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Dan Patrick cites source close to UK, says Cal could leave after this year

Yesterday on “Pardon the Interruption,” Michael Wilbon said that he believes John Calipari is going to leave Kentucky after this season. The rumor mill continues to churn this morning, with Dan Patrick citing a source close to UK that says Cal could leave Kentucky for the NBA after this season. You can listen to Patrick talk about Cal’s situation at Kentucky above. The clip starts right after Patrick mentions his discussion with someone “well connected to Kentucky basketball.” (For the entire comment, listen to the podcast starting at the 17 minute mark.)

For what it’s worth, we’re not hearing anything about Cal leaving this season.

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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195 responses to “Dan Patrick cites source close to UK, says Cal could leave after this year”

  1. beavis606

    Some of our bitch ass fans need to shut up the crying.

    1. J

      People are gonna mess up a good thing here.

    2. theSkinny81

      “I understand much of the negativity we have seen from the fan base, as we all were frustrated by the game on Saturday. Predictably there are some idiots who are calling for Calipari to go, but we all know those people are insane.”

    3. bbr

      Seriously? You think a CEO (which is essentially what a head coach is) making over 5 million per year is going to let a portion of the fan base criticizing him in some message boards make a career decision for him? Thats funny.

    4. Bill Brasky

      Make no mistake, Cal isn’t the CEO. President Capilouto and the UK boosters make decisions above his pay grade. If a minority contingent is loud enough, sometimes decisions get made for you.

    5. twocoach

      Coach cal could not care less what ding dong fans on message boards think. Doubtful there are any big money boosters that uses these sites. He’ll leave for the NBA only if he wants the new challenge and loves the job offered. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him take the Knicks job if offered. If he was able to turn things around there after having already turning things around at Kentucky then he would be seen as the savior of two of the most prestigious basketball programs of all time. Not too shabby.

    6. bbr

      The boosters are more like the Board of Directors with Capiluto as the Chairman of the Board.

      Secondly, the point was that someone who is in a high profile, high pressure position of running a businessprogram (i.e. a CEO) is not going to let criticism from some customers (fans) make his career decisions for him. Can he get let go by this “board of directors”? Of course, but anyone who thinks we are evenly remotely close to that happening is simpy delusional. There are several things that I unhappy with Calipari right now, but the UK brand is at an all-time high and that maekes the board happy.

      Honestly, I think he will change how he does some things. We will see if that works.

    7. Bill Gates

      I come here for advice all the time.

    8. Syrin

      That post from “Bill Gates” made me literally LOL. You win the internets today sir. Well done.

  2. Wall2Cousins

    HE NEVER SAID ANY “UK SOURCE”….he says that it what he BELIEVES……come on Mrs.T get your facts in order.

    1. Bill Brasky

      I guess you didn’t bother reading beyond the title. Read her next-to-last sentence: “The clip starts right *after* Patrick mentions his discussion with the source close to the program.”

    2. bbr

      yep and he said the indication I got, and later said its just my feeling. Thats a far cry from citing a source.

  3. Jaydog

    UK being OVERANALYZED.. Again. These kids are 21-8.. Lol
    Freshman, we talking about Freshman.. What was the Fab 5’s record after 29 games?

    1. B-man

      I actually posted that yesterday. The Fab Five had 8 losses at this point in their freshman season. They had also just lost to a very bad Wisconsin team (finishes 4-14 in the conference that year) by 18 points.

    2. stratblend

      Oddly the Fab 5 was 21-8. However, by the 29th game they were already in the NCAA Tournament.

    3. Syrin

      The Fab Five’s offense was more than run into the paint until you hit a body be it the other team, your team mate like Aaron did into Poythress, then keep running until you hit a second body, then throw the ball into the area you think you last saw the basket. Repeat 60 times. Give up 10 lay ups a game.

  4. Jaydog

    Title was misleading.. There was no UK Source??

  5. Class

    I agree with the above commenter. Some stupid fans are going mess up a really good thing! Who would replace Cal? I can’t think of ANY coach who could (get those Coach K and Self outta your head…. not gonna happen).

    1. Melvit

      Not defending these people who want Cal gone, but people used to say “not gonna happen” when we wanted Cal to come here. This argument comes up everytime people talking about getting a new coach.

    2. Jughead

      First of all, I am 110% behind John Calapari. Second, no one wants to win more than he or his players. Third for you clowns who have to continually show your stupidity, cross the river and cheer for Indiana.

    3. Syrin

      Tom Izzo. Next

  6. Wildcat83

    Read what she put in the article and not just the video. I heard this too. He basically ended a segment by saying his sources tell him Cal is leaving after this year. This is when they came back from break.

  7. Real talk


  8. inside info

    If Cal can’t win another National Championship with this team, will he ever be able to win another at UK? He has already won one that was not tainted by scandal. He is a College HOF coach. Nothing left for him to prove at this level.

    His ego will not let him not take another shot at the NBA. Anytime you see an in-depth article about him it mentions his “failed NBA tenure”. His massive ego wants to have that part of his Professional Obituary erased. He will leave, sooner rather than later. Maybe not this year, more than likely next year for personal reasons.

    1. Adorable

      “Nothing left for him to prove at this level.”

      You’d think Coach K would’ve done the same YEARS ago, following your logic.

    2. John

      Perhaps if he had a player that could consistently hit a jump shot.

    3. Syrin

      One title doesn’t make you a HOF coach. Nope. Not a chance. I guess Tubby is a HOF coach as well.

  9. Hayley's quadriceps

    Man, this team/coach/program needs more analysis.

  10. ukfan515

    So by his logic Jim Boeheim is also leaving Syracuse? He hasn’t on a title without a one-and-done ( Carmelo Anthony) in 2003! He also recently got ejected from a game (against Duke) and got snappy with reporters. My source who must not be named says Jim Boheim out at end of season. Remember folks you heard it here first.

  11. UKfan1990

    Cal never snapped at Tipton like Patrick is saying. It was just a playful dialog back and forth between the two because that’s what cal has always done with media members that ask stupid questions, especially Tipton. As for the team, we have a great group of kids and we can’t expect them to be perfect. They are FRESHMAN people. They are 18 and 19 years old. I’m thankful we have cal here and I don’t want him to leave. He can flat out recruit and is a great coach and ambassador to our program. I remember people complaining back in 2010-11, when we lost close ones on the road and yet made the final four. So everybody set back and enjoy the ride. I still have faith in these kids and that we can make a run.

    1. Chris

      The point that Oscar said the other day that really hit home when comparing this team and the 2011 team, is that both teams lost on the road – but the 2011 team crushed those teams when we played them in Rupp.

  12. Michael76


  13. Michael76

    Would LOVE to see this team flip the switch on and make a deep run into the Tourney….. that would shut a lot of pie holes!!!!!!!!!

  14. DG

    IF/When he leaves, let’s get Travis Ford here.

    1. theSkinny81

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Ricky P, is that you?

    2. theSkinny81

      I say we hire Pelphrey.

    3. UKfan1990

      Oh god no, that’s the LAST person we would want at UK. It would be just as bad, if worse than the BCG era. When Cal does retire I would want either Sean miller or brad Stevens. Both are great coaches that win at a high level. With that being said, I hope cal stays here several more years.

    4. eric

      Write it down. WHEN it happens, they will go after Richard Pitino HARD.

    5. Karen Sypher

      eric please don’t use the words “hard” and “Pitino” in the same sentence. Even when talking about Jr. Everyone knows old Rick is grooming lil Ricky to be UofL’s next HC.

    6. the ghost of Bill Hicks

      Travis Ford has never made the sweet 16. His 2010 team was in the NIT and the 2011 team was worse! Besides this year, he’s only had one season at OSU with fewer than 10 losses (last year and they had 9). That’s really who we want? Get a clue people.

    7. skid

      There’s only one coach currently available that has the personality and experience to replace Calipari. His teams were ALWAYS hard nosed and never took a play off like Cal’s team does and gave UK fits on the court with average talent.. but fans would revolt if he was even considered… much the same way many Wildcats fans did when Calipari’s name came up to replace Gillispie. We’re talking about one Bruce Pearl. Think about this folks. Would be a fantastic hire.

    8. twocoach

      Gregg Marshall of Wichita State will be the next coach of Kentucky. He has the bravado and ego to handle the job and coaches an exciting brand of basketball.

    9. Downtown

      Yep, Greg Marshall is a spot-on.

  15. Rich

    I don’t think he’ll leave, but, him putting assistants in the media limelight because they need the experience and the fact that he looks completely exhausted could lend to speculation. Regardless, UK will be fine.

    1. CharlesB

      Well said Rich. Cal himself publicly stated BEFORE the season started that if THIS team underperformed, it would be on his head. Many of us do like John Calipari. He’s a super recruiter and an awesome PR guy for the University, but, his players do NOT seem to like playing for him and his ‘game’ coaching skills do appear to be pretty weak. If Cal leaves, UK Basketball will be OK, probably better.

  16. Andrew

    UK fans had better back off or we will be back to the Billy Clyde years in a heart beat. Coach Cal is doing his job quite well and is the best man for the job. I know this team is way to talented to lose to Arkansas and South Carolina but they are still kids and need more time to develop. The NBA rule and the AAU culture make it very difficult to keep these kids here for longer than one year so they can develop the necessary skills to be great. Plus, with the BS they have to deal with from our “fans” why would they want to give us another season. UK fans need to remember that in the past 5 years we have enjoyed a lot of success (1 National Championship should be enough but also 2 final fours, an elite 8 and a ton of great kids who chose to come to UK). Deep breath BBN, quit listening to the trolls and be thankful we were blessed by the grace of God to Bleed Blue!!!

    1. Downtown

      That’s a ridiculous threat. UK is the only program in College bball with eight Championships shared by five coaches:

      Rupp, Hall, Pitino, Smith, and Calipari.

      Yes, you can win championships at Kentucky. It seems to be a curse that recent coaches can only seem to win one, and Pitino and Cal did get really close to accomplishing that…….

    2. eddie vedder

      I love people that blame the fans. Fans are the reason this program has had sustained success for 75 years, we do not accept mediocrity and never will.

    3. Whoa there

      We’d be back to Clyde years quick because if/when cal leaves he’s going to leave a bare cupboard.

  17. theSkinny81

    I say we hire Pelphrey.

    1. eric

      Please tell me you’re joking.

    2. theSkinny81

      Well played, Eric. Couldn’t slip one past you!

    3. 2mites

      You my friend are a moron. Pelphrey can’t get a head coaching job anywhere so he is a life long assistant with Donavon

    4. theSkinny81

      lmao, 2mites didn’t get it. 😉

    5. eric

      I had to ask because there is a LARGE contingent here in Kwacky who would LOVE to have Pelphrey as coach. OR Ford OR even Farmer. I call them “kentucky dumbasses”. AKA “dumbass rednecks”.

    6. Syrin

      I want Petrino

  18. IgnoranceIsBliss

    UK’s largest defeat; 10pts by #2 Florida

    The team’s average margin of defeat; 5.25pts

    Rotten apples of the media culture are cashing checks off the idiots of UK’s fan base

    1. That's Right!

      This comment right here is all that needs to be put out on the in’erwebs!

      Take a close look at this information and then look at the overall age and experience of this team and you’ll see a very, very talented team that is simply young and learning.

      While they may not make a run in March, they have accomplished a ton considering. Yeah Arkansas and S. Carolina should have been wins, much like LSU and even Baylor…but look at the age and experience. It is what it is and hopefully some of these kids take it personal like Willie and Alex did and come back.

    2. Syrin

      Have you WATCHED the team play as of late. Take this last game and make the opponent Wichita State and the margin of loss would have been 20

  19. Dr Feelgood

    So he’s gonna have a hip replaced, which will take all summer to rehab, then take a NBA job? Right.

    1. twocoach

      Eh. D’Antoni did the same thing before taking the Lakers job.

  20. Committee

    I’d like to see Coach Norman Dale given a shot at coaching Kentucky. Sure he has a checkered past, but we could forgive and forget.

    1. binarysolo

      We’d run the picket fence, give the ball to Young for the last shot, but he’ll pass up an open jumper and scramble into a group of defenders, get stuffed, ref bails him out with a blocking call, make 1 of 2 free throws, and we lose the state title to South Bend Central.

    2. Syrin

      Actually, he would miss both if they were meaningful FTs.

  21. WTF

    Cal is perfect for UK and anyone who doesnt believe that is dang fool………
    We wanted more hype: Check
    We wanted better recruits: Check Check check
    We wanted to win the National Championship: Check
    We wanted to be back at the top of College BBall: National Champs, 3 straight years elite 8, 2 final fours

    Come on people are you NOT ENTERTAINED?! If he leaves we are screwed!

    1. Bill Brasky


  22. serdi

    As much as I respect Dan Patrick and yes AD and MKG were 1andDones, they won because of Darius Miller, TJones, and DLamb…and, they had a point guard that could play and PASS. I truly believe Dan Patrick is not anti UK and he does not want Cal or UK to fail. I think his comments were sincere. Wilbon, Forde, they are not. They want Cal out. They want UK to lose.

    1. Mark

      They won because of all of them, but AD was the single biggest reason they won with MKG being next. MKG started the breakfast club, MKG did the dance and lead the team on to the floor, MKG offered to give up his starting job to Miller to try to get him out of his slump, remember Miller went scoreless the first 2 games of the SEC tourny? The legend of Miller has gotten rediculous, while he was here he was the most bashed person on the team because of his frequent dissappearing acts.

    2. IcemanJ

      Dan Patrick actually had a great comment about AAU being a problem. It really is nothing more than a showcase for major D1 college and NBA basketball. It’s much like an All-Star game in AAU- all offense, lots of one-on-one, and no defense. It rots the players fundamentally.

  23. barn

    if cal’s having hip pain like some here have said, i can understand why he might skip some of his regular pressers. pain can force you to take it easier. a lot of fans & media are overreacting

  24. RICK

    Cals not going to the nba. Listen these guys start this crap so people will watch or click on them. We have some redneck fans that shoot of their mouths but 90% of BBN loves CAL. Remember those dumb a******* down in louisviile get on these sites and act like KY fans. PTI and Dan the idiot Patrick know as much about Cal as i do they just have an audience to mouth off to. GO BIG BLUE AND COACH CAL

  25. ShagariObrzut

    First, IF Cal ends up leaving, I don’t think it’ll be because of the fans. Cal knew about the fanbase before he came here and he wouldn’t let a few fans dictate a change this major.

    That being said, there are so many people (still a minority) that say Cal should leave. Who would we replace him with? I can’t think of any big time coaches that are ready to leave their programs to come to Kentucky. And if Calipari leaves, then we’ve likely lost the recruits that have committed for next year. Also, any players that are on the fence about going to the NBA will likely go ahead and leave. In my opinion, all those that want Calipari to leave are insane. I’m not saying that he’s been perfect or that he doesn’t have to make some changes, but you’re not going to bring in another coach next year that can bring the same success.

  26. UK

    Cal stays around long enough to at least see if the rule becomes a 2 and done….end of story

  27. rj

    geeze people, if you live and die with a bunch of 18 yr olds you need to get a life. these r kids not one year out of high school yet, they were getting ready for their prom last year. think back years ago how do YOU think you would handle this when you were 18? I want them to win as much as anyone, it takes time, if they want to leave after one year then they have to live with it not your or I.

  28. Wall2Cousins

    keeping up with KSR LOGIC sources confirm Jim Boeheim is out as Syracuse coach!

    1. twocoach

      Boeheim will quit in the next two years. Book it.

  29. UKBlue1!

    I hope none of this is true. I love the job Calipari has done rebuilding the program from the ruins of the Tubby Smith and Billy Clyde era. Two final fours in five years is impressive. There is no telling who Brainfart will hire to coach the team.

  30. UKBlue

    Blood is in the water, and media getting the opportunity to get in their shots & a chance for internet clicks at out expense. The fact fans are bad mouthing Cal, just shows we have some really stupid fans. If you’ve got a problem with Cal just remember the recruits we had & how things were going when Billy Gillispie was our coach.

    1. Downtown

      You’re exactly right. Blood is in the water, and the media types who want Cal’s head on a platter are circling. However, this is not the first time we heard about this NBA stint. He gets named every year as a candidate. What’s so important this year is that all the hype has collapsed and fans are asking questions as to the mindset of the team, and then being told that they’re stupid. Of course, you get the trolls mad, who cares, they hate UK anyway. Get the quiet fans who are finally asking questions, tell them to shut up, and it’s not so easy! So, the media is loving it. Dan Patrick has normally been fair, especially after he got away from ESPN. The rest of the season now belongs to the players hands as to what they want to do and how they want to be remembered. Cal should probably take a chill pill too, or we’ll start hearing about his heart issues too.

    2. IcemanJ

      Those wanting Calipari gone just remember a few years ago. Prized recruits during the Gillispie era: names like Konner Tucker, KC Ross-Miller, Dakota Euton….list goes on.

    3. ukbradstith

      I bet most people don’t even remember Jason “Drano” Drane. He was a shooter Gillispie was after, and I litterally saw him playing open gym the other day with the New albany Parks dept.

    4. IcemanJ

      lol yes he probably was drunk and recruiting at local open gyms at that point saying stuff like “that guy’s getting pushed around in there! Give that kid a box of pop tarts…rookie!!”

  31. katdaddy

    Don’t understand what we’re messing up here? Consecutive 10 loss seasons? That’s what Tubby was run out of Lexington for. You guys don’t see where this is headed. You can’t have success with a new crop of freshmen every year.

    1. Um...

      We are missing out on a coach w an 80% win record while at this school. And a NC in the first 3 years. Seriously, 2 down years doesn’t mean we won’t have another great 3 coming up.

    2. theSkinny81

      katdaddy – If there ever was a pro troll, you are it.

  32. Clam

    Well, after two years of sucking, the prospect of Cal leaving is not as horrific as it once would have been.

    1. CatsFan

      go away troll, go back to your little brother site and myob

    2. clam

      Actually, I graduated from UK in 1996. Please note that I did not say I want Cal to leave. I said that I am less horrified at the thought of it than I would have been a few years ago.

      And I do stand by my “suck” comment. This is not the Billy Clyde years, thank God, but we have had two pretty bad seasons by UK standards. Out in first round of the NIT and who knows what this year.

    3. Syrin

      I agree, plus the “offense” has become UNWATCHABLE. It’s the way the program is trending, the offense is trending, and the players are trending. Can anyone name ONE, and I mean ONE player who is better now after a year of Coach Cal’s coaching than they were in December?

    4. Bill Brasky

      Syrin, individually I’m sure they’re all better tbh. What is rarely mentioned is how bad the freshmen fundamentals were when they got here. Remember Cal talking about doing the wall drill to show them how to stay in a stance? I’m sure that was just one example. It’s hard to develop talent at the college level when you have to spend practice time doing junior high fundamentals drills. All the time lost doing those drills is likely reflected in our lack of cohesion as a team. Unfortunately, Cal may have simply not had enough time to develop this bunch. On the positive side, that’s probably why a handful will return.

  33. CatsFan

    Anyone who thinks we can do better than Calipari is ridiculous and I can’t take them seriously.

    1. Syrin

      They said the same thing about Sutton

  34. Kevin L

    IMO, the NBA is a big enough lure to Cal because he has failed there and wants to erase that. However, I dont think he would want his son Brad to have to switch high schools. So if he wants to leave so bad he willl either wait til Brad graduates or Ellen and Brad stay while John leaves for his new gug (but this seems like a stretch because I think Brad is a jr so it would be at least a year and a half which would be too long for John to be away from his wife and son).

  35. katdaddy

    we’re screw with him too. He’ already loss 20 games in the last two yrs and counting.

    1. Kecat

      Short of Billy D, who has spurned us twice, would be a HUGE step down.
      Idiots like you need to realize Cal is BY FAR the best option available to have at UK.
      My hope is this team makes a run and shuts up troublemakers like you.

  36. Raazoul

    Calipari will go to the NBA when a good NBA job in New York is available. Which it isn’t. The Knicks are terrible and about to lose Carmelo and Brooklyn is worse. He certainly wouldn’t leave on a down note when 80% of his team is gonna return. Kentucky gets numbers, period. ESPN is trolling you BBN, when will you learn?

    1. Syrin

      Melo isn’t going anywhere. The guy only wants to bank a paycheck in a glamor city like NY. Championships don’t mean anything to him, and no NBA team wants to play top dollar for a one dimensional player on the decline who isn’t interested in winning.

    2. Bill Brasky

      Melo or no Melo the Knicks are terrible. Cal isn’t leaving to rebuild an NBA team at this point in his career, especially one with a roster in the shape the Knicks is. If he was offered the Heat or OKC job, that would be a different discussion, but jobs like that aren’t opening up.

  37. Blue

    Two years of sucking? I mean, do people really listen to themselves? We don’t “suck” this year…Last time I checked, we were still ranked in the top 25, have a roster loaded with enough talent to win the whole damn thing, and are only two years removed from a NATIONAL TITLE.

    Has this year been a bit disappointing? Sure…But that’s basketball. It happens. Look at UConn in 2011. That year was horrendous for them. At this point in the season, they were on the outside looking in. We’re not. We’re fine. And they won a national title. Will we? Hell, I don’t know. It’s doubtful. But it’s not out of the realm of possibility. That’s what makes it so great.

    You can’t have your cake and eat it, too. If Calipari leaves, so does that recruiting class for next year. And so do the guys on the fence about the NBA this year. Two years of “sucking,” by your standards, would then turn into 3 or 4. We’d basically be Indiana.

    I just don’t get why people don’t see how good we have it as Kentucky fans. And how much better it would be if people would relax. I take it as seriously as the next person, but I honestly don’t see how some folks get even the least bit of enjoyment out of it when they constantly criticize and complain at the slightest bit of adversity. Adversity that they themselves are not having to endure and fight through…In all reality, how the Kentucky basketball team performs has absolutely no bearing on our lives, whatsoever. Support the players. Support the coach. Calipari has done far more for this program the last 5 years than basically anyone expected, and now that the newness has worn off, you want a change? The grass isn’t always greener, folks. In fact, it rarely is.

    1. theSkinny81

      It’s just trolls. Intelligent fans don’t think that way.

    2. Rich

      Bravo Sir….

    3. Bill Brasky

      Well said.


      I’ll cheers to that! There isn’t a better fit than Cal. It’s just a damn game at the end of the day…. The kids no matter how long they stay are our kids when they choose to come and play here… I don’t get all the negitive. Or how it helps anything…

  38. Scott

    They only guy who can recruit like Cal that we wuld be able to get would be Sean Miller. If he can do that at Arizona imagine what he could do here. Just like Cal if you can recruit that’s a big start.

    1. UKAlum

      If he can do it at Arizona, get results and not have to answer to a fan base whose expectations grow more outrageous with every win, then why the hell would he leave?

    2. Bill Brasky

      People just assume that because we’re UK we can lure any coach away. We found out that isn’t true the hard way after Tubby left and we ended up with BCG, winding up the punch line of many a joke for two years. How quickly some forget.

  39. skid

    The ‘perfect’ hire to replace Calipari — Bruce Pearl. Yes, Bruce Pearl.

    1. twocoach

      Gregg Marshall

    2. Syrin

      Either one of the two

  40. Barry Soetoro

    The people calling for Cal to be fired are CHODES! How soon they forget what we had with Gillispie and Tubby. UK will NOT win the National Championship every year idiots! One-n-done is working! Elite 8, Final 4 and a NC in 4 years. This year is not over yet!

    1. Syrin

      Thanks. How’s the weather in Kenya?

  41. notwithoutmonkey

    As always facts are optional. Patrick cites only himself and his opinion as his source. Is Patrick the one close to UK Mrs. T? I thought KSR was better than this but recently I am having less and less faith in this site.

    1. notwithoutmonkey

      I did not hear that in the video you posted but I did hear him say this is what “I think” and it is “my opinion”.

  42. Lexington 3

    Any fan of another team on this board who wants Cal gone is understandable. Any actual UK fan who wants him gone is delusional.

    UK has won a grand total of 4 championships in the last 55 years. Cal got one within his first 3, and will put UK in position for another one or two while he is here. (Hell, his very first team was also in a great position to do so, but no one could shoot that night in the regional finals.)

    1. Syrin

      Using your logic, we should have kept Tubby. The trend for both coaches is surprisingly similar.

  43. C'mon TT

    Terrible writing. Headline says Cal WILL leave but your article says COULD leave. Which is it? Hell he COULD buy an ice cream truck and move to Florida and sell ice cream to kids. Use some intelligence in your composition.

    1. Ron Steele

      LOL! Kudos, #43, kudos. KSR has become all about the site hits, nothing more.

      Ron “Man of Steel” Steele

  44. Michael F. Jox

    A lot of the fans that are complaining about Cal aren’t complaining about his recruiting, they’re complaining cause the guy isn’t doing much with the talent he’s getting. I for one am fine with getting the best players in nation, it makes sense to me, but unless you’re getting guys like Wall, Cousins, and AD, you need to make these players better. So honestly, all of you defending Cal’s coaching, who has gotten better over the past couple of yrs? Archie? nope. Poythress? nope. Cauley-Stein? nope. All the freshman this yr? nope. Go ahead and name one. Julius isn’t any better of a player than in November, neither are the twins, neither is Young, none of them. Honestly, a guy like Anthony Davis could of went to school anywhere and he’d be the player he is right now. Cal didn’t develop him. Same goes for Wall and Cousins. Those three guys were NBA ready pretty much out of high school. I will give Cal credit for the 2011 season, job well done there, but the 2012 season was pretty foolproof (thank you Anthony Davis for that), and these past two seasons have been painful.

    Development of players is something Cal gets praise for all the time, but I haven’t seen any development since Jorts. And that’s my biggest problem with Cal right now.

    1. inside info

      I think Cal can take credit for Liggins development too, but other than that sadly I think you are correct.

    2. Aaron Craft's Rosacea

      I guess you guys purposely forgot about Marquis Teague, Doron Lamb, Darius Miller, and Terrance Jones. You honestly can’t say any of those players improved under Cal? They may be better players than your examples of Poythress, Archie, and WCS but they definitely improved.

    3. Michael F. Jox

      Craft – I said I give him credit for the 2011 season, and that covers guys like Lamb & Jones. As for Teague, no I really didn’t see much development with the guy. He looked really good at times, but damn, look at the team he was on. I said in my original comment “the past couple of years,” and I stand by that. No player since 2012 has shown any development under Cal.

    4. Syrin

      Thank you Michael. That has been EXACTLY my point for over a month now. Name a SINGLE player on this team who isn’t WORSE now than they were in December.

  45. RICK

    Mrs T , Why even mention Dan the idiot Patrick? Just tell us what you think, this is our site. We dont give a crap what Dan thinks we want to know what KY fans think.

    1. UKAlum

      Take a look around the various comment sections on this site and you will get an idea of the crap our fan base is spewing. Right now we look like the least educated group in college basketball. I’ll take Dan Patrick over Joe Blow in his hollar any day.

    2. Downtown

      No, it looks like you got a group of educated fans that are asking questions. Being told to shut up does not answer the questions, it only makes them angrier.

  46. kevin

    For one, I think Coach Cal is probably the best recruiter in history but his coaching skills (x&o’s) for the amount he’s being paid is kind of low. Second, we’ve seen this before at UMass & Memphis if he leaves we are probably facing probation of some sort in the next 2 years. Not saying the prior issues were Cal’s fault but there is a pattern. I like Cal but think UK is ready to move back from an NBA factory to an actual university that plays college basketball.

    1. Whoa

      Who let this idiot out of his cage?

    2. Wall2Cousins

      let me guess you prob think Jon Hood should get some playing time?

    3. Kevin

      No I actually don’t think Hood should get playing time unless he earned it. I wanted UK to go for Coach Cal when they hired Clyde but that never happen. Coach Cal’s methods and results have proven to be successful but as a fan who had watched since the early 80s it’s kind of frustrating from year to year not knowing what to expect from a Calipari team because there’s no more upper class leadership because those that stay around more than 2 years never hardly see the floor therefore there’s no opportunity for them to be a calming influence when things go bad. If Cal took Randle out more often when he made those selfish 1 vs 3 plays this team would start demonstrating better decision making and probably start trying to play as a team. At this point there’s no real incentive for Randle & Young to play better as their draft stock is kind of set and the bench guys are too scared to make a mistake when put in to play loose enough to contribute.

  47. BBNick

    This is a circus and I won’t miss it one bit!!!

    1. UKAlum

      What is your suggestion for an alternative?

  48. katdaddy

    Not troll! upset with Cal UK fan since 1978.

    1. Sure

      No. Troll.

  49. Question

    Just think about this . If and when he leaves how horrible would the next 1-2 years be. We have zero upperclassmen and few soph. The incoming freshmen would surly bounce to and uk would release them.
    So if cal really cares about uk he’d get the team straight before he left, whenever that may be

  50. katdaddy

    U guys have become just like UL fan. YOU think you can’t do any better with out Cal. YOU ran Tubby out of lex for constantly losing 10 games a yr. But now its all you got so it is acceptable. Not with me 5million a yr hell naw.

    1. theSkinny81

      Tubby had 5 double digit losses in 10 years. Cal’s done it once, in 5.

      Now, head back over to Tard Chronicle.

    2. UKAlum

      What in god’s name does UofL have anything to do with this? The UofL comparison has become a straw man argument for our fans when they can’t make an intelligent point. As pointed out by everyone calling you a UofL troll just because they disagree with you.

  51. BigBlueKyHokie

    I absolutely love this team!

    All of them are great kids with incredible talent who have embraced coming in to play in one of the most challenging environments in college basketball. I’m not at all surprised to see ups and downs and there is nothing like dealing with adversity to show character.

    The one and done haters in the press are just exploiting these kids, their Hall of Fame coach and the lightning rod that is “Kentucky Basketball” to their own ends. To label them as entitled kids who can’t play is ludicrous if you look at the UK’s winning percentage during the Calipari era. I’ve run into more “entitled”, middle-aged adults at the office who cry and whine to get their way than spoiled players walking out of UK’s locker room. I’d bet that Dan Patrick is one of them himself.

    1. Syrin

      The Unwatchables.

  52. katdaddy

    Thank you #44

    1. Roommates?

      Do you two live under the same bridge in Jefferson County? Both of you troll this site all year in football season, in basketball season, it doesn’t matter.

  53. Herman

    Best recruiting class in the HISTORY of the NCAA and we are headed towards a double digit loss season….. The last two years Cal has lost control of this team and there isn’t anything to suggest the trend won’t continue. We can’t win with an all freshman team regardless how good they are. Cal isn’t going to stop his recruiting strategy and isn’t going to stop his coaching style. We’ll get a contender every 4-5 years. Does that sound like UK? While the rest of the basketball world mocks us because we consistently under perform with superior talent.

  54. Mark Liptak

    I have no idea if Cal will leave on not but Dan Patrick is right on the money when he stated that AAU basketball has hurt the game because “these kids don’t know how to play…” He’s also right on when he talked about UK players despite all their talent not even being able to pass the ball.

    My personal opinion is that Cal stays until hge can correct this mess since most of these players will be returning next season, Cal’s not a quitter and I don’t think he’d want to leave Kentucky that way.

  55. katdaddy

    And cal will have 7 of them if he stays 10 yrs

  56. Tim Kathlina

    Coach Cal isn’t going anywhere. His son is about to be a senior in high school, no way he moves. (That FACT trumps all the dipsticks on message boards) Second, he has a bad hip which is really bothering him and will likely be getting surgery on this year. He is not about to embark on a 90 game NBA season, gone 6 nights a week on a bad hip. Things will calm down. We will get most these players back, then we will have enough experience to make a serious run. Plus, this season isn’t done yet; we all might just be surprised at the final outcome.

    1. Syrin

      Dude needs to push away the pasta and do more push ups. He looks like Jabba on the side line when he goes into a rant.

  57. robertristaneo

    guys, they say this stuff literally every single year he’s been here can we just stop listening its dan patrick for christ sake.

  58. buddyblue62

    we have a great coach,and i hope he dont leave.elite8 final 4 and the tropy,dam im happy with that and for all the fake ky fans,STFU.GO BIG BLUE

  59. AaronJ

    AaronJ citing a source close to UK that says Cal could stay at Kentucky after this season. You can view AaronJ talk about Cal’s situation at KSR here. The post starts right here when AaronJ mentions his discussion with “someone well connected to Kentucky basketball.”

  60. T25guy

    Cal is a media genius and everyone is taking the bait. If we are talking about him leaving then the primary focus becomes about him. The majority of BBN fans will worry about the possibility of him leaving and what’s to come. Attention shifts from the past few poor performances and this group of freshmen underachieving thus far to a bigger more serious issue. Expectations are now going to be put in perspective. If Cal were to leave, where would we be at?
    This was a chess move by Cal to put the media in motion to work for him and calm this recent circus of events. In the end, UK would be fine if he did decide to leave, however, it would take time. If this whole scenario has taught us anything its that our fan base is not the most patient. So, let’s just remember where we came from and stop with the irrational rants. BBN owes that much to itself. Deep breathe and relax.

    1. Syrin

      Yes, what you want to do if you are a college coach trying to recruit the best players is to let a rumor circulate that you’ll be gone. I’m sure the other coaches recruiting the same players won’t use that against us.

    2. Reply to Syrin

      Syrin, next year’s class has already SIGNED on the dotted line. Other coaches can’t do anything about it. The only way they can ask out of their LOI is if Cal leaves which he isn’t. When 2015 recruits see how wrong the media and other coaches are/were they will know it is once again a bunch of bs and those people and coaches will have lost credibility which plays perfectly into Cal’s hands.

  61. DavidPat

    Jerry Tippytoes is the source and Patrick may have even called him for the story? Think about it?
    Sorry JT, he didn’t say your name out loud on national tv only “a local reporter”! LOL

    Love ya and believe in ya Coach Cal, & as always “Go Big Blue”!!!

  62. katdaddy

    Trolls can also say positive things to keep Cal here so we can continue to go down hill.

  63. Rich

    Look at it this way: Cal stays, we’ll only lose a couple of players. GREAT recruits coming in. Next year could be 2012 all over again. Look to the future, not your expectations of the past.

  64. harry

    One thing is clear, AAU circuit is more about finances than fundamentals, it is not possible to break bad habits in a mere 8 month span. Cal is going to redefine his coaching and recruiting style. NBA is not a good fit for now, family and personal health issues. By the way I would love to make money speculating what people are going to do.

  65. Man in the Brown Suit

    The real fans who bleed blue need to step up and support Coach Cal. He is the only coach for this program! This is a special era for Kentucky Basketball.

  66. 49 chevy

    Glad no one is overreacting like they want us to. Smh.


    It’s time for the BBN to show some love for OUR COACH…. he is the hardest working coach this University has had in a very long time, and he has done tremendous things for this University and Program. He brought number 8…. put UK in the minds of ever high school star…. and is a great ambassador for the University and State (remember Hoops for Haiti). RALLY around our coach and let’s cheer him on! Quit casting stones his direction, quit coaching from the couch, and let our coach do his job…show support…rally around this team… be encouraging and quit hating…stay positive and SHOW SOME LOVE!

    1. roundball fool

      Great post!

    2. Big Blue Member


    3. Syrin




    1. Man in the Brown Suit

      That’s what I am talking about!!!!

  69. jpg

    I believe in Cal! I do not think he is the kind of person to jump ship after his 5th season at one of the highest profile gigs, especially with his incoming class.

    Do I think he is going to be here forever? No! But I think he will be here for the 10 years he signed on for. Jumping this ship because of a few fans has ZERO logic in it.

  70. TN Kat

    Great New

  71. ukbradstith

    Hope Cal doesn’t leave, and don’t think he will. If he does, here’s who I would go after, in order:

    1. Billy Donovan (I wouldn’t make it public, just ask one more time if he’s interested)
    2. Sean Miller
    3. Brad Stevens
    4. Greg Marshall
    5. Shaka Smart
    6. Tony Bennett
    7. Bruce Pearl
    8. Richard Pitino
    9. Travis Ford
    10. Orlando Antigua


      Why even post this… Coach Cal doesn’t need to hear or read about UK fans ready to make lists and look at possible replacements. This is the stuff that gets and keeps the buzz going that will RUN our Coach out of town. Please don’t even try to look ahead. Let’s support Coach and enjoy the moment!

    2. UKAlum

      The fact that your list contains Travis Ford invalidates any point you are trying to make. How in God’s name does that man keep getting suggested for the job. Also I’d venture to say the top five in your list wouldn’t touch us with a ten foot pole.

    3. Aaron Craft's Rosacea

      1. Good luck trying to keep it under cover with today’s media
      2. His teams have had all had 8 plus losses in every single year at Arizona except this one. One season doesn’t cancel those stats out.
      3. NBA rebuilding a dynasty (time and money provided) or a rapid College BBall fan base that demands a championship every year. Hmm… tough decision there.
      4. His team plays in the Missouri Valley conference and it took him seven seasons to get this type of team. You think KY fans will give him that amount of time here?
      5. One final four that was fueled by excellent guard play and one conference tournament in five seasons. Is there something I’m missing?
      6. Double digit loss seasons up until this season. Let’s see what he accomplishes in the tournament. Farthest he has ever gotten is Sweet Sixteen with Washington State.
      7. Inconsistent in his years at Tennessee. Good recruiter but wouldn’t be able to handle the pressure here. NCAA Investigation wouldn’t sit well with Barnhart either.
      8. I don’t care about the family history he has been a head coach for two years. We can revisit this one in 10 years but my guess is we won’t have to.
      9. Toxic personality from what I have heard and doesn’t control players well (Matt Pilgrim anyone?). Hasn’t proven he can handle the pressure cooker of UK. Until he starts competing with Self annually in the Big 12 he really is 2nd tier.
      10. You don’t take your first head coaching job at UK. It’s called ending your career before it even started.

    4. theSkinny81

      Well done, Aaron Craft. Couldn’t agree more.

    5. ukbradstith

      That’s why I put Travis Ford #9, way down the list. Show some Love, I don’t think Cal is going to read my post, so I’m not too worried I’m going to run him out of town. Aaron Craft- all your points are valid, but what would your list be? It really just shows how hard it will be to replace Cal and how we should try to keep him with all we got.

    6. Aaron Craft's Rosacea

      I agree with you wholeheartedly that Cal is the best option at UK. I think my list would be similar but much more of a short list. I think you can easily take off Smart, Pitino, Pearl, Ford, and Antigua from your list. Marshall is intriguing but may be a flash in the pan. If Stevens flubs it up in the NBA I don’t think that gives him the resume for the best job in college basketball. My short list would be Donovan, Miller, and Bennett if Barnhart had to hire this year though.

  72. asdf

    Cal’s not going anywhere.

    Write that down.

    (Oh, wait. I just did.)

  73. katdaddy

    Screw Cal and his one and done. I’m officially a UL fan.


      Good BYE!!!

    2. theSkinny81

      And good riddance!

  74. Wampus Cat

    Boeheim to Kentucky, with Donovan and Pearl as assistants – write it down!!!

  75. Plenty

    I really don’t understand your logic for some of the comments you moderate. You will allow some of the most uneducated and clueless trolls get there comments through with cursing, and then a positive comment that makes sense gets taken down. You make no sense.

  76. Delk for 3

    Dan Patrick does not show much intelligence regarding college basketball. He said “Louisville is great again.” What???? That’s just an ignorant comment. Dan, you do know that “great” Louisville team got whipped by our “AAU damaged” freshmen, right?

    1. Syrin

      The thing is, his analysis might be crap, but if inside sources are telling him things, that’s just a matter of passing on what he hears, not his opinion.

  77. Delk for 3

    I’m telling you guys that I heard something similar from a well-connected sports agent about two months ago. I was hoping he was wrong at the time, but it seems that it what he told me has some traction.

  78. for rizzle

    How is it our bitch ass fans fault? The ones that I hear the bitching from are all in the national media?

  79. Syrin

    We should have taken Izzo when we had the chance.

  80. Big Blue Buster

    Just more BS to try and hurt recruiting. Cal aint going no where baby. We got at least two more NCAA Crowns coming before Cal leaves

  81. Greg

    We need to get Cal to do a chat! He loves charity and video chats and I’d love to ask him about all this.

  82. Catfninks

    Is there any history of NBA teams hiring struggling college coaches? There may be but I would imagine that’s the exception and not the rule. Everyone thinks that Cal can just go to the NBA whenever he wants. Seems to me that someone has to be willing to hire him first.

  83. Eric Kaufman

    Why not just title this piece “Cure f

  84. katdaddy

    Never thought i’d ever see this program stoop to anyone. Its pitiful! What has worked for Cal he has the fans swinging on his NUTS.Because he won NC in 2012. Now 10 loss seasons are acceptable. The Man has to have NBA ready players or he can’t win. And that’s not going to happen but maybe once every 5 yrs. Obviously you guys can’t see where this program is headed. The last two yrs our teams hasn’t showed any improvements from beginning to end. But you guys don’t think that coaching has anything to do with that do you?

  85. Plenty

    Never gonna happen, they try saying this every year.

  86. bluebloodtoo

    IF, and that’s a big IF, Calipari is planning to leave UK after this year, it has NOTHING to do with the fan base this year.

    However, several thing might make more sense than they currently do.
    1. Calipari letting Robic do the post game pressers.
    2. The constant chatter about Cal moving to the NBA

    1. bluebloodtoo

      2a. Knicks just hired a new GM
      2b. New Knicks GM Steve Mills heavily linked to CAA/Worldwide Wes
      2c. The Knicks got the best of Cal the first round and Cal isn’t the type to let that go….

    2. bluebloodtoo

      a few interesting questions that are WAY too removed from reality to be considered valid, but would be fun for conversation….

      Is Cal’s frustration this year linked to him leaving?
      Is his UK contract too binding to get out of?
      Is he afraid that his under performing team this year (coupled with last year) will affect his new deal with the Knicks?

  87. Hendo Blue