. bosshogg24

    Duke can’t win the title,what are they smoking? How can they win anything without Coach K?

  4. Dusten

    So if a team has 5/1 odds to win it, is that to say that 1 out of 6 times they win? a 17% chance or so?
    If that is the case and I understand the math correctly, Vegas thinks there is a 99.5% chance the champion is in this short list of 12 teams? Is that crazy or nah?

    1. smahurin

      No. Vegas odds never add up to 100%. They can afford to go over 100% as even if say U.K. Wins and they pay out 6:1. There are so many teams that less than 1/6 of all money will have been bet on U.K. Anyways so they’ll still make plenty of money regardless.

  5. UK Big Bored Update

    I get the UCLA odds. I get KENTUCKY’s, although they deserve 5/1. Ditto for Vulvanova and Ewe N See. But dook sucks. Speaking of sucks, once Mike’s back, the selection committee, fully satiated, will once again provide an undeserving dook with a WON seed.

    1. Luether

      Last time I looked, Dook had 3 NBA players sitting hurt on their bench – with 2, if not all 3 – expected to be available soon. This was no doubt factored in to their 5-1 odds…

  6. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

    Obvs I don’t like either, and I want us to get closer to UCLA’s all time lead and put distance between us and those who have 5 (Duke, UNC, IU). But if Duke wins YET again I will throw up in my mouth, especially with the favors the NCAA is giving them this year. Just gag me with a spoon.