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Cincinnati’s Mick Cronin Takes a Shot at Kentucky

Justin K. Aller | Getty Images

Cincinnati head coach Mick Cronin celebrated a win over Tulsa by taking a shot at Kentucky.

Following the Bearcats 84-72 victory over the Golden Hurricane, Cronin was asked why his team’s defense had slipped in the last few games.  Instead of talking about his defense, he threw shade at UK, UofL and Indiana.

“I don’t know what people expect,” Cronin said. “I’m allowed to answer you however I want and I’m going to give you a stat. Kentucky, Indiana and Louisville this year combined for 32 losses. Tell me how long it’s taken us to lose 32 games.”

As a matter of fact, Cronin’s Bearcats have lost 32 games since 2014.  But that doesn’t mean he has to throw shade at UK.

Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

65 responses to “Cincinnati’s Mick Cronin Takes a Shot at Kentucky”

  1. SuperTroy18

    Wow. Talk about a cherry-picked stat. His “shade” makes no sense! Haha! Poor UC…always the victims.

    1. jim tom

      I remember that the last time they played. Didn’t go well for the bearcats

  2. check

    Hey Cronin! You wanna play against Kentucky? Maybe we’ll see you in March Madness!!

    1. Eazy

      lol exactly. We’d smoke them. They only have a few losses because their conference is garbage. They lost to Florida, though.

  3. sprtphan

    Definition of a dickweed.

    1. RowdyRoddy

      He was when he was my neighbor and hasn’t changed. A complete assistance.

    2. Kevin C

      Wow, RowdyRoddy…..calling Cronin a “complete assistance”….that seems a bit much.

  4. abevh5


  5. JoeMoney333

    I mean, calling that a “shot” is a bit of a reach.

    1. Luether


  6. Lip Man 1

    And compared to the schedule UK plays, he plays basically crap and horse dung.

    1. unbridled

      Hahaha. UC plays in the AAC. What a joke. Cronin is a west side Cincy blow hard. Those guys are he absolute worst. Typical.

  7. ukjaybrat

    That’s a dumb stat. Having less losses than three other teams combined isn’t an amazing stat. Now if he had more wins than those three teams combined, that’d be something.

  8. BBNDan7

    All those second round losses are getting to his emotions


    32 losses by three teams averages to 10.67 losses per team. He should have said how long does it take us to lose 10.67 games…that’s an apples to apples comparison. Which was March 18, 2016…11 losses ago for UC (not bad). Also could have been the 2015-16 season, in which they had 11 losses.

  10. Smyrna_Cat

    yawn. nothing to see here.

  11. runningunnin.454

    Ha Ha, he plays in a conference with maybe three decent teams, and nine dogs. He should concentrate on Xavier for Queen City bragging rights, and leave UK out of it.

    1. Eazy

      Xavier owns them. And we own them all. UK has won 10 straight vs Cincinnati. We’d kill them this year. Hope we play them in March and knock them out per usual.

  12. david8577

    Agree with CPACAT, his “insult” doesn’t even make any sense. He’s a pretty miserable guy in general. He makes Belichick seem fun.

  13. SuperTroy18

    And Cats, IU and UL play in SEC, B1G and ACC respectively. Meanwhile, Bearcats are beating the likes of Tulane, East Carolina and South Florida. Oh, and today’s W against Tulsa at HOME by single digits!! In whatever conference they’re calling that these days.

    1. Atg2112

      To be fair, that’s not really throwing shade, and if it is, it’s really not that bad. He’s comparing 1 team against 3. It must be a little frustrating playing in the shadows of those 3 teams geographically. He needs to worry about even being the best team in Cincy before even attempting to throw shade at any of us, if it was shade at all.

    2. Atg2112

      Meant as separate comment, not a response to yours. Sorry.

    3. Eazy

      He’s in the shadow of the three he mentioned as well as Xavier and even OSU. Cincinnati is a joke.

  14. jim tom

    How long has it taken Mick Cronin to win a national title. Yeah. That’s what I thought Mick

  15. Bluebloodtoo

    Maybe play in a big boy conference and then start taking. Did you have ncaa tournament losses every one of those years included in your stat? Apples and oranges.

  16. Rixter

    Mick, those 3 schools have also combined for 15 championships. How long will it take for Cincinnati to win 15 championships?

    1. Bluehound

      I didn’t do the math, but did you deduct Lvilles 2013 banner ???

    2. Steven69

      Not just the 2013 championship but all of the games they played with the ineligible players lol

    3. Eazy

      Exactly. Cincinnati has no chance at another title. They are the 6th or 7th best team in this area. Pathetic. Even Louisville owns UC. Xavier surpassed them years ago.

  17. gwhittle

    Perks of playing in a soft conference. How many final fours do they even have in the past 10 years?

  18. John

    Who cares? Maybe the CATS will get to shut up little Mick Cronin this March. Outside of Wichita State, whom Cronin lost to, who else does Cincinnati play in the A** conference?

  19. John

    I can’t decide if Cronin is a bald Pee Wee Herman or a bald Gilbert Godfrey?

  20. CrashDavis

    It’s True….nothing to see here. who cares

    1. Eazy

      It’s true that we are ranked ahead of UC in the RPI and have been to 7 final fours since their last appearance. UC is a joke. They only have a good record because they play a pathetic schedule. When they played a decent team they lost each time (UF, X, Wichita).

  21. zielritter

    Mick failed logic class apparently. On what plane of existence does that argument make a shred of sense?

  22. Beardcules

    What does this even mean??!!

  23. demoCrAT

    What he said after the losses stat was throwing more shade

    1. unbridled

      Agreed. He was trying to be sanctimonious. He’s a petty, little, smarmy man that has a HUGE inferiority complex. He’s an irrelevant stooge.

    2. UK Big Board Update

      Like Trump. 😉

    3. Jester

      Yes because the leader of the free world is irrelevant. 😎

    4. UK Big Board Update

      On the world stage, yes. Everyone is laughing at him. 😉

  24. 9IsNext

    In the same time span it took UC to lose 32 games, we’ve lost 25. His attempt at taking a shot went to complete shit when you realize this.

    1. 9IsNext

      Correction, we’ve lost 26…still 6 less than their 32

    2. Eazy

      Exactly. Plus we knocked them out of the tournament in that span. We own Cincinnati. They have always tried to be our rival and we couldn’t care less. They are a poor mans Louisville.

  25. Steven69

    Hopefully we face them in the tournament and when beat them. Coach Cal can hand him a bottle of wine and some cheese to go with it

  26. Memphis UK Cat

    We should play Cincinnati, West Virginia, and Indiana more often.

    1. Eazy

      We own all three but I’d like to play them since we have gotten to the point Louisville isn’t a rivalry. 35-15 is even more one sided than our record against Indiana.

  27. antiquefurnitureandmidgets

    How long has he had that in his holster. Apparently long enough that he brought it out when it made zero sense.

  28. BigBlueNationDude

    Not even that big of a deal. You ppl are sooo sensitive. I thought he would be talking about the cheating.

    1. Jester

      If he were talking about the cheating, then he wouldn’t have been able to include Kentucky in his list.

    2. Le Docteur

      I think KSR’s “D” key is broken. It’s coming up “M”

    3. BigBlueNationDude

      Hmm bam? Nahh no cheating

  29. Wcatfan727

    Did he have a stroke or something? That made no sense at all.. Why stop at 3 teams? Throw in 4 it 5 more teams losses as well.

  30. ibescootch

    You have to watch the video for his comment to make any sense at all. The KSR article takes it a little bit out of context. Still, that being said, it doesn’t really make sense the way he said it. There’s basically no reason for him to bring up three teams at all. It was in response to a reporter, who I’m assuming was local, and kind of saying, “What do you expect from us? We’re 25 and 4, and you’re still getting on us about our defense?”

    His Point would’ve been made by bringing up any of those three teams by themselves though. Sort of. Of course the culminated losses of three teams are going to be greater than your own, but that doesn’t make you look good! It’s like Cal saying, “Indiana, Louisville, and Cincinnati all have 27 losses this year combined. Tell me how long it’s taken us to get to 27 losses?” Like, he could’ve just said, “Kentucky has nine losses this year and we have four, and you’re still railing on us?”

    1. Cryingtheblues

      I think that’s what he meant but it came out wrong. Or at least you would think that’s what he meant. Haha!

  31. makeitstop

    Those 3 schools have won 16 – well, 15 – national titles; how long will it take Cincy to do that at the current rate of 1 every 40 years? ?another 500 years. What a tool and not a sharp one at that. Isn’t he the one who implied Cal cheated to recruit someone away from him and Cal called and said u better pray I never go after one of ur kids bc I’ll take him?

    1. kuhlkat

      Yep. That was him

  32. BTownUKFan

    The University of Cincinnati has a men’s basketball team? I thought they shut that down when Huggins left!!

  33. tmcclan16

    Play a real schedule in a real conference bear kitten!

  34. evilcarl

    When he was at Murray we loved winning. Everyone hated him. He chased co-eds all around the town and spent a lot of time begging them to travel with him. He also thought basketball meant he could be a jerk everywhere. Hated him since.

  35. kuhlkat

    UC and their fans have a huge inferiority complex. They have zero wins against ranked teams.

  36. BlueHeaven

    Mick aka Bart Simpson is just an angry guy that is jealous because 1) more people in Cincinnati wear UK gear than UC & 2) UC hasn’t beaten UK since 1936.

    1. Racerr11

      Sounds just like Ricky pitino, Everytime he talks he makes himself look stupid. I think Cronin has little man syndrome. Pitiful

  37. You had me@0-10-1

    You’re 1-3 vs ranked teams this season & have 1 Sweet 16 in 12 years. Clearly something to be Cronin about

  38. Lexingtonyn

    If I understood what he was saying, I could maybe get angry.