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Article written by Drew Franklin

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30 responses to “Checkerboard uniforms are back for another year”

  1. UKBaker24


  2. TOMCATS1990

    NO!!! LOL

  3. bbn606

    We need to move on. Nothing says Tennessee like checkerboard.

  4. mashman 93

    Well they are unique I guess.

  5. 4everUKblue

    That’s one thing no other program is going to copy, so there’s that.

  6. Willis talkin bout....

    Have we ever had the same uniform this long?

    1. mashman 93

      Yes we had the same uniforms from the middle of the 2010 season until the end of the 2014 season.

  7. Ben Fletcher

    No other program is like the great Secretariat.

  8. nellis234

    It’s been so long since we have gotten new uniforms

  9. Han

    Who keep signing off on this stuff?

    1. Corder


  10. Cattington

    I typically couldn’t care less…but those are hideous.

  11. kentuckyrld

    Barnhart being from Tennessee seems to think the checkerboard style is acceptable. It is not. It looks completely stupid.

  12. unbiasedfan

    Seems like the only one who keeps bringing it up is Drew!!! You never hear the players complain and their the ones that wears them.



  14. CrystalBall

    They do need to go. Would also like to see jerseys without names on the back. Just numbers.

    1. KatsKlaws

      I feel you go digging around in some boxes at Memorial Coliseum you might find some Chuck Taylors they can wear too!

    2. east-ky-boy

      Indiana called. They said it’s not worth living in 1985.

    3. IrishCat

      And when the game is on the line, we’ll run the picket fence at ‘em!

  15. Skooms

    UK actually had the checkerboard print before TN a long long time ago. UK ditched it, but TN chose to keep it.

  16. UKCatAttack

    It’s probably just time to drop it and support the team. The checkerboard probably isn’t going anywhere and from most accounts it doesn’t bother the players.

  17. channell

    If the checkerboard was good enough for Secretariat, it should be good enough for the Cats.

  18. STLouisBBFan

    . . . and their not selling alcohol, and Kentucky doesn’t have gambling . . . zzzzzzzzzzzz . . . another Drew post.

    1. BigBlue4Three

      100% agree. More mindless complaining about the same old crap.

  19. Cat68

    Pack ‘em up! They’ve had their run of awfulness! Come on Nike you’re better than this.

  20. FakeDickeyV

    All I’m saying is, no final fours in these jerseys…

  21. Larkin123

    I love checkerboard…

  22. austin_suchanek


  23. StuckinLville

    No uniform has really stuck around this long. It’s time Mitch sucks it up changes it. Maybe they will during the season like in the past.

  24. seth12799

    I wish we would wear the black with the blue trim, white highlights uniforms

    I believe they only wore them for the carrier game maybe and a few other road games, but man are they tough imo!