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Doug Gottlieb wants attention, ranks Kentucky No. 7 in his preseason poll

Six of the seven college basketball analysts over at ranked Kentucky as the No. 1 team in college basketball entering the 2013-14 season. The odd man out? Doug Gottlieb, who ranked the Wildcats seventh behind Michigan State, Louisville, Duke, Arizona, North Carolina and Oklahoma State.

Seventh, you guys. Doug Gottlieb ranked Kentucky seventh in his preseason poll.

I understand the skepticism with ranking a team of freshmen first in a college basketball preseason poll, but when all of your colleagues and nearly everyone else in your profession believe the Wildcats are America’s best team, doesn’t it seem a little crazy to put them way down at No. 7, Doug?

There are several other questionable spots in Doug’s preseason poll, too. He has Oregon at No. 8, Cal at No. 10, Gonzaga at No. 12, Ohio State way down at No. 14, and Michigan way, way back at No. 22. It’s like he randomly drew the teams from a hat and inserted them into his top 25.

Check it out here.


Article written by Drew Franklin

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68 responses to “Doug Gottlieb wants attention, ranks Kentucky No. 7 in his preseason poll”

  1. Laker Cat 18

    Gottlieb just likes controversy. He’s a joke.

  2. shorty blue

    Man he must be looking for attention or he just doesn’t know much about basketball

  3. Doug

    Look at my I’m Doug I just want attention, I really don’t think UK is 7th In the country I just want attention…

  4. Teachable Mo'

    KSR has never done anything to drive page hits?

  5. GoCats2

    #1 has it right, he is just looking for attention and he knows we will give it to him. Probably just added thousands of hits to his stupid article.

  6. Daniel Troutman

    Douche Gottieb.

  7. Visa & Mastercard

    Sorry, those rankings have been declined and rejected as being provided by someone who steals credit cards and fraudulently uses them.

  8. bosshog

    Bobby K. has done a great job mentoring this guy!

  9. Sinbad

    This I have a serious problem with

  10. Chris

    Who is Doug Gottlieb?

  11. Buckets

    Trollin’, trollin’, trollin’

  12. MO Cat

    He also doesn’t have FLA in top 25 at all – guy is a bum

  13. manlySmell

    Last year we were way over ranked preseason. I like seven. Seven is good Gottlieb is a douch yes..but 7 is good

  14. Let's just make up something

    about college basketball, 2013-14. The BEST teams are as follows:
    #1 is __________
    #? is ___________

  15. Cowboy

    I won’t even validate that nonsense by clicking on the link.

    Never argue with an idiot. They’ll take you down to their level, then beat you with experience.

  16. RealCatsFan

    Notice that he is also the only one who has Crean’s Creamers ranked in the top 20.

  17. MacGruber

    Gottlieb is German for “tool”

  18. Cincy Cayt

    Now if for some fluke reason we don’t make the Final Four (see John Wall’s team) Mr Gottlieb can stick his chest out and get more attention.

  19. MikeMan

    I also can’t believe he didn’t have Florida in the top 25? Some other pencil pusher had them as high as 5.

    “Let’s see how many interviews I can get from ranking UK 7th while everyone else has them #1.”

  20. RJ

    Take the link out of the post. Don’t give him what he wants.

  21. Tim from Hendo

    The above pic of him is worth a 1,000 words and says it better than I could,

  22. BluelightBub

    His cry for help.

  23. Shawn

    Doug Gottlieb Is a pecker wood.

  24. CATandMONKEY

    Don’t click.
    He could have ranked us three or four, kept SOME credibility(he doesn’t have much to lose) and received a ton of page hits.

  25. Bill Ayer

    Don’t forget it was D Gottlieb who “guaranteed” John Wall would never play at UK. He’s just an ass.

  26. Norm

    KSR just helped him get exactly what he wants: more hits

  27. He is right

    Most of our ayers have never played 1 second of college hoops. I agree with Doug.

  28. Steve A.

    You know what they say about opinions and…well Gottlieb is first in line for both. Not only is he a thief and a hypocritical toker, he’s an idiot. Maybe killed too many brain cells.

  29. Rob from Dunk City

    I think that Doug outsourced his top 25 to the little kids in one of those AT&T commercials.

  30. Bunny2

    This is America so anyone can say anything. There is nothing here so let’s move on…

  31. Kevin C.

    Another bad decision by Gottlieb….just like that haircut, and apparently that cupcake.

  32. Agree

    Doug is right.

  33. Jeffrey

    lol and he leaves out UF and puts in UT instead, I KNOW UF will be a top 25 team.

    So yeah, not only he has UK at 7, he leaves UF out? This man is an attention whore.

  34. Eman

    UNC at 5? He does realize they didn’t get Wiggins right? Not hard to see where his biases lie.

  35. Al/in/Indy

    Seriously….who cares what he says. Just another dipstick who “NEEDS” hits for him to be relevant.
    Hell I wished he said we were 27th, for that would shown how much he knows about college basketball.
    At the end of the season that green/Irish cupcake he’s eating will turn into BLACK crow.

  36. PukeFace

    F U Doug Gottlieb

  37. Eman

    And at not wanting to give him page hits, it’s on the same page as 5 reasonable people putting Kentucky #1. He’s not getting sole credit for hits, if he makes a post explaining his choice I’d avoid it like the plague.

  38. brain

    Way to give him what he wants by linking his bull shit. Are you really that stupid?

  39. Howard Artrip

    What’s that Pothead know?

  40. KG

    Does it matter how we are ranked in the pre-season poll? As long as we are the last team standing in April-polls mean diddly squat! Hell let him rank us 25th for that matter…..has no bearing and shows his stupidity.

  41. Joshua

    Michigan at 22?? wow haha this guy really is a moron.

  42. Jeff

    Who cares about preseason polls; it’s just a number you idiots! Worry about stuff that actually matters, such as who is going to be our point guard in 2025

  43. jim

    This guy is a thief and a weed head…who cares

  44. Larry

    Why care. I always felt preseason poles are garbage. Just there to hype up the fans. I for one will wait to see at least a few games before anointing these guys the best. His ranking is fair I think. Stop drinking too much blue koolaid.

  45. J in Orlando

    Gottlieb is offended that the new UK lockers keep the players credit cards so secure.

  46. Duane Smith

    Looks to me like Gottlieb is number 14. And that’s generous..

  47. UK Freshmen

    Sheesh…….we ranked UK last year at #3 and they did grea……no, wait….. On second though they sucked and lost in the first round of the NIT Tourney. Whoopsie.

  48. Jordan

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion doesn’t mean they are attention hungry… We will all see how good the team is very shortly!!!
    Remember never entertain the haters with their hating business!

  49. KevinM

    Let’s rank Gottlieb…he wishes he was seven.

    Oh, look, Gottlieb telling us his brother’s team is 10. Sounds like the same bias last year…

  50. JimmyMack

    Which is greater?
    The number of comments from IU and UofL fans on their blogs, or the number of comments they post to UK’s blog… trolls b trollin.

  51. Jordan

    PLEASE make another Kanye post like Tyler did the other day! That was by far one of her most highly commented post ever! So much so, you guys had to close the post for additional comments! SMH it’s really sad on here sometimes . . .

  52. Lori M

    1) Don’t follow any links to his stuff.
    2) Don’t take him seriously, no one else does.
    3) Never let him get your credit card number.

  53. james
  54. Katdaddy

    We was ranked 3rd last year! Was that true?

  55. Winston

    I think you meant randomly drew them from a hat he lifted from his rooomate.

  56. rj

    Doug why don’t you go try and find some credit cards to steal….THIEF!

  57. Ned Tugent

    If we go 40-0 this year he will again say that someone else was the best team in the country. I would trust Martha Stewart’s college basketball analysis over his.

  58. willmill

    Haters gonna hate!!

  59. Sonny

    Doug , not sure I’ve heard of him before. Well every new kid tries to make a name for himself. His name is Dumbass. He is like a little brother on CBS, no one wants to play with him so he says things to get attention.

  60. mashburnfan1

    Polls mean nothing in college bball, especially before the season even begins, anyways so who cares. Lets see last year we were top 5 ranked by everyone and how good were we. In bball it is settled on the court, not by votes.

  61. connecticut chris

    Id Cheer if Doug Gottleib got hurt !! lol

  62. G-MAN2262


  63. Funny thing is

    Doug was talking smack on Twitter about BBN and over night all his hate tweets have been deleted.

    He may be coming to his senses. It could be where I spotted him 5 points to put $10,000 on the Robert Morris game since that was his basis for ranking us so low. He didn’t take the bait.


  64. don gordon

    What’s his history? Where did he pick UK last year and previous years?

  65. Quit Blasting KSR For Posting Link

    Quit blasting KSR for posting the link. That’s responsible journalism. If you report on someone else’s story, you provide the source…you remember from elementary school – the ‘works cited’ page in reports? I simply choose not to click to avoid giving that scumbag more clicks. It’s really that simple, folks.

  66. YSR2KSR

    just listened to this pompous windbag on the tues show. matt u being nice to this douchenozzle only allowed him showchase his ignorance and arrogance. if u ever get to big for ur britches like him we will kick u out of bbn.

  67. Biglaw Dawgin'

    I’ve got no problem with it. No one (including Doug) has seen the majority of our roster on the college stage. I’d rather prove him wrong than be ranked too high and give our guys an over-inflated confidence. (See 2012-13 team). 7th is better than 1st this early in the season anyway; less pressure. Like I said before, this is all going to get sorted out early in the season when we play No. 1-2-3 Michigan State.

  68. Jamie Hanks

    Got-Dweeb ???