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Dominique Hawkins has his best game in China

(Andy Lyons / Getty Images)

(Andy Lyons / Getty Images)

With a week left in his trip to the Far East, Dominique Hawkins found his stroke in an 87-75 win over Lithuania.  Hawkins scored 27 points on 10-15 shooting, adding 5 rebounds and 2 assists in his best performance from the other side of the pond.

Hawkins’ team has been through their ups and downs, but it’s great to hear Dominique has become comfortable shooting the rock.  Hawkins’ biggest hurdle to more playing time last season was finding the confidence to take the big shot, as teams gave Dominique wide open looks from deep range all year.

Hopefully he’ll bring some of those big shots from China home and we will see the dead-eye Dominique that won Madison Central a Sweet 16 Championship.

Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

16 responses to “Dominique Hawkins has his best game in China”

  1. Sinful

    I’m so proud for Hawkins, what a great young man. And were lucky to still have him for another 3 years

    1. Next

      Maybe. He will be the third PG again this season and get limited minutes. Who knows how long he’ll accept that.

    2. Delk for 3

      Dominique came to UK for a reason and he knew it wasn’t going to be for a ton of playing time. As long as he’s reluctant to become an offensive threat, he has to know he doesn’t deserve a lot of clock. The kid can earn more respect from Cal if he will be more aggressive on offense. The door was open for him to play a lot more this past season, but he simply was too scared to attack offensively. He has to become the type of scorer he was in high school for him to start to get real minutes. I think he will stick around Kentucky for his entire career and II foresee him starting to play a lot more during his junior and senior seasons.

  2. Next

    Hard to get confidence when you know if you miss you’re gonna get taken out. He wasn’t part of the shoot-and-miss as much as you want club. Those guys knew they weren’t coming out.

    1. Delk for 3

      That was simply not an excuse for his apprehension last season on the offensive end. He wasn’t going to play a lot regardless, and the only way he was going to get more time was by scoring more and creating more offensively. If you think Cal doesn’t want him scoring, you simply haven’t been to practice. Cal has been begging Dominique to be more aggressive.

    2. ...

      Obvious troll is trolling.

    3. bluemanchew

      Are you talking about the hit and miss club that were in the championship game or the team that got bounced in the sweet 16? TROLL

  3. TrueBlue

    I would like to see Hawkins and Willis redshirt next year, work on their bodies and their games. I think we have enough talent next year, we would be ok without them. Save their eligibility for later where they could be more valuable and I would think enjoy it more.

  4. Jack Finn

    Who on earth was guarding him?! LOL Wow

  5. MadTex

    This dude couldn’t qualify as one who could my wet jockstrap after a hot steamy day in practice.

  6. Biff Switters

    F*&^ off neigh sayers!! You go Dominique! I pull for you maybe more than any other of the current team cause…well, cause you’re from my neck of the woods!!! If the rest of the team is infected with your work ethic then we’re gonna be special next year!!

    Once again F*&^ off heigh sayers!!


    Biff over and out!

  7. True UK Fan

    You go Dominique! Let that offensive aggression and confidence carry over into next season. And always be gettin shots up.

    He is such a hard worker, I think his offensive game will improve and he will become more and more important to the team. Don’t rule him out, be encouraging.

  8. Goonies25

    He can be our defensive stopper but he has to not be afraid to miss shots and shoot the ball. He was completely scared to even attempt a jump shot. Hope this trip helps him like it did Jorts! Good job D. Hawk!

  9. John Ellis

    SHOOT! He’s going to be a major factor at UK before he’s through. And a pro.

    1. Gap Tooth Danny

      Like I been telling you, HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN PLAYING MORE!

  10. Allan Maysmith

    You guys are crazy. Hawkins will be a solid contributor for three more years, but no way he should have played more last season. When he was on the court, we were playing 4 against 5 on offense. He was NO threat at all to score. The defense and level of competition isn’t close in China.. clearly.