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Coach Cal has more Twitter followers than all the other coaches combined

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No college basketball coach in America has a wider Twitter reach than John Calipari. Coach Cal leads all coaches in followers with 1,244,546, over one million more than Tom Crean, the second-highest. In fact, Coach Cal has more Twitter followers than every head coach combined. COMBINED.

Run The Floor, a college basketball blog, ranked the top 191 coaches by Twitter followers. Have a look at the top 10:

1. Kentucky, John Calipari (@UKCoachCalipari)… 1,244,546
2. Indiana, Tom Crean (@TomCrean)… 124,481
3. Florida, Billy Donovan (@UFCoachBillyD)… 95,743
4. Kansas, Bill Self (@CoachBillSelf)… 81,197
5. Nebraska, Tim Miles (@CoachMiles) 48,447
6. Tennessee, Cuonzo Martin (@CuonzoMartin) 37,261
7. South Carolina, Frank Martin (@FrankMartin_SC) 34,375
8. West Virginia, Bob Huggins (@CoachHuggs) 27,287
9. NC State, Mark Gottfriend (@Mark_Gottfried) 26,451
10. Virginia Commonwealth, Shaka Smart (@coachsmartvcu) 25,582

The other 190 coaches combine for 1,229,668 followers.

You people are crazy.

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

24 responses to “Coach Cal has more Twitter followers than all the other coaches combined”

  1. AnthonyBBN

    Wow… that’s hilarious.

  2. specialetta

    BBN loves their CATS and Coach Cal. Only at UK!!!!!

  3. Trouser Tool

    Cow also has the biggest guy out of all those coaches. 1974 Elvis comes to mind.

  4. Trouser Tool


  5. Comment Section Says

    Just amazing that he surpasses all the other coaches combined. Only at UK. BBN RULES ALL!

  6. idontflinch

    Kentucky Effect

  7. SeaCat

    Wow! I like boys. Just putting that out there.

  8. RealCatsFan

    Wow, looking at those numbers, it is apparent that almost exactly ten times as many people like to read Coach Cal’s tweets as like to be creeped out by “Creepy Crean” telling them how much he has been thinking about them!

  9. Alanin502

    It’s not just BBN that is following him so please don’t assume all those are UK fans. You have Louisville fans following to see what other “dig” he posts about UofL or Rick, you have Memphis fans and then also various media folks and others not associated at all with UK.

  10. UkHockeyBetterBeatLousvilleThisWeekend

    Of course he’s crushing the rest of college basketball combined. How bout a follow-up comparing to all coaches: NCAA Football, NFL, NBA, etc.? He’s probably one of the highest overall, even in a much bigger pond.

  11. Mack

    What about the Football coach?

  12. kentucky effect

    @9….. You took the words out of my mouth. We should not flatter our selves and think it is all BBN…..According to Oscar it is about 60% True BBN….

  13. AnthonyBBN

    Okay no. 9 and 12, even if it is only 60% that still makes it more than any other coach. Still at 1.2 million followers that is insane.

  14. Jeff

    haha, Tim Miles? who>?

  15. kentucky effect

    @13….. that would be correct. So what’s your point? That never was in question…

  16. kadizkat

    Trolls, you forgot to also say that WWW is paying all of us to follow Coach Cal. Isn’t that your usual response to Cal being number 1?

  17. Mike C.

    Should we get BBN behind Dick Hunsaker at Utah Valley and being him out of the basement. He is ranked #191 and has seven followers? How awesome would that be if we got him to several thousand?

  18. kentucky effect

    I really could care less about how many followers Cal has on twitter, he had a huge following last year and it didn’t keep us out of the N.I.T. Bottom line is to win games and finish on top…..not to have the most followers twitter. It is totally ‘Cosmetics’ that mean nothing in the end.

  19. Troll Toll

    # 9 & #12 dont forget to pay me on your way out

  20. JHD

    #17, I like where you’re headed. We should support Hunsaker for this fact alone:

    “Hunsaker is best known for leading Ball State to the 1990 Tournament. The team, as a number 12 seed, defeated … University of Louisville in the second round, before falling to eventual champions UNLV.” (

    Hunsaker exists. Louisville doesn’t exist.

  21. JHD

    On second thought, it doesn’t look like Hunsaker’s (@mightywolverine) is a real account. Instead, let’s get behind EKU’s Jeff Neubauer (@EKUCoach) who’s holding down 183rd place with 96 followers. 14,000 followers to crack the top 25. Go!

  22. Big Blue Coming At You

    Alanin502, the majority of those followers are from BBN. There aren’t enough UL fans and media people combined to even make up 1% of those 1.2 million followers. Judging by your website link i’d say you’re one of those UL trolls that is jealously following Cal. You UL trolls need to realize you can never live up to what the BBN can do. Your own football coach even wishes UL fans were like UK fans. That’s how pathetic the UL fan base is.

  23. bigcatstanding

    #9 Ya your right so we should deduct 12 from his original count, get real dude those numbers factory in same as with getting Kentucky followers seeing what Rick has to say / my bad no one cares about what he has to say.

  24. bigcatstanding

    #18 in this day and age where all these young kids are into Twitter, and having their own Twitter account can only help Calipari when recruiting, so you should care if you are a fan. BBN ILF#9