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Dan Dakich uses Derek Willis’ tattoos to argue against NCAA paying players

Once again, Dan Dakich has proven what an arrogant ass he truly is.

The former Indiana interim coach and current ESPN broadcaster believes that because college athletes like Derek Willis can afford tattoos, they don’t deserve any extra money as a student athlete.

One of Dakich’s biggest arguments in the past has been that a scholarship is the most valuable reward a basketball player can have, and anything beyond that is absolutely wrong.

Derek Willis responded with his side of the story, saying he saved up his financial aid money to help pay for his tattoos.

Dakich responded by calling out Willis for his public intoxication arrest while he was at Kentucky, and then decided to get into a bickering match with a woman by saying she looks older than she really is.

This was just one of his countless, mindless Twitter battles he gets into on a regular basis.


Former Wisconsin star Frank Kaminsky took a shot at Dakich for his stupid comments, as well:

The BBN hates Kaminsky for obvious reasons, but I think we can all agree this is absolutely hilarious.

Quick reminder, Dakich has a career NCAA coaching record of .525 and Indiana decided to hire Tom Crean instead of him back in 2008.

Enjoy your prune juice smoothie for dinner, Danny boy.


Article written by Jack Pilgrim

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21 responses to “Dan Dakich uses Derek Willis’ tattoos to argue against NCAA paying players”

  1. Catcasey1

    What a idiot

  2. Wilfred Smith

    How many people did he block?

    It doesn’t matter what they can afford, it matters how much they’re worth.

    If he has a house and car, I guess he don’t need money.

    1. Peter Criss

      By the way, if you’re going to bust people for blocking media, you could start right here with Mr. Jones and Mr. Miller at KSR. You ever try to post a comment on Mr. Miller’s posts? Go ahead and try it, and see what happens.

    2. UK Big Board Update

      I know what happens; a goofy, uneducated redneck cries.

    3. Peter Criss

      Perhaps…However, there could also be a lucid, well crafted and reasoned parry to Mr. Miller’s often vapid jabs.

    4. UK Big Board Update

      Nah, the GOP side doesn’t believe in science, but believes in an imaginary figure living in the clouds. Rational conversation is rare.

  3. Peter Criss

    I only have the one on my shoulder and got it in 1970 (don’t even remember how much it cost $50 maybe?). How much do those big elaborate tattoos cost anyway?

    1. Luether

      Likely more than you can afford, Peter boy…

    2. Peter Criss

      Even though royalty checks come direct deposit now, they still come, so I do ok. If I did want to get one of those giant tats, I could pay for it. No installment plan needed.

  4. luke_emberton

    these kids get paid by boosters it happens everywhere my dad played soccer at UK and Xavier and he had plenty of handshakes where money was exchanged it’s everywhere I’m not saying they’re rolling in cash but these athletes get money somehow someways don’t be ignorant

    1. UK Big Board Update

      Thats what the fan of a school who’s banners are coming down because of hookers would say…

  5. MF Jones

    Who is Dan Dakich????? According to Wikipedia, he is John Calipari’s son. Sure he wish’s he was. Lol. I guess as long as he can troll UK Basketball and Coach Cal, he’ll always have a job. And by the way, I used to be a Hoosier. Never again……

  6. plumloopy

    Okay, you don’t agree and he used our boy as an example (I think of under the table perks) but what does his coaching record have this at all? It just makes you look like you can’t marshall a reasonable defense against his argument, just attacking the fact that he can’t “keep” a coaching job. I guess Kyle Macy can’t have an opinion either right, since he can’t keep a coaching job?

    1. Squall Leonhart

      Plumloopy, did you even read this article before posting? He started engaging in personal insults toward Derek Willis and then attacking the appearance of someone who disagreed with him…then you come to his defense saying “It just makes you look like you can’t marshall a reasonable defense against his argument”. Excuse me? You call going after Derek – directly to the man himself – with personal attacks about his DUI arrest then his personal attacks against a poster for her appearance including cursing at her, a reasonable argument to begin with?
      I agree they shouldn’t be paid but he never made a reasonable argument – just entirely personal then engaged in an absurd twitter war after being called out. The responses to his postings have nothing to do with the topic of whether or not student athletes should be paid.

  7. TBW3011

    Hate Dakich. He’s right though. I’m a former college athlete. Had more free food than I could eat. For the record, I’m not opposed to athletes being paid, but the “not enough to eat” argument is laughable.

    1. Squall Leonhart

      TBW, he might be right about that but he went well beyond merely stating an opinion on whether or not student athletes can be paid. I agree with you they shouldn’t be paid – full scholarship, free room and board, all you can eat, etc. are pretty nice perks for being a student. However, directing personal attacks against a particular student – including to the man himself when he responds to your attack – then engages in an absurd, personal attack ridden twitter war with a stranger, etc. is beyond discussing whether or not student athletes should be paid.

  8. Kat4Life

    A jackass of Brobdingnagian proportions

  9. runningunnin.454

    Dakich also managed to get into a Twitter war with a former Indiana quarterback, Zander Diamont, who promised “I’ll put your face in the cement, old man”.

  10. ClutchCargo

    Jockitch is only relevant because he keeps himself in the public eye with these twitter battles. Don’t feed the troll!

  11. chris43

    Please tell me why ESPN has this IDIOT POS working for them?

  12. RealCatsFan

    It just looks very unprofessional on Dakitch’s part – doubt if he cares.

    I wonder if a lot of these kids won’t wake up one day when they are 52 and look in the mirror at all those tat’s and say “what the hell was thinking?”. Free country though, and I guess their body is their campus, so if that’s how they want to express themselves, go at it. From the looks of the general population, a lot of folks want to express themselves this way, so I guess I must be missing the point. πŸ™‚

    I personally don’t hate Frank Kaminski. Hell of a player, and he just did what great players do – play the game well. Can’t fault him for that, even though my heart was broken. At least he wasn’t a prick during the game by stomping on one of our players.