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Dakari Johnson on Aaron Harrison: “He’s got big nuts”

Dakari Johnson didn’t hold back in the Kentucky locker room when asked about Aaron Harrison. Johnson told reporters, “He’s got big nuts, to be honest. He can’t even walk right now.”

Quote of the year? Quote of the year.


Article written by Drew Franklin

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30 responses to “Dakari Johnson on Aaron Harrison: “He’s got big nuts””

  1. J. Bond
    1. Walnuts


    2. Walnuts

      He can tie em in a knot, he can tie em in a bow.

  2. Nutsy

    Dakari speaks the truth!

  3. Ben
  4. Blue4real

    Heck yeah he does!

  5. Chaz

    Got a lotta big heart too. Regional Champs..damn. Proud of our team. All of you. #Win2forWillie

  7. bmt22033

    When Dakari and Julius jumped on Aaron after “the shot”, Aaron had that “yeah, I’m a bad mofo” look on his face!!!! 🙂

    1. Chris47601
  8. Chris47601


    These Cats deserve a mea culpa. You know it…..make a post and dedicate it to them, a la Adam Sandler to Chubs in Happy Gilmore

  9. Bunny

    Way to go Aaron! Congratulations!! Keep it up!!!

    1. Luther

      Ditto! Way to walk your talk, Aaron!!

  10. I ain't mad at ya, Aaron.

    It’s beginning to be a every game thang, Aaron letting his nuts hang.

  11. Margaret S

    I don’t get, he has big nuts? What kind?

    1. Greg

      Mongongo nuts.

  12. Brian

    So wait, for finally playing the way the “haters” said they needed to play to win and winning the “haters” are….wrong?

    No. If anything vindicated.

    1. Lexington 3

      Shut up, dumbass.

    2. Dee W.

      “If anything vindicated.”

      You’re nuts…and not the kind Dakari was speaking of.

  13. joe

    Big balls, Margaret!

    1. Blue

      I got big balls… You got big balls….. But he’s got the biggest….balls of them all!!!

  14. DT in DC

    I ugly laughed at that comment. I bet that plane is rockin’ on the way back to Lexington!

  15. traydog

    Aaron’s got big balls and you can not lie, you other haters can’t deny when you see Aarons waist and 2 round things in your face………

  16. lexslamman

    First time I can literally type “LOL” on the internet in a long, long time.

  17. David

    great quote…”he can’t walk now”….classic…now, if anyone who is a Kentucky fan ever disparages Calipari again, they should be ostracized and forced to wear Louisville gear (or, gasp, a Duke jersey from 1992)…I think this should close the “he can recruit, but can’t coach” diatribe from here on out…I would expect that sort of nonsense from fans of other programs, but never again from UK fans… he just coached those kids into beating the #2, #3, and #8 ranked teams (and almost the #1 team in the SEC final)…all coming back from deficits of 9 or more…amazing coaching job…amazing… onto North Texas.. 2 wins away from #9…I need to go pinch myself and breathe

    1. joe

      Right on David.

    2. CatsfanMike

      You are so right!! 151 wins in 5 years. 3 finals fours and 1 elite 8 with a program that was in real trouble when he came in. It is amazing what he has done. He is17-2 in the NCAA with the Cats and about to be 19-2. Need I say 6-1 against Ricky which includes 2-0 in NCAA. There is not a coach in America who could have done that with the Cats given the state Billie Clyde has us in. My thanks and praise to Coach Cal!

  18. joe

    Right on David.

  19. CatsfanMike

    Dakari spoke the truth about Aaron. Great quote.

  20. go cats go

    a big JOHNSON should know what he’s talking when it comes to big NUTS.