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Chane Behanan suspended indefinitely from Louisville basketball team

Behanan - Lucy Nicholson Reuters

Well, so much for a slow news day. According to Louisville head coach Rick Pitino, junior Chane Behanan has been kicked off the team for violating university policy. His suspension is indefinite. From Pitino, via Eric Crawford (natch):

Chane Behanan is no longer a part of our basketball team. He has been suspended by the university. He has a very difficult time understanding life’s values. We are very concerned about Chane Behanan that he move forward and prosper as a person.

We’ve put together a situation where he can come back on the team, but he’s already missed one assignment in a short period. The best thing to do is step away from basketball and learn how to prosper as a person.”

Pitino added that the suspension is for “multiple things,” but warned reporters “don’t ask what it is, we’re not going to tell you.” Rick said that the earliest Behanan can return to the team is mid-December, but he “doubts” that will happen.

So…he’ll definitely be back for the Kentucky game.

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93 responses to “Chane Behanan suspended indefinitely from Louisville basketball team”

  1. wildthang

    Ooooh, Ooooh, Ooooh KILL EM!

  2. Vick

    One too many trips to the glory hole for Chane. Giving or receiving – that’s the mystery.

  3. UK

    I still think Cal wanted this kid over Wiltjer, but Wiltjer committed first. Anyway good luck to Chane and hope he can get his life together if that really is the problem. No reason to be bitter towards a kid who made some mistakes.

  4. Who Me?

    Bet my next two paychecks he plays against the Cats in Rupp.

  5. B-Man

    He will be back before the UK game…Guaranteed! “Point, Blank, Period!”

  6. dwlex

    Dumb question….He can still submit for the NBA draft-right?

  7. AaronJ

    He will be back before the UK game.

  8. Lance

    “Suspended indefinitely, or December 27, 2013, whichever comes first”

  9. the Big Dog

    Wow!! Terrible news for the Cards Fans. Chane will have to probably run three extra laps after practice in order to be reinstated since Petino thinks everyone gets that second or third or fourth… chance.

  10. Herewegoagain

    I think this is something more then not allowing him to talk to the media like last year. But it is so that I can rely on a UK website to get UofL news.

  11. ThugU

    The funny thing about this whole story was that UofL fans swore up and down that Matt was full of it and no suspensions took place over the summer…they have classy players who have values, respect the community, and are L1C4…oops

  12. Brian

    Agreed…..He will be back by the UK game.

  13. BPM

    “indefinitely” in Pitino speak = 0-1 game suspension.

  14. IndyAlan

    And now all the people that ripped Matt for leaking behavior issues w/ UL back in the summer are slowly putting their feet in their mouth. I’m guessing it was a whole summer of retarded behavior that led up to this suspension. And I’m also guessing there were some issues that were swept under the rug by Pitino.

  15. MadCatter

    Anyone else finding it odd that only coaches with UK on their schedule have said the word “indefinitely” when pertaining to a suspension?

  16. sincitycat

    Back by the UK game? I say he will be back by the end of the day. lol

  17. binarysolo

    Henceforth known as the PJ Hairston Rule.

  18. Rixter

    The only real question here is.. will Chane miss the entire Red – White scrimmage, or just the first half before he is re-instated?

    We all know what a sham Rick’s ‘indefinite suspension’s are. Derrick Caracter was ‘suspended indefinitely’ after sneaking out the window of his dorm room to go party… Pitino said ‘he’s got a LOT of work to do before we reinstate him to this team’… two days before he was re-instated to the team.

  19. catfanjb

    Well if Pitino is the one teaching these “life values” I can see why the kid failed!

  20. ThugU

    But of course we will keep hearing about what head cases the twins are. But overall in terms of basketball Card fans should not be worried, their weasel coach will have Chane reinstated when they need him. For all his hoopla Pitino has never done a respectable job of enforcing the standards he claims to have

  21. mrgwildcat

    straight from Courier Journal: Pitino said the suspension “will be a long time” and that Behanan’s sanctions are a culmination of a multiple “little things that when you add them up, they’re pretty big.”

    “Can Chane come back on the basketball team? It’s possible. It’s not probable,” Pitino said. “We set up an arrangement for him to come back,” and in a week’s time, Behanan violated that.

    Pitino guaranteed that Behanan will not play in November and could return in December, though he said that’s unlikely.

    Translation: sit for the cupcakes and Dec. 28th is pretty much January anyway, right?…

  22. Tim Kathlina

    Chane should call North Carolina-anything goes there. He would be a starter for the Tar Heels by the end of the week.

  23. Ha

    Lol #14 these are card fans we are talking about. The most biased, and hypocritical in all of sports. They will praise Pitino for suspending him for 1-2 games, applaud Chane when he comes back from his suspension for “growing up”, and grill Matt for having the audacity to report it.

  24. MonkeyHumpnaFootball

    He’ll be back, point. blank. period.

    Rick does this to someone every year.

  25. Jacob Brooks

    Big difference here is the citing of university policy and not team rules. Team rules violations are at coaches discrepancy as far as suspensions go and coaches like Rick will just reinstate them for big games but a university violation means the actual university probably has to reinstate him.

    I’m guessing he either cheated or did something else shady on the academic side.

  26. Rixter

    We’ve put together a situation where he can come back on the team (next week), but he’s already missed one assignment in a short period. The best thing to do is step away from basketball (for a couple days) and learn how to prosper as a person.”

    He’ll be back for the first real game November 9 vs Coll of Charleston. Point blank. Period.

  27. Ha

    Just reading between the lines it sounds like a situation that involves poor treatment of other people. The macho big man on campus, disrespect towards women…etc.

  28. goUKats

    Pitino is so full of s-it.Anybody seriously think Chane will be dropped from the team?

    Rick and Roy are two of the biggest bulls-hiters in college basketball,neither of whom have any credibility at all.

  29. Topical Pseudonym

    He will miss zero games

  30. oxymoron

    went something like this…Chane, you suck at being a person so we are going to “indefinitely” (actual air quotes) suspend you…until we play UK because no matter what happens in our program trying to compete with them is the only thing that matters

  31. LT

    While I cerainly will not lose any sleep over this, and am quietly laughing about this amongst my UK coworkers, lets be careful as UK fans not to pile on too hard. Knock on wood we have not had any major character issues under Cals watch, but we all know as a players first coach he will not hesitate to give a kid “a second chance”. When that day does come I don’t want to look like a bunch of hypocrites as we defend our coach. That being said, Rick using the “needs to get his life together” card may be the most hypocritical stance of all!

  32. UK Terry

    On bookstore shelves now, from the author of “The One Day Contract”: “The One Day Suspension”

  33. Jacob Brooks

    “Behanan is no longer living in the players dorm, and since this punishment was handed down last week, he’s already violated the terms required for him to get back onto the team. ”


  34. YouPeopleAreCrazy

    He was suspended because he was told to stop making Sypher jokes. Given a second chance he violated the terms of his agreement again.

    Sorry Big Chane, we know its tough to quit.


    I wonder if Chane did what Rick did?

  36. Jacob Brooks

    As little credibility as rick has this doesn’t sound like a fake suspension

  37. Kristen Geil's Abs

    Pitino, even more than being a good basketball coach, is known for his dishonesty. Chane will be at practice tomorrow.

  38. Crizzle

    Now Pitino is saying most likely Chane will not rejoin the team. Now this is the lying scumbag coach Rick Pitino we are talking about…but wow.

  39. Al Wilson says

    I sang about UL and Behanan, tried to pretend it was about tendered hearted woman.,
    SMH, clueless!

  40. Smoking the reefer

    Id bet my pay check on it that its from having lungs full of dense smoke if you know what I mean. Missed one assignment means wasn’t clean and failed a drug test.

  41. Now it all makes sense

    The Kevin Ware rumor… just, it wasn’t about Ware, it was about Behanan. Ha! Knew there was substance to that myth. Of course, they still think they will repeat. Hahaha!! I see another first round exit like 2010 and 2011.

  42. Rixter

    Jacob Brooks, do you think the U of L administrators have the cajonies to tell King Rick ‘no, he cant come back yet’?
    Pitino makes $3,900,000, president Ramsey makes less than $700,000. Pitino could buy and sell the entire board of trustees.

  43. jdog

    I bet Pitino is trying to sacrifice Behanan so Tre Lyles has an open spot… This is coincidental timing with Big Blue Madness this weekend.

  44. Crizzle

    They should put in place a mercy rule for the UK-UofL game now

  45. Laker Cat 18

    Life’s values? Pitino should be suspended indefinitely by the university.

  46. Sister Mary Mercy says

    Where is my ruler!

  47. Underage texting

    I guess texting the local high school girls finally caught up to him. I’m glad he can take advice from a coach who has such moral standards.

  48. Hal

    per espn: Pitino said, adding, “He has to change his behavioral pattern.”
    hmmmmmmm, only a few things high on the list here………

  49. timefor9

    Honestly, I have no idea whether or not to believe he will be suspended for a very long time, or if he’s going to back very soon, and definitely for the Kentucky game. History says he’ll be back, but this doesn’t sound or look like a deceptive suspension.

  50. Al/in/Indy

    Do you all think he got caught banging Pitino’s latest skank?
    At least he didn’t beat a girlfriend’s father with a hairbrush…..Or did he?

  51. Krispy Kreme

    Dec. 1st article in the CJ will be: Chane has been a model student athlete and the players voted to have him rejoin the team.

  52. Insider

    He has failed multiple drug tests. He had the same drug issue as Terrence Jones. But Jones was never suspended. Was all kept behind the scenes with him. Ware was addicted to pain pills following his surgery. But has gotten help and is now in good standing with the team.

  53. Jacob Brooks

    42) no I think at some point all universities reach a point where they can’t cover a kids ass anymore and clearly chane did something that cant be ignored. Even pitino would never tell a school they CANT protect the institution if it gets to a certain point.

    My guess is he’s already kept chane afloat numerous times and its not something new but more of an enough is enough situation.

  54. Jacob Brooks

    52) how much of an insider confuses Terrence Jones with Terrence Williams

  55. Insider

    Not confused, our Jones had drug issues. Like most programs, that can be covered up to a point. But when a cop busts you more than once, it can’t be covered up.

  56. Insider

    Not confused, our Jones had drug issues. Like most programs, that can be covered up to a point. But when a cop busts you more than once, it can’t be covered up. I actually know one of the cops that busted Chane. Ware was in trouble a couple months ago, but has been clean since.

  57. rick

    #52, YEAH RIGHT.

  58. Insider

    To add, they were in trouble for this last year as well

  59. UKBlue1!

    He will be back before they play in Rupp on Dec 28.

  60. Magnum's Mustache

    I have heard the same rumors about Chane as Insider.

  61. hahaha

    I wonder if the teams tutor will resign when he comes back to the team

  62. Big Blue

    Let’s get him transferred to UK, the kid can play..

  63. MustangCat

    Sounds like Flash has been the teachers pet for good ole Professor Crum! Well done grasshoppa! No one handled this kind of stuff better then Denny. But, that was back in the day! Ole Roy has been pushing hard for the top spot now. So Flash, wanting to keep the crown for most corrupt University without getting caught in loserville, had to do something. King Wooden holds the all-time records here, and those records may never be approached. These three institutions of the highest integrity, along with Duke, have always been in the “witness protection program” of the NCAA.
    We all know that we will see him in the first meaningful game. Rules don’t matter at Notorious University, if your good enough. Dadgummit! Gollydarnit! (recording of Roy WIlliams official comments on the situation)

  64. the birds use coke

    From what I heard and was told from a few people is that Chane tested positive a few times for Cocaine in his system… I dont know if that’s true or not.

  65. Yo Mama Say U Ugly

    Chane is a pothead and has three children under the age of 5.

    Ware traded his national championship ring for drugs.

    Nothing to see here . . .move along . . . good UL players are untouchable. Bad ones are made to transfer.

    LC14 – Athletics First, Academics Nonexistent

  66. Bunny2

    40 and 52 – I think you’ve nailed it…

  67. grumpycat

    Haha where all the lville trolls at now?

  68. MustangCat

    Hey!?! Hadn’t noticed that?!! @67! U Smell trolls are always on here, defending their crminals. Sniff, sniff. Nope! Don’t smell a thing!

  69. BG CatFan

    I went to Bowling Green High the two years he was here. Dude loves some chronic. FACT

  70. Greg

    I heard he got all roid raged up and urinated on Jurich’s turlenecks

  71. Cat89

    Does not pass the smell test. No way Behanan remains suspended for log. If Universities drug tested for real, most schools wouldn’t be able to field a team. There are test that are so accurate any prior use what so ever would be present. This kid won’t miss a practice and it will be business as usual behind the scenes. Reeks of publicity stunt with perhaps a little dose of discipline thrown in for good measure.

  72. I Didn't Know That

    The University of Louisville has rules? In addition to the No Drugs, No Guns, No Stealing, No Lying, and No Hurting the Women?

  73. niaps

    My biggest concern is why have any concern at all about this thug. For the game or not will not change what will happen at Rupp when they play. The outcome will be the same as the turd burds will take a beating and go home. End of conversation.

  74. Sammydog

    Does the CJ sports dept have any investigative reporters on staff? I heard thru the grapevine from friends in Lville who are big boosters of the Cards program about Rick Pitino’s woes a good year before it dribbled out. If I heard the story acurately surely it was known by many in Cardtown. I understand the need to not go with stories before confirmed etc. and the instinct to protect your own but UL’s relationship with the CJ is unprofessional and totally lacking in journalistic integrity. Remember when HL sports reporters broke the Emory package story and did daily articles on every detail for a month. There was much fan hostility but the paper and reporters won a pulitzer.

  75. Tricky Rick

    I guessing the suspension will be about 15 seconds.

  76. imnotthefiveo

    Have a friend that is from louisville and a big u of l. He used to live in the hood and said there were always u of l players in the hood buying drugs. He rattled off a list of names he had personally seen there.

  77. BigBlue

    He will back on the team in December, just watch…

  78. barn

    what a shame. suspended indefinitely until december 28

  79. Han

    17) Nah, the Hairston rule is you can do anything you want during the summer. AKA the Henderson rule.

  80. Mark Liptak

    Like with P.J. Hairston at North Carolina, you can bet your bottom dollar that Behanan will be in the starting lineup for the Kentucky game. Short of him doing something destructive and deadly, Ricky P. will have him in there.

  81. chris

    imnotthefiveo I’m from louisville and have a friend who lives in the hood too. He said he’d only seen ul players in the hood for the panini’s. There were at least two he’s seen personally. I forget their names.

  82. bigblue091812

    I guess Rick’s next tatoo will be a pot leaf so he can be one of the thugs, i mean ghetto rats, i mean boys.

  83. RealCatsFan

    Sammydog, any chance we could export Tipton to Louisville?

  84. Mal

    Hey you UK fans got anything better to do than bash Pitino and Behanan? How bout you go kiss some more Harrelson twins ASSES!!! #L1C4 #OnePersonIsNotTheWholeTeam #RobertMorrison

  85. Jarrod T

    All this drug talk is nonsense. Chane engaged in coitus in a restaurant after the establishment closed. Despite Chane being able to maintain only 60 seconds of sustained sexual thrusting, his partner became pregnant. Kevin Ware was then asked to drive the impregnated woman to terminate the pregnancy. This offended Rick’s strict Catholic beliefs and he believed it was an affront to his brother-in-law who sadly died in the 9/11 attacks. That is why the two are being suspended.

  86. Charlie Strong

    Hey Chane, I watched you play last season and I feel like we can free up a spot on our National Championship bound football team. Its pretty special down here at Papa Johns stadium. It may not be quite the venue as the Yum Center, but we do have seat backs in the entire stadium and we still serve alcohol in the so you’ll feel right at home. Ricky told me you screwed up, but trust me, you can’t possibly break as many core values as Michael Dyer so you won’t even be at the bottom of the pack on our scales. Come on down, we’re havin us a red out tomorrow night to welcome you back as a student athlete. #L1C4 Louisvile 1st, Criminals Forever. Coach Strong

  87. Glass Houses

    Lol – half of csn (calipari state nation) either run shine or cook meth – that is when they’re not having relations with a relation. All of you idiots go brush your tooth.

  88. Wi Tu Hi

    L1 smoke 4

  89. Coop
  90. Terri Lynn

    If memory serves me correct, that douche Matt Jones was being bashed for, falsely reporting that Kevin Ware and/or Chane Behanan were in rehab? Yes?…… NO?……. Maybe?

  91. Terri Lynn

    You people are the worst when it comes to sportsmanship! There will forever be sports rivalries between schools but the hatred and racial comments that come out of your mouths are disturbing. This rivalry existed long before Terrance Jones and Chane Behanan, both were born. Why is it that, we as fans take these situations that these young men get themselves into and turn them into verbal lynchings? A rivalry against schools is good and makes for great games but you people take it to far! Get a life and stop living it through these kids, which none of you would have anything to do with if they werent who they are and clutch your purses and wallets if you saw them on the streets towards you.

  92. bigblue091812

    Mal, their last name in Harrison, you need to learn it before they kick your beloved cards asses. When your UK, you don’t have to kiss anyones ass to come here, it’s an honor for them. Have you noticed that Andrew and Aaron are not painted up like the ghetto rats that rick loves, I guess ricks next tat will be a pot leaf so he, Chane and Kevin will all be more comfortable with each other. Maybe if Coach Cal had an affair with one of his coaches wife, got a tattoo and let any thug, ghetto rat or drug addict play for UK you loserville fans would accept him more. Loserville fans have the coach they deserve, white trash loves to hang out with other white trash, ghetto rats and thugs. When the Cats hang banner #9 after this season if won’t be because 2 SEC officials will be calling a final 4 game. 1 foul called on loserville in last 8:43 of game against WSU with all the mugging going on, I wonder who should really have that tainted banner, WSU or Michigan. Loserville is now, was yesterday and will be 100 years from now little brother to UK, THE COMMONWEALTHS TEAM.

  93. sawken11

    Problem-chemical in a green leafy substance called THC (shows up in drug screens)
    Resolution-quit ingesting
    Problem with the resolution- Cant do it