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Coach Cal won’t let NCAA Tournament Selection Committee Steal his Joy

Kentucky’s NCAA Tournament draw is…let’s call it “less than ideal.”  When John Calipari joined ESPN’s Selection Sunday special, he shared a story about how he learned Kentucky’s fate.

“I was in the car with my wife, and my phone blew up.  It was like one after the other.  I didn’t know there were so many ways to say you got screwed again.”

The story drew quite a few laughs, and rightfully so.  However, Calipari did not spend too much time reflecting on the negative draw.  Instead, he talked about what he likes about his team.  “They can’t steal my joy.”

Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

32 responses to “Coach Cal won’t let NCAA Tournament Selection Committee Steal his Joy”

  1. Rembrandt

    Every year, repetitive paranoid whining about the NCAA Selection Committee, of which (by the way) UK’s Athletics Director is a member. The whining is weak behavior, and it really gets old. This isn’t a great UK basketball team. But part of being a great program is that UK basketball doesn’t have to be afraid of anyone in any year, and certainly doesn’t have to whine about it.

    1. 4everUKblue

      He may be complaining but I don’t see him being paranoid. Check the brackets over the last several years, it’s not paranoia if it’s factual. True this isn’t a great team but I like my team and my coach.

    2. BigBlueNationDude

      4 ever is one of those ppl that seriously arent wrong ever. Their views and thoughts are superior to anyone elses. Exactly like Matt Jones. Fitting

    3. IAmTheDanger

      Get a clue….if you can’t see this BS happening every single year, you are blind. It’s not fair to the UK players that bust their ass all year and then win the conference tourney only to get screwed by the selection committee.

    4. UKfanman01

      Are you kidding me?!?! Do you watch college basketball at all? Have you watched any of the tourney draws UK has had since Cal has been here? I’m not afraid of any team. I’m just sick of seeing some teams get a direct line, and fail more oft than nought, to the final 4. UK always has a crap draw with the most elite teams every year.
      Also the SEC shouldn’t hold a tournament next year because, yet again, it doesn’t matter if you win it.

    5. abobicesaevior

      Rembrandt is likely a Stripper/Prostitute UL troll, bless his heart.

    6. BeanS

      Mitch is on the committee, but has to leave the room when UK is discussed. His involvement does not help at all.

    7. makeitstop

      So if we are the top 5 seed, why the hardest draw?

    8. callitlikeiseeit

      Lets see IF the bracket holds we do play the weakest 12 seed. We do play the weakest 4 seed. Yes we play the top 1 seed but probably cause they wanted UK in the South region as SEC champs. I do agree just stop whining, just like after every loss they whine about officiating. Most of the times the teams you think you will have to play lose before you see them. Remember first 2 games are vs the weakest seeds we could possibly play. Plus all we have seen on KSR is please give us UVA, you got them then bitch about it….Jeez.

    9. Miller45

      Seriously guys year after year you all act like the main part and focus of the selection is looking at Kentucky first then arrange the bracket so they can screw us over

  2. Ranch

    Yep, we got screwed. Happens every year, just ridiculous! NCAA just hates UK.

  3. KYJelly

    Oklahoma state got screwed … with the wins they’ve had they should’ve been in

    1. Miller45

      YES okst was shafted worse than I can ever remember

  4. burntblue727

    He said the same thing 2 years ago with the Ulis team. But he expects it. We’re never in easier bracket. The NCAA doesn’t even try to hide their bias with us or other teams that get easier paths.

  5. Catsfan1715

    If you guys don’t expect this by now that’s your fault. Yeah it sucks but it’s so much sweeter when we make it through the region. We’ve done it 4 times with Cal. Let’s make it a 5th!

  6. cfw34uk1

    I would like to ask the committee why they are biased against the Wildcats I mean it happens every year so somebody has to have an answer but oh well bring it on the Cats take on all challenges

  7. burntblue727

    He said the same thing two years ago with Ulis team. He expects it. The NCAA doesn’t even try to hide their bias to us or teams that get the easier paths.

  8. Catsfan1715

    It’s $$$. We travel-sell tickets, and generate the best ratings in sports. So we get toughest games with the best teams. I take it as a compliment lol

  9. spincr4hire72

    In cal we trust !

  10. Daddyof3Ballers

    It’s true, and the UNC and Duke alternate each year on who gets the easiest road to the final four and always get off for cheating (insert mind blown emoji now)

  11. jahanc2uky

    1st rd. A-10 Tourney Champ. 2nd Rd Pac-12 Champ. 16 rd ACC Champ. Elite 8 American Champ. Final 4 Big East Champ. Finals Big 12 Champ. Arizona has an impossible route to the Chip. This is something UK faces every year!

  12. binarysolo

    Cal asked how many of them knew where Boise was. He should ask Ryan how far it is from Vegas.

  13. makeitstop

    C’mon, let’s assume we deserve a 5, not a 4… heres the other route for 5 seeds; Ohio State: S.Dakota, Gonzaga, Xavier. I’d trade right now. Clemson has NM State, a stumbling Auburn team, and a 7 loss one seed in Kansas. I’d take that right now. WVU has Murray, Wichita State and Villanova. Okay, that’s not as bad as ours but it’s no cake walk, I’d trade. Anyone else think w got the worst of the 5’s? Davidson is a tough out. UA has horses. UVa no weakness and the most dominant season any team has had since our 2015 team, not the blowouts, not the lottery players but 1 loss in the ACC and no soft spots.

  14. drew_123

    The one great thing about us always being under seeded means we’re always screwing up someone else’s tournament. They get the chance to take down Arizona and Virginia and ruin their seasons. So it’s a 2 way street when they try and screw us.

  15. holdem197727

    Think about it, the NCAA does not want Virginia to win the chip, so they screw UK and give UNC,Duke and such easier paths so that if Virginia does make it they most likely have to face a blue blood to get through but if UK wins they have the marquee matchup in that round. They don’t do the draws fair they dog them every year Virginia is to slow of a team for the excitement the committee wants.

    1. Sentient Third Eye

      Yes, Duke gets Iona in the first game and then OKlahoma, a team so bad right now that they probably could not beat a really good Division 2 team. At least they do have the hardest Sweet 16 game in Michigan St, who is good enough to be a 1 seed.

  16. holdem197727

    Go Bog Blue!!!l BBN!!!!

  17. holdem197727

    Big lol

  18. Cryingtheblues

    We’re KENTUCKY and who gives a rats ass who we play!! When we win #9 this year WE WANT TO BEAT THE BEST!! Screw the NCAA and the ACC!! Go Big Blue!!

  19. Sentient Third Eye

    When even an ESPN round table interviewing Cal actually jokes about how Kentucky always gets an unfair seeding, then the NCAA has a problem that needs to be dealt with. The real issue, I think, is that the Selection Committee can choose their criteria each year (and they always de-emphasize or just ignore whichever metric most favors UK, it seems – like ignoring Strength of Schedule and giving more emphasis on how you finish the season this year. Now why did they pick those particular things to not use this year, hmmmm?

    1. Sentient Third Eye

      But, ultimately, when we get a murderer’s row bracket, the real victim are the good teams that didn’t deserve to be matched up with a Kentucky team that is a # 5 but playing like a #1 or #2.. Actually Virginia also got the shaft this year. Kentucky is really at least a # 2 in how they are playing. So is Arizona. So is Tennessee. Kentucky will have to play Elite Eight level games in games 2, 3 and 4, but Virginia is in almost the same boat. Only their game 2 is easier. Compare to UNC, whose bracket is loaded with flawed opponents who are limping into the tourney. Who won the ACC and SEC tourneys, anyway?

    2. drew_123

      That’s what I keep saying. When hey try to screw Kentucky, they’re really just screwing over another good team (Wichita State 2014, UCLA last year)