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Derek Willis Plans to Remain a Wildcat


This per our own Matt Jones, who spoke personally to Derek Willis’s father. According to Mr. Willis, the Pat Forde report is false, and “Derek 100% plans on coming back to Kentucky.”


Per Derek Willis’s father:

Derek knows he has to work hard in the off-season and knows with the Harrison twins and everyone coming back that playing time will be tough. But he believes he can earn it. He just wants to work hard in the off-season, and he knows his time is coming.

Article written by Brennan English

Just give me all the bacon and eggs you have. @BrennanKSR

76 responses to “Derek Willis Plans to Remain a Wildcat”

  1. Keri Scaggs

    I love when Pat Forde is wrong. Again.

    1. nibrocboy

      That is all of the time. The Peeper does not verify sources or allow the facts to influence his comments.

    2. Dee W.

      Pat Forde strikes again.

      His tweet was essentially a personal attack on not only Calipari, but Derek Willis as well. Totally unprofessional.

  2. Pat Forde

    Why report news when you can just make it up?

    1. Fox news

      Thats what we do best. Suck it libs!!

    2. NBC, MSNBC, CBS, ABC and sometimes CNN

      Actually that’s what WE do best.

    3. Fox News

      Nuh-Uh! We do!

    4. NBC, MSNBC, CBS, ABC and sometimes CNN

      No, I beg to differ. WE suck the most and are lying to Americans.

    5. Fox News

      No way Jose! We’re the ones who make up shit to further our agenda!!!

    6. NBC, MSNBC, CBS, ABC and sometimes CNN


    7. Fox News


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    9. Fox News


    10. NBC, MSNBC, CBS, ABC and sometimes CNN

      Well, you’re stupid!!!

    11. Fox News

      Oh, yeah?!?! Well, you’re UGLY!!!!

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    14. Fox News


    15. Tom Blevins

      Can everybody please get off the political comments. There are both liberals and conservatives among Cat fans, and we all bleed blue. Let’s be united on the KSR in our support for the Kentucky Wildcats. Go Big Blue! Let’s hang banner #9 in ’15!

    16. Truth

      The difference though Tom, is the cons feel the same way about our black players as the Clippers owner feels. Their propaganda channel spent 2 years denying a black president was even a US citizen. Many of them STILL believe he isn’t. It’s not enough for them to disagree with his policies they literally have to demonize him. Faux spends half of its day race-baiting. Just go watch O’Racist interview Cal. They are ignorant, bigoted racist fools. Many studies have shown the idiots that view that channel for news are by far the most misinformed. MSNBC and others spend most of its day pointing out the BS and lies on Faux News. They barely have time to lie.

  3. Go KY

    I am glad to hear Derek is staying – seems like a great kid!

    1. idontflinch

      No doubt. Whether he plays much this upcoming season or not doesn’t matter. He should just keep in mind that all of those battles everyday in practice his first two years against great players will simply be setting him up for big time success his last two years. When his shot finally comes I’ll be cheering my guts out for him. I always like to see Kentucky born kids do well especially at the University of Kentucky.

    2. Dee W.

      Derek Willis was put in the role of helping the team prepare for Kaminsky during practices prior to the Wisconsin game. Kaminsky was shut down – did virtually nothing. Willis gave the team a huge lift during the Vandy game – helping to avoid another bad loss on the resume which we did not need. Willis’ contributions have already been valuable to the team – they can only get better. – video of Willis discussing being placed into the role of Kaminsky.

    3. Luther

      Agree! Glad Derek is coming back. Doubt he’ll get much playing time, though…

    4. RP's Facelift

      Kudos for DW. Just being with this team is a big honor. Being on scholarship beats any other way of financing College. I wish I could have sit on Rupp’s bench on his ride instead of having to work a bunch of jobs.

  4. Forde_Lies

    I like they say, FACTS ARE OPTIONAL!!!!

  5. Han

    I know the Internet changed everything with instant news and blogs, etc., but there was a time when journalists would be held accountable for repeatedly putting out lies the way Forde, Thamel, and the other trolls do.

  6. bosshogg24

    Thank you Derek, hang in there BBN loves you!

    1. crazycatfan

      DITTO THAT!!!

    2. Wolfcreekbrian

      Ditto that ditto

    3. unreconstructed

      Ditto, ditto, that ditto!! All the best..

  7. Drewblue

    Redshirt possibility?

  8. Give him hell


    1. Al/in/Indy

      I wouldn’t give that azzwhipe the satisfaction of giving that huge nosed dirt bag a hit on anything unless it as a swift kick in the nads…..if he ever had any!

  9. Aaron&Andrew Cumberland

    Derek hAs some serious game for his size great passer and shooter given the chance will be a superstar!!!!! Hang in there Derek.

  10. Haha

    By senior year he will be a starter if he stays, its funny because he would start for Louisville and hes our 10th man. That’s not anything thing against Derek though hes a good player it’s just look at the rest of our team

  11. yeahright

    Pat Forde wrong? No way!

    Next you’ll tell me Michael Wilbon was wrong when he GUARANTEED Cal would leave UK after this season (the one just finished). It’s just not possible for ESPN chumps to be wrong, is it?

    Hang in there, Derek! Consider a redshirt if necessary. Your day will come, and you’ll be remembered forever as a Cat!

  12. Ralph

    YesSir! Sounds like a true Kentucky Boy! I think he might be special some day.

  13. Jay

    Not false…you mean a LIE

  14. Pat Forde

    I dont have time to do research , Im too busy tea-bagging Pitino. Cut a guy a break!

  15. CTJr

    I have a hunch he’ll be a pleasant surprise next year – good shooter and he may replace some of the perimeter scoring loss of James Young. Glad he’ll be back…

  16. Chris

    Now i for one think Willis could actually start his junior year ! But it seems odd that someone would write something about the guy who out of 8 returning scholarship players , played the least minutes.. I mean are alot of the national media writing things on Derick Willis..LOL Just seems odd.I think Forde looks as bad here as he has looked because It looks like he made up such non headline leading story.. His hate of Cal is making him nuts i think..

    1. ransmith

      I feel unless his summer development goes exceptionally well he should redshirt this coming season. By time he is a junior he is in the rotation. When he is a senior he will be a starter and go on to the NBA.

  17. OMG SHOCK!!!!!!

    I am in a state of shock to know Forde reported false info on UK and a UK player….. hard to believe (sarcasm)

  18. Al/in/Indy

    OK BBN, who in this world would rather bring a downer upon us exactly one day after the biggest news in current UK history other than Pitino’s browneyed brother Forde! I couldn’t/wouldn’t believe this total misconception of a writer if he had his hand on a bible and swore on his poor Grandmother’s grave.
    Like his best bud Thameltoe, his guy would pimp his daughter/sister/niece/and or mother for anyone from BBN to give him a hit on his blog…….You can’t believe anything he writes…point…..blank…..period!

  19. Al/in/Indy

    OH and I am so happy Mr. Willis cleared up what Forde lied about…..I think Derek has a VERY bright future at UK…..For Forde, I hope the pollen count get’s so high that you have to coil that shnaze you have around the truck of a tree……

  20. Pat Forde

    I don’t care what his dad says. The kid wants out of UK. Point blank period

  21. KG

    Thank you Derek, I knew your heart was blue. Keep working on your game your time will come.

  22. Mr. Self Destruct

    Excellent news. That’s the right attitude. Willis needs to work on his strength and defense, and I truly think he could get 10-15 minutes a game at small forward, next season.

  23. Cal's Cats 3.0 Check us out on Facebook!

    Not to support Forde, never would but this doesn’t make Forde’s statement true or false. If Willis was actually consider, not going to transfer, would he really just tell everyone? No. That would just make him look bad if he decide to stick around. You don’t publicly say you are leaving until you are leaving. So maybe Forde is right, maybe he made it up…who is to know for certain?

    Just like with Cal. No he isn’t likely going to the Lakers with this stack team coming back, but you’re in denial if you think he doesn’t take GM’s calls and listen to what they are offering.

    1. Chris

      U are right and wrong!! He is kind of covered cause he said it was a rumor , but even rumors on this stuff usually have the same type of sources ( family, AAU coach , High School Coach or even a close family friend ) To my knowledge he gave no source , and this is not the type of story u protect your source on.. U use your source in cases like this to add credibility to your rumor.. This looks just made up to me..

    2. Dee W.

      Actually it was Derek Willis up for the Lakers job but he turned them down – this is according to sources and unsubstantiated rumors, so it must be true and is okay to spread around.

  24. Plain Truth

    You know being a small forward could be a perfect fit, with the potential he has for outside shooting and being one of the short guys at 6′ 9″.

  25. typical

    I knew it was false as soon as I saw Forde was the source. Keep swinging from Cal’s nuts, Pat!

  26. Jimmy Engler

    Hang in Derek. were going to need U. Go BBN.

  27. Tom Householder

    I am glad Derek is staying. If he puts on some weight in the off season along with his good passing skills into the post and awesome outside ability, i think he could contribute a lot to the team next season. Really don’t understand people like Pat Force, just because his butt buddy Option is going to have a mediocre season next year, he has to start rumors w/o sources about UK. Does he not realize he works and lives in Ky so he really shouldn’t like he lives in Indiana!

  28. Tom Householder

    Sorry for the typos- let me correct them. Option=Pitino. Force=Forde. Shouldn’t act like he lives in Indiana. GO CATS! BBN will always be stronger than Forde or Thamel

  29. delicious deli meals

    Forde couldn’t deal with all the good news and positive press that’s surrounded UK the past few days. So he made up a story about a player being unhappy and wanting to transfer. Pathetic.

  30. Bullitt East Charger

    Derek Willis will show everyone his game next year! He will be a very important part of #9!!! Great to hear you are staying Derek!

  31. John Ellis

    The level of professionalism in sports journalism is shockingly low. Forde has Cal envy.

  32. highoctanehurricane

    Maybe Derek should release his own statement about coming back to school. Everyone else has… Well, except for Hawkins. Perhaps Derek and Dominique could do a joint statement regarding their intentions to return just for the fun of it. Then all of the walk-ons could do one, too. #WhyNot #ShitsAndGrins

  33. Cat Since 1977

    PAT FORDE IS A DOUSCHE BAG…that is all…

  34. Pat Forde

    Picture me trollin’…

  35. BCO

    Pitino farting in his face this morning must’ve sounded like “Willis is leaving” for some reason. Honest mistake.

  36. markp

    Why not just redshirt him? After next year we will need some older guys.

  37. perry stevenson

    Seen this before cals first year should of redshirted perry same with willis he will be ready to go by his third year

  38. JimSteele

    don’t be a fool, Derek. Transfer before you meet the same fate as Jon Hood. Don’t waste your college career (and maybe pro) riding the pine the next 3 or 4 years, never developing as a player and reaching your full potential. Do what Wiltjer did and get the heck out of Dodge.

    1. duh

      Hey JimSteele, you should get your head the heck out of Pitino’s a$$.

    2. Soda

      ….”before you meet the same fate as Jon Hood”

      Yes, like winning a national championship, going to two final fours, playing against some of the best players in the country and learning from one of the best coaches in a business while you pick up a college degree. Oh what a terrible existence fora college kid. Boo Hoo.

    3. TD

      Willis is not just some Ky kid happy to be on the team (and ride the bench). He is a talented player and will have his day at UK. He will play, it may not be until his junior year, but he will contribute & play. You have to think that there will be numerous departures this time next year.
      Probably a couple of guys should consider redshirts for next season.

    4. Dee W.

      “don’t be a fool, Derek. Transfer before you meet the same fate as Jon Hood.”

      Oh yes. The same awful “fate” as Jon Hood – having the time of his life for 5 years playing for the team he always dreamed of playing for, going to 3 Final Fours and a National Championship. Terrible time for the boy – I’m sure he’s looking back with a lot of regrets. (/sarcasm)

      Amazing you would post this nonsense in public and think it makes sense.

  39. David

    does every national sports media talking head/writer have to be a clueless twit???…from Goodman calling out walk-ons, to Forde’s ill-timed piece on Calipari’s way being proven wrong (ahem ahem) and the Willis transfer flub…to Chad Ford saying 8 UK players were NBA bound (I count 2…or the same number that left Kansas; and if my math serves didn’t Michigan lose 3 -and Arizona lost some folks…and Duke…and UNC…LOL…ahhhhhh, but Calipari is destroying college hoops)…pah-leeeez… maybe if they spent more time researching their topics instead of trying to create “buzz” and headlines, they wouldn’t be so idiotic at ALL times

  40. Basketball Bennie

    Derek can play at UK, he knows it, and Coach Cal knows it.

  41. Resident

    Another Kentucky boy that will stay buried on the bench. I almost wish he would transfer because he could start for many, many teams. And now I’ll have to watch another season and be frustrated as new freshmen get all the playing time over him. I guarantee it. Lee should transfer as well. He couldn’t get in last season and its going to be even harder this season. The Michigan game showed he deserved time. But like Willis he got about 2 minutes to be spectacular or get pulled right back out. When Cal was forced to play him because of Willies injury and Dakari in foul trouble he gets 10 points and 8 rebounds in 15 minutes. I predict he will transfer after this season since he once again won’t get any time. Willis will stay because he’s a Kentucky kid.

    1. Dee W.

      Seriously, do you trolls ever get embarrassed posting this nonsense? Yeah, you’re believable as a Kentucky fan – wanting all of our players to just transfer away, and making comments indicating you paid no attention to the season and don’t have the slightest clue what you are talking about.

      Go away – find something better to do with your time.

    2. Resident

      How could you read that and think its a troll? You’re a total moron? Absolutely nothing said there is false. So I paid no attention to the season? How many minutes did Willis get? Let me help you “true UK fan.” 39. 39 minutes to the starters 1300 minutes. I’m sure math is very, very hard for you but that is a gigantic difference. And with this class and the returning starters it isn’t going to change.

      Go away – And at least learn to present a decent counter-argument. Absolutely nothing you said disproved anything I said. Because you can’t. So you resort to the ignorant I-can’t-make-a-point, “troll” stupidity.