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Dan Dakich predicts Kentucky will go 40-0

I was thinking it but wouldn’t dare say it; now Dan Dakich is the first to throw it out there. Dakich, one of UK’s biggest haters, took to Twitter today to predict Kentucky will go undefeated in 2014-15. Something tells me others will soon follow.

And here we go again.

Article written by Drew Franklin

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86 responses to “Dan Dakich predicts Kentucky will go 40-0”

  1. bmay

    We should look away from anything that says 40-0. 6-0 in the tournament is all that matters

    1. Dondontknow

      Totally agree! Should have learned our lesson last year! 6-0 is all that matters!

    2. idontflinch

      Nooooooooooo Dakich. Man, that guy hates UK and he knows if he puts the unbelievably ridiculous burden of going undefeated on UK’s shoulders it is the single best way to wreck UK’s season.

    3. MadScientist

      Totally agree!!! Does anyone remember what UCONN’s regular season record was? 6-0 is what you are remember by.

    4. bluristhurr

      I’ll agree Dakich didn’t like UK at all but he has respect for us unlike another Hoosier. I personally like Dakich and think hes one the best commentators that actually have his own two cents to throw at you. Think it was the LSU game he got to do and he couldn’t of been more spot on what he said then and later about Cal going crazy on the sidelines. I don’t like homer commentators, give me the unbiased version who can respect both team playing.

  2. Nutwrap

    Don’t forget all but 4 of these players lost 11 games last year.

    1. jaws2

      Reports out that the Ohio river below the 2nd street bridge is turning red and the locks are jammed with dead bodies.AP

    2. Adorable

      Don’t forget all but 4 of these players beat UL twice and made it to the NCAA Finals.

    3. Nutwrap

      For sure, but UofL is gonna be garbage next year so I expect they will tack on 1 more to that number.

  3. Reddington

    The record which must not be spoken of. Please….please….please…don’t.

  4. TheDecker

    FL gators are salty on twitter “UK must be so proud to return a team that was swept by Arkansas”, “3-0 against all that talent was nice”

    1. Rei

      Losing 4 starting seniors, Florida will be lucky to win 20 games. #Stillnotourrival

    2. jch67

      Maybe looking for a coach as well if Billy D. jumps to the NBA

    3. jaws2

      Reports out that the Ohio river below the 2nd street bridge is turning red and the locks are jammed with dead bodies. AP

    4. Nutwrap

      Poor Geccos and their basketball team. They’re just mad they didn’t get the chance to go 3-1.

  5. ClayWillis4620

    I think this is a little tongue in cheek, no way dan dakich the ultimate IU homer, and the ultimate UK hater says this being serious. I mean I’m a die hard UK fan and i believe that we will be great, like best team since 96 great, but undefeated is so difficult. but who knows I hope they do it. #strivefor9 #BBN

    1. Chris

      Agreed something doesnt smell right here.. I think he said last year its idiotic for any team to talk 40-0 before season starts? Is he doing this to be a troll? If so ive never seen someone with his profile troll!!

    2. Steve

      He’s attempting to set the Cats up for failure. It’s all he’s got.

    3. idontflinch

      Dakich, a well known UK hater, knows that UK will be hard to stop on the court next season so he figures the best chance to stop them will be off the court and what better way than with 40-0 talk and the ridiculous expectations it sets for a team? If they lose one game then Dakich will crow like a rooster calling them a failure and if a lot of other media folks are doing the same thing and asking those kinds of questions to UK’s players ALL the time then it could easily mess with the psyche of next years teams.

  6. bcat

    Just stahp!


    NO 40-0 talk shut the hell up!!!

    1. BigBADBlue

      Typically, I am just like you…I do not want to talk about a 40-0. Jinx? This time it is different because there is NO WAY to stop the speculation and people from talking about it, It will be the topic of every basketball conversation in the country. So, embrace it and prepare for it. There will be no hiding or trying to duck the hype! GO CATS 40-0 in 15!

  8. technicolor yawn

    I don’t care about 40 and 0, can we just start blowing some people out? My heart can’t take all these close games

    1. realme

      ^ This. ^

    2. Brownstar25

      So true. I miss blowouts so bad.

    3. Musehobo

      God I love blowouts. My family thinks I’m crazy. I think they are crazy to like these close ones.

    4. OH FOR SURE

      YES YES YES PLEASE Coach Cal…start drilling other teams. Bring in that ‘Killer Mentality’. Win every game by 30 points, now that’s my kind of UK basketball.

  9. Reverse Jinx

    There, we’re good.

  10. Crazy8s

    I’ll start worrying about 40-0 when we are 39-0. In the mean time, I’m just blown away. I never imagine when we missed out of Mudiay and Stanley Johnson we’d be able to field a team this talented. Wow.

  11. jaws2

    Reports out that the Ohio river below the 2nd street bridge is turning red and the locks are jammed with dead bodies. AP

    1. jaws2

      Reports out that the Ohio river below the 2nd street bridge is turning red and the locks are jammed with dead bodies. AP

  12. Joe

    Wow, 40-0? Huh? Lets just focus on playing one game at a time and getting better as a team. We got their backs but don’t need the 40-0 talk!

    1. Hill

      100% agree

  13. Akbar

    It’s a trap! Dakich trying to lay the jinx on #BBN

    1. Chris

      Its crazy!! But i think he is!! I mean how closely has he looked at all the teams for next year!! LOL i think he maybe jinxing us ( or just knows crazy expectations can hurt a team) .. I can see UK fans maybe saying 40-0 but after last year Id think we would pump the brakes a little.. But it does seem real fast for Dakich to be saying 40-0 .. Its odd

  14. katfaninyourface

    Jockitch just trying to put pressure on our team because he knows too much pressure will hurt them. Jockitch really really hates us.

  15. sylvar

    I never expected this years team to go 40-0….but I didn’t expect them to drop as many games as the did either. Like bmay said, 6-0 at the end is all that really matters…but they should have a really impressive record.

  16. Nato45

    Shut up Dan! You are trolling us!

  17. Adam

    With playing time these decesion’s could have some pretty big implications. While next year will be huge(we all believe) this could slow the one and done mentality due to playing time. We could conceivably see a top four year CAL recruit to come back for a senior season. Yet, the possible rule changes and the lack of playing time for some could leave players choosing to stay 2 even 3 years. Some recruits may turn to other programs for more playing time. Either way we need to enjoy the ride next year. It will be fun.

  18. Gman

    Well I’m glad we learned our lesson about overhyping a team…

  19. Shane

    So, how do you book your tickets to Indy?

  20. Early March Kentucky "Fan"

    Let’s fire Cal.

    1. Chris

      LOL thats totally false.. Like .005 % of the fan base( like 8 people) said that!!! Nice over-exaggeration though!!

    2. Jomani

      Sadly I was guilty of that for a brief stint. Glad cal made me look like an idiot

  21. Twins Coming Back

    It Is Official: Harrison Twins To Return

  22. J-Dub421

    As Matt Jones always says, “Just stop it!” 40-0 is ridiculous to even talk about. However, I do think we’ll have a very good shot at running the table in the SEC.

  23. Rixter

    When we lose our first game, the haters are gonna chime in with “see, I told you. Y’all said you were going 40 – 0”
    No.. WE didn’t say it. Dan Dakich said it

  24. Eric

    While we are losing our minds and throwing out premature ejaculations about 40-0, I will offer my bold prediction that EJ Floreal will step up as our go-to player next season.

    1. Chris

      I like EJ but there’s just no playing time available now !

  25. monte

    Please stop….this is absolutely crazy. the press battered last years team on potential which soon became expected which turned into a pressure cooker all year for the team and for BBN. These are young players who are under 20 yrs old. write about something else and leave these kids alone. all they need to do is play and have fun….everything else is a bonus….go c a t s….Cal you get a second shot with a very improved team….good luck…

  26. David

    hmm…i think this was the plan all along…I think Calipari is a genius and can see a time that when he finally decides to retire, he owns the most championship trophies for a coach at UK and has made UK the overall leader in number of titles (surpassing UCLA)…it will be Rupp and Calipari mentioned in the same breath, while Hall, Pitino, and Tubby will hold the reserve and the shaking of the head at the memories of Sutton and BCG…we are in the midst of a great period at UK…and those that offered up the opinion that it was time for Cal to move on should be expert now on the taste of crow…this could very well be the greatest UK team since time began…let October come

  27. Carlos Condit

    What a Troll !!!

  28. RICK

    THE BOYS ARE BACK IN TOWN………………………….

  29. bung

    hope we pass the ball a lot to our awesome frontline…hope we pick up the scoring and stop all those close games, which we could do with more assists, steals, and fast break baskets from def rebounds…

  30. Gary

    Dan Jock Itch is trying to mock us. Can’t stand him. #DanDakich

    1. Chris

      That is my thought now ..LOL so i think we should always make him own it!! And always site that he thinks we are going 40-0.. Sometimes its fun to act like u dont get the sarcasm , it doesnt give him the satisfaction !

    2. Chris

      LOL say things like ..well i thought 40-0 was idiotic but Dan Dakich convinced me ! lol

  31. Chris

    He says ” Serious Thought ” then like 4 words later writes “Seriously ” .. I cant tell if he is just joking ?

  32. PBry

    Don’t fall for it!!!! It’s a setup!

  33. Sorry Mark Stoopes

    Okay just a few months worth of three and outs and Three “big” wins…..maybe , And It will be time for Big Blue Madness.

  34. Michael

    NOOOOOO…. Please don’t get this started already.

  35. LeitchfieldAlex

    I don’t CARE for 1 second what UK haters like Dakish-it thinks. I think he is making fun at last years 40-0 fans. They should be 35-5 tho.

  36. gazza90

    The problem last year was defense and probably our worst two off the ball defenders (I love Young and Randle, but…) are off to the NBA. UK was #10 in off. eff. and #41 in def. eff. With Poythress at the 3, I think this team has the potential to be much, much better on defense than last year. Being able to get stops consistently will bring the blowouts. Should be fun to watch.

  37. Mark Liptak

    Dakich is an idiot.

  38. Cats, Cats, Cats

    I think Mr. Dakich may be, just may be, baiting BBN.

  39. FearTheBrow

    I doubt we ever again see a D1 team go undefeated. I don’t see this team being better (maybe as good) as either the 2012 or 1996 team, and neither went undefeated. But either way talk of it before the team walks on the floor just shows that some people never learn.

  40. KyMash

    He’s just the kind of turd that would try an JINX us!

    That being said, if you seriously gave thought to last year’s squad pulling it off, what do you think about this year’s squad? If ANY team has a real chance, this is the one that does.

  41. PJ


  42. CapeCat

    Dakich is a hater, all he’s doing is trying to belittle us…..F..k him!!!

  43. raccoon

    I mean it will probably happen sometime, but it’s a dumb prediction for any year. That being said I will happily go ahead and say I’m expecting 6-0 next year when it matters.

  44. kybigblue

    Let’s take it one game at a time. Yes, we have a lot of height but we had that last year. You can’t put all of them on the floor at the same time. The biggest difference next year will be experience and more depth especially at guard.

    As for UF they will go from a veteran team to a younger team but they will have a lot of 4 and 5 star players. Hill, C. Walker, Robinson, A. Murphy and Finney-Smith were considered 5 star players coming out of HS. In the top 50 incoming freshmen most have Francis as a 4 star but some have him as a 5 star. Chizza is ranked as a 4 star in the top 50.. Plus, Frazier their starting SG is back.

  45. Catpocalypse

    I don’t mind fans saying this crap… but good Lord I don’t want to hear it from any media outlet, especially Dan Dickitch

  46. Cals Cats 3.0 Check us out on Facebook!

    Do we even know if 40-0 is a possibility. For all we know we may only play 39 total games next year if we make it to the title game. Doesn’t that vary based off your out of conference opponents schedules, tournaments…we don’t know the schedule yet.

  47. bluebloodtoo

    Just your typical “hater” stirring up the fan base so they can slam them next year for being overzealous…

  48. Big Blue Jesus

    Silly, Silly, Silly Dan Dakich. 40-0? Remember,no one is perfect, well, besides me. Now, hop on off the big blue wagon and go back to cheering for your Hoosiers. You only get to see the promise land of a good team, but you sure dont get to enter.

  49. scott

    Stop!!!!! UK lost 2 studs to the NBA. Yes, we will be good but didn’t we learn anything last year.

  50. Mao Ze Cat

    I agree 40 and 0 is not likely, and I wish people would not bring this up. What is more likely is that UK will be invited to play in the NBA next season where they will go 70 and 12 before sweeping the Heat for the championship.

    1. raccoon

      Actually what you described is far less likely.

    2. Mao Ze Cat

      You’re right. UK would be in the Eastern Conference so there is no way they would play the Heat for the championship. They would probably play the Clippers.

  51. Mark

    How about we just let the team try to win every game. That is what any team tries to do. When the season is over, we will see what our win/loss record is. Then talk about it. GO CATS!!!!

  52. Do whut?

    Forget Dakich. I’m more concerned that Drew Franklin admits to thinking it all along. After the stress we all went through following last year’s team and the ridiculous hype and expectations THIS website played a major role in creating Franklin has the balls and the apparent inability to garner wisdom to such a degree he has already made a 40-0 reference himself?! Seriously?! How do you even go down that road?! Why would you go down that road?! And once again we’re off to the races and already making plans for Louisville, Cleveland, Indianapolis and 40-0 before the spring game. The FOOTBALL spring game. God forbid we wait for this team to even meet each other. And why enjoy the season one game at a time when you can set everyone up for total disappoint by making the entire season hinge on a championship? Friggin’ children.

  53. Stu Katz

    Please, please lets not jump on the 40-0 bandwagon. If this year has thought us anything is that the regular season matters little. The tournament is all that matters. 4 or 5 losses will not be anything major as long as we have a long run in the tourney

  54. General Egbar

    It’s a trap!

  55. Beef shartz

    These boys will all make one another better next year. It clicked at the end of the season and you saw the results….that’s what experience does. I’m mostly excited about cauley-steins return…love watching that guy play his a** off. I have my money on him really working on his offensive game once he’s back on his feet.

  56. Gap Tooth Danny

    Meh, this is just DD’s attempt to set us up later on for the old “HAHA THEIR FANS SAID 40-0”

    Now, if Rex Chapman’s iron-clad sources tell him we’ll go 40-0, I will get excited.

  57. th

    Dakich jock itch it’s to late to suck up to BBN now! Unbiased? the guys a giant Big Ten homer( was cheering for Michigan against us in the regional final game). He always takes the Big Ten teams over whoever they are playing.The guys a joke and his analysis sucks. Need to send him and Douche Gottlieb packing and ban them from any broadcast.