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Doron Lamb chimes in on Kentucky’s woes



Doron Lamb took to Twitter with a dose of reality following Kentucky’s 19-point loss to the Gators. What does the former Wildcat/national champion have to say about what this team needs? Practice…. immediately.


Article written by Ally Tucker

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39 responses to “Doron Lamb chimes in on Kentucky’s woes”

  1. jus sayin

    Cal gets more than his fair share of the credit when things go well he should take more than his fair share of the blame when things go bad. Period.

  2. Ten loss Cal

    i need some more of Billy g recruits

    1. Cats,Cats,Cats

      And you need to worry only about your team and not obsess over UK.

    2. Roofus Howls

      You’re right! Dakota Euton, Vinny Zollo, Michael Avery would have dominated college hoops this year.

      I know you’re busy with Mensa meetings, but I’d love to meet you so I can soak in your aura – can that be arranged?

  3. Dorongetsit!

    Well at least Doron gets it.

  4. DT in DC

    And if he had come back to UK and stayed through his Senior year, we’d have that knock down shooter we need this year.

    1. Reality Check

      He stayed 2 years and did his part in the 2012 season. Two years is a senior in the Cal Era. In fact, the 22 points he scored in the Final is why we have number 8.

    2. Roofus Howls

      Are you so selfish that you would have Doron not earn the money he’s earned the past two years just so he can play for the basketball team you follow? Do you believe your happiness is more important than Doron and his family having financial security?

      Stay classy.

  5. Twitty

    It makes me so happy that Doron ‘gets it’. Why have the players in the last two years not ‘gotten it’ I think is the big question…

  6. CopenhagenCat

    Cats made a little run probably best I seen in last 4 games. But then fall back to lazy defense. Florida was hitting everything. But no excuses for losing that bad. Its just sad.

  7. bung

    what will they practice…how to drive into three players? Getting easy baskets for your teammates without an assist? Getting a layup from the fast break without throwing a quick outlet pass to your teammates who aren’t running or are in the wrong place?

  8. K2da

    One writer to the next ” Hey let’s play a trick on Cal and rank that waterboy #1″
    Next Day, One writer to the next ” Wha what? Cal just offered that waterboy?”

  9. PaulAG

    This team DOES still have time to get its act together, but they’d better hurry. I do think the clock is ticking, and they need to take it to the next level at some point in the next game or two.

    1. ukfan

      You think the clock is ticking?? Well considering it’s now tournament play id say that be a pretty accurate statement lol.

    2. Dennis Smith

      Get real, the clock has stopped

  10. shawn

    Sure wish Wiltjer was still on team, we’d have our shooter we desperately need and his defense couldn’t have been worse than what’s in there now.

  11. Seriously

    Gee Doron would have been nice for you to stick around, then maybe we wouldn’t be in this mess.

  12. Korean Tacos

    Practicing at night doesn’t happen in the NBA. Doesn’t prepare the kids for NBA. So, what’s Lamb talking about?

  13. C....A....T.....S....CATS!

    It’s not just PRACTICE….Doron!


    TALENT 65

    I wonder if “Coach Cal-espie” still wants Talent over Experience?



    1. Ben

      Don’t break your keyboard, Mavis Beacon.

    2. Mavis Beacon

      LOL Ben!

  14. all n

    Yea. Get in there and practice. Practice offense(how to run a set play or two), how to defend( at least a little),how to pass, dribble, handle a double team, run a fast break and oh yea practice shooting some. That should about do it.

  15. Truth of Reason

    4. and 11. Lay off of Doron! He’s already done enough for UK already. Are you really going to blame a former national champion for this teams woes? Seriously, GTFO.

    1. DT in DC

      F U. I didn’t blame him for leaving. I just said if he had stayed for his senior year we’d have a knock down shooter that we need this year. Go change your tampon.

  16. please!!!!!

    Please yall say that everytime we lose. We still have time to get this thing going. What time? Time for what?? We lose these games because our players get shook. They wait til the second half to come out n play with urgency. We made a great run. Only problem with that is that if they hadn’t played so scared in first half we probably would have a different outcome. I was one who said just give thos team time. Give them a couple more, a few more. But now regular season is over and we just got beat by 19. Thos game shoulda been way more close. We got beat worse than last yr when Nerlens went down. It is sad.. I hoped we could turn thos around but the truth is there is no more time. Sec tourney is here yall. You heard randle. They don’t even have a clue as to what they need to do. Tourney is a one loss tournament. Not a double. Reality is we might only have two more games left period. N it sucks. So much talent but to little pride and urgency. You know that was laziness creeping back after that run we had. There is no reason to come back from twenty, cut to 6 n then lose by 19. Face it guys!!!!!!!! This thing is done. N no I’m not a ul fan or a duke fan. I’m a die hard blue uk fan through and through. But at this point we have to start calling it what it is. END OF SEASON!!!

  17. Truth of Reason

    4. and 11. Lay off of Doron! He’s already done enough for UK already. Are you really going to blame a former national champion for this teams woes? Seriously, get the hell out.

    1. Blue

      Yeah we got it the first time.

    2. DT in DC

      And see my previous comment. Learn a little reading comprehension, jack weed.

  18. damond

    I keep hearing how this team needs to put it together and time is running out. There is nothing to put together and no amount of practice is going to help that. The fact is, they simply aren’t very good. We have no experience, we cant shoot and the basketball IQ is just terrible. None of these guys developed the way they should have because we didn’t have any veteran players to show them the ropes. What we have is blind leading the blind, very talented blind folks. None of these guys need to get anywhere near an NBA court for at least another year.

  19. Whatever!

    This is a high school team! High school teams rarely start playing/competing until the tournaments ..Think this is what cal “vision” is that he is talking about?

  20. Blue

    I don’t think they need more practice running the dribble drive sling and fling. They have that down to a science.

  21. Jrod

    I guess he’s right, but it’s not going to make a difference. This is just a mediocre team.

  22. DavidPat

    Doron are you still averaging 3 pts a game in the Pro’s? Wow you are setting the world on fire!
    Makes you really wise I suppose. Maybe you should take your own advice and get up some extra shots yourself???

    1. hell cat

      He’s just making some constructive criticism. I like that he still cares.

      Are you in the NBA? Didn’t think so. He’s averaging 3 more pts a game than you are. I think his opinion is valid.

  23. Bob

    I’ve had enough! SEC tckts money shot to hell. $770 wasted. Gonna save $1000 on rooms etc. Stayn’ the hell home. At least i salvaged Final Four tckts.

  24. Nolan Barrow

    It’s because this team does not have experience and did not have to do anything in high school they played against bad teams most of the time. #go UK, I still like our chances. Also he should play Polson and Hood more!

  25. Mac

    This team needed “practice” in October. They haven’t run a decent offensive set in 4 months. 1 on 4 drives, rebounding, and “a missed shot is not a terrible thing” mentality.

  26. Jason

    My dad passed an little over a year ago, he is the reason I’m a fan, before I knew I lived in Louisville, just a few blocks from UofL, I knew I loved UK and always loved and cherished watching the Cats with him. I miss him everyday. No matter how terrible we look out there (granted, we have looked terrible) no matter how I feel like all BBN. Seeing that Kentucky blue uniform, or Rupp Arenas court, or our passionate fan base;……etc it still connects me to him and that means a lot, being that my father and I wasn’t overly religious, UK Basketball helps me. I know this will come off corny or pathetic to some but its true. IF ONE CAT FAN reads this and gets it,…. its worth sharing. BTW my mother tried to raise a good Baptist boy, I TRY…. being humble no matter win or loose, is some scripture I practice. Go Cats

  27. Gary Hardison