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Crying Duke girl wants her picture taken off the internet

Ready for the most Duke thing ever? The crying Duke fan from last night’s Miami/Duke game now wants the picture above removed from the internet. Apparently, the girl’s rep (because of course she has a rep) contacted The Cauldron, the first Twitter account to share the screencap, to try to get it taken down. The Cauldron’s response? “Nope.”

Haha. Duke fans suck.

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33 responses to “Crying Duke girl wants her picture taken off the internet”

  1. theWilkman

    I don’t understand how an early 20-something can still think it’s possible to remove a picture from the internet.

  2. J-Dub421

    Who cries over a regular season loss??? Put on your big girl panties. If you don’t want embarrassing photos of you crying all over the internet, then grow up and don’t cry in public.

  3. ktmiln2

    It turned out the “rep” was just a friend of hers.

  4. Adam From Awesome Trot

    Making fun of fans is neither funny or interesting. I wish they wouldn’t show the shots of fans crying.

    1. Bluebloodtoo

      Agreed, to an extent. Everything performed in public is up for public consumption, though. I’m not making fun of her crying, just making fun of the fact that she thought she could get it removed.

    2. Catsby80

      are you joking?

    3. OnPoint

      Oh it’s funny as hell. I’m still laughing.

    4. catsincebirth

      And they shouldn’t keep score because that might be hurtful. Jeez

  5. Bluebloodtoo

    An inflated sense of entitlement is required for acceptance into Duke, isn’t it?

  6. david8577

    Man, Duke isn’t just losing, they are getting destroyed.

  7. HanOfTheBluegrass

    A lot of people don’t seem to realize that using a ticket at the game means you allow your likeness to be used in the telecast and elsewhere. There was a guy who tried to sue last year because he got made fun of for falling asleep at the game.

    1. HanOfTheBluegrass

      It was at a baseball game, I think. Red Sox-Yankees maybe.

    2. Catsby80

      Han, I remember that incident. He was definitely a Yankees fan but I cannot remember who they were playing. But yeah he tried to sue ESPN because the Sunday Night Baseball guys were making fun of him for being asleep at the game. So ridiculous.

  8. EdC

    Photo edited to recognize their favorite team’s lack of D

    1. J-Dub421

      That’s hilarious!! I love it.

    2. BTownUKFan

      I had to look twice but very nice !

  9. doobie brother

    Making fun of other people is not funny or entertaining. Unfortunately, some people are stuck at a 14 year old maturity level. It’s easy to criticize other people. For some, it’s the only way to make themselves feel better. Move on.

    1. anrbob

      Thank you morality police.

    2. OnPoint

      You sound like a real barrel of fun. Probably sit at home on Saturday nights reading books. If you’re looking for maturity, you’re on the wrong site. Since day 1 this site has prided itself on being ridiculous and making fun off things. If you don’t like it, you can move on.

    3. OnPoint

      *of things, not off

    4. Catpocalypse

      If you are not laughing at people doing stupid crap…. then what’s left to laugh at? *yawn*, you are boring me and killing my buzz.

    5. catsincebirth

      Says the person with paper thin skin. Look, If you cry over a meaningless regular season game you need to be made fun of. Actually it is quite fun. Because it’s Duke. Please refer to KSR mission – you know, the whole ridiculous thing.

  10. Catpocalypse

    It makes it even more hilarious how the picture shows her “friend” consoling her…. hahaha. Stupid Dukies, they must get this from Coach Kryskbheiwksik, he cries over every thing!!

    My new wallpaper for a while, thanks KSR!

  11. lexslamman

    Her name is Kirby Delauter.

    1. PWinKY

      Isn’t that name an anagram of “A Terribly Duke”? Surely you troll.

  12. the ghost of Bill Hicks

    She’s sad because her friend is way better lookin….

    1. dano

      Better looking should not be in the same sentence when describing girls from Puke or Vandy. You may, however, use the appropriate terms “less ugly than” or “not as hideous”.

  13. plumloopy

    I don’t get it. They look sad — neither of them are crying. I remember watching those two and rolling my eyes over the drama on the screen. Hugging? Seriously? But so what?

  14. BTownUKFan

    Maybe it’s time Coach K. called Coach Cal to get some advice on how to win when you most talented players are freshman. So far, Duke one and dones have been one and done nothing.

  15. CPACAT

    Wait and see how much Kirby cries when she finds out the loss was HER FAULT for not wearing her lucky earrings or her lucky socks or washing her lucky shirt or for shaving, etc.

  16. Rise

    What gets me is Duke has the same McDonald’s All Americans as UK and just as good if not better than UK’s returnees, yet you still have people on Coach Kyrisckjdksfjss nuts like he is the best thing since sliced bread. Coach Cal is perceived as a horrible coach and cheater because he gets all the 5* players. I don’t get it. Maybe I just work around too many UL fans.

    1. dano

      I agree with most of what you are saying. I am confused on how you can work around too many U of L fans. Are you a prison guard, McDonalds manager or Pimp?

  17. 25OR624

    One may be a master carpet layer and the other her apprentice.