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Chad Ford thinks 4 or 5 Cats will enter the draft

(Darrell Bird | Catpause)

(Darrell Bird | Catpause)

At the beginning of this season, John Calipari said that as many as eight Kentucky players could go pro after this year. With the regular season over, only three are consistently listed in mock drafts: Julius Randle, James Young, and Willie Cauley-Stein. In his ESPN Insider chat this afternoon, NBA guru Chad Ford said he believes that “at least four or five” UK players will enter the draft after this season:

For the second straight year, UK has under performed and this year, they can’t blame some of that on a major injury. From what I can gather, most, if not all of them want to come to the NBA now — including the Harrison twins. Randle is the only clear cut guy. He’s a Top 10 pick and probably Top 5. Lots of scouts like James Young. The rest is a pretty mixed bag at this point. But I think you’ll see at least four or five in the draft this year

Ford later said that right now, the chances the Twins go in the first round is “very slim.” Last week, Ford had a lot of us scratching our heads when he raved about James Young, whom he has going ninth in his latest mock draft. Today, Ford was asked about Young, and continued to sing his praises:

Scouts fell in love with him before the season in Kentucky practices when he couldn’t miss a shot. He’s proven to be a more streaky shooter during the season, but has a smoothness to his game that teams really like. He’s a player you draft on potential and I still think he’s a late lottery pick, despite some up and down games of late.

 At least he didn’t mention his passing skills.

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108 responses to “Chad Ford thinks 4 or 5 Cats will enter the draft”

  1. NineForNerlens

    WCS, Young, and Randle will leave. Andrew and Aaron will follow unless UK gets bounced early in both the SEC and NCAA tourney.

    1. Blackhawk

      Nobody needs to leave. I get it that Randle will go but if they can play a simple dribble drive then how are they going to learn anything halfway complex.

    2. jch67

      The twins may “WANT” to go but, Andrew is a high 2nd rounder and Aaron a low 2nd rounder (that should be reversed in my opinion…). If they go now they will spend the better part of the next 2-3 years in the D-league our sitting on the end of the bench learning and developing absolutely nothing.

      They may go, but if they do it will be a huge mistake on their part. They need more time to develop; period.

      Now, the question is, if they stay, will they be able to get the PT they need next year at UK?

      The only player who “should” go, is Randle. Even though he has a long way to go to realizing his potential.

    3. hot beans is fedup

      Dont let the door hit you in the a$$ on the way out!

  2. Lance

    The twins could easily play themselves into the middle of the first round next year and get guaranteed money. The only reason they would leave this year would be if they are not happy with cal.

    1. schwing

      so long to the brat twins. you don’t like us and we don’t like you, but hey, guess which one of those things happened first.

    2. raccoon

      UL trolls so terrified of Andrew and Aaron coming back next year. Twins aren’t stupid enough to believe you idiots speak for UK fans.

    3. what!

      Schwing, you are an idiot. It’s not like we’d be better without the Harrison Twins, they are good college basketball players averaging 15 or so points per game. Especially for freshman, they are really good, and they will stay 1 more year because they aren’t ready to go pro. You have been spoiled by the past few classes, not all freshman are John Wall or Brandon Knight. In fact in two years, they will probably be better than Brandon was his freshman year, they just need more than one year to become a great player or a starter in the NBA . Sorry if they “displease” you, but you will be praising them by next year, and I don’t remember they themselves ever making an cocky remarks

    4. Eddie

      Speak for yourself Schwing. These are kids just out of high school, not professionals. Oh, by the way, did you ever play for any university,or church league for that matter. You have alot to complain,but really nothing to say!

  3. Loosey

    Hey guess what guys, if this ends up being true, be careful what you wish for. How anyone could say we will be better next year without the Harrison twins is delusional. I hope the twins come back but if they leave I can’t blame them after the way some of you all have treated them on here and Twitter. Who are we going to run at point next year that will be better???

    1. schwing

      marcus lee. pick a name out of a hat for all i care.

    2. Reality Check

      Ulis will be better at PG. But I do hope they both come back. It will help them and us tremendously.

    3. RealCatsFan

      If they base their decision whether or not to go pro based on the pathetic internet and twitter comments of a bunch of trolls then they have some real problems.

    4. stevieb

      How do we know Ulis will be better at point? We thought Harrison will be better at point last year. I think Harrow would have been better!

      Cal has never had the same starting point guard two years in a row. Could be interesting!

  4. Kyle

    Possible duke, unc, louisville matchup to reach final 4? Gag. That’s if we even make it outta the first round. We’re like a wounded animal in the wild, just waiting for someone to put us out of our misery. Never thought I would say that, this year, with this much raw talent. These kids have nba in their eyes, tweak or no tweak. They’ve given up. I know it. They know it. Cal knows it. Hopefully, next years cats won’t take plays off… And will have a will to win. Tired of nail biters at home against mediocre sec teams. And that goes for whoever our coach is.

    1. what!

      They haven’t “Given Up” before the tournament even starts. when the whistle blows and their first NCAA game starts, the adrenaline will kick in and they’re going to play like they did against Louisville. They’re sick of all this criticism and negative fans like you , and their ready play the best they have all year. All that, and the fact that who wants to be embarrassed on National TV?

    2. Eddie

      Why would anyone wear themselves out. When they win,some fans cheer,and when they lose a game ,those same fans complain. These young players aren’t getting paid. They make decisions for their livelihood, not the fans. Their are many graduates with degrees ,that don’t have a job,nor can they get one. These players gets an opportunity to make a decent living,and some of you pretending fans complain. NO pay,NO play. Noel, got injure,possibly could have ended his career. Will the school,and the pretenders take care of him and his family?

  5. Walter55

    If the twins leave maybe they can play on the same NBADL team.
    While part of me wants them to come back the other part of me will be glad to not see them not play no defense and pout every time they suck. Which is a lot.

    1. schwing

      yep. a lot.

    2. jch67

      you’d think, after 30 or so games, they’d stop acting completely surprised when they foul someone…

    3. Eddie

      Did any of you see the foul? Are the officials always right? And, how many games have any of you played for UK? All of you complainers are experts! (Technical foul,flagrant on all of you) get out of the game…You fouled out. Enjoy the game ,or stop watching. You can always choose another team. Same attitudes.

  6. bradsd

    The NBA must be bonkers, why would they want the Harrisons or Young, do they watch them play? What do they do that makes them say hey we have to draft that guy????? They have no skills, none of the three can guard a 50 year old man, it is crazy to think how bad their defense would be in the nba. The Harrisons cannot shoot better than a very average college player, they lack fundamentals in ever aspect of the game. Young plays flat ever night with no passion, he cannot pass and is the worst defender in UK history. I never seen a man get blown away off the dribble like he does, he hasn’t shown me more than a average college shooter so far. He has no fundamentals,,,,,,,I repeat what do these NBA scouts look at when they are drafting these guys. They are all tall, that is about it folks! Now Randal I am on board with, he can go but WCS is not ready, his shot blocking skills might get him in the first round however he should come back for two more years.

  7. js2

    Quit giving the twins such a hard time. What happened to “once a cat, always a cat?” You trolls need to take a hike.

    1. DerbyDemon

      Let’s see: If you don’t like a particular player(s), then you’re a troll. If you question the coaching–or lack thereof–of this team, then you’re a troll. If you state you’re tired of seeing a team with (supposedly) all the talent in the world continually under-perform, you’re a troll AND on the bandwagon. Now, to answer your question js2, what happened to “once a cat, always a cat”? The vast majority of players who have worn the blue and white took pride in what the name on the front of their jersey meant. The twins have always acted like they want to be anywhere but Lexington. So, PLEASE, let them go.

    2. Bledsoe's Biceps

      “Once a Cat, always a Cat”, is so over played. You earn respect and gratitude through your actions. Simply putting on a UK uniform for 6 months does not entitle anyone to lifelong adoration. I do hope the twins and Young stick around. But I doubt that Young will. They are very good freshman, but not the elite level they were touted to be. If they make the effort to improve, they could all be elite next year. Randel is the only one who has lived up to the preseason/recruiting hype.

  8. katdaddy

    And that will be the burial of Cal which will be a good thing. I don’t like how he is trying to bully the program with his Players First Program Bullshit. He’s not winning so the mfer shouldn’t have a voice around UK. $5million a yr for what? NIT’s this team Probably won’t win another Game

    1. Eddie

      Coach Cal didn’t make the one year rule,he recruits accordingly. Given the opportunity to go pro after high school such as: Kobe, Lebron etc. you wouldn’t have these players to rip. The players are the program. No players, no program. And, these unappreciated players brings in tons of revenue. How much do you bring in? No one here pays these players a penny,but yet, they entertain you…Kat…..

  9. katdaddy

    Every one that tells the truth is a troll. Dumbass Fans.

  10. Jayone

    I hope this is the last year we have to spend more time on wondering if our players are going pro than celebrating wins. But it probably won’t be.

    1. Skeps

      Excellent point.

    2. Roofus Howls

      In the good old days of Sheray Thomas and Bobby Perry, we didn’t have to wonder if anyone was going pro. We could always count on a second around loss and twelve losses.

    3. Skeps

      Way to miss the point Roofus.

  11. Rise

    That is why these top recruits come to UK. They want to leave after one year regardless if they are ready or not. They know playing for UK that scouts will be at practices because Cal allows them too. Scouts have said since Cal arrived they are treated nicer at UK than any other school. Just face the facts, recruits come to UK to leave for the NBA after one year. They don’t care about the school. If they are projected first round or early second, there is a good chance they are gone.

    1. kingrex

      If this is true, it is BAD for the program. *sigh* It is just sleazy. If these kids cared they would stay longer than they do. It makes you wonder if the culture at UK sends constant nonverbal messages about leaving after one year. This players first mantra has to go. It sounds awful and feels awful every single time I hear it from his mouth or read it in the Cats Pause. BBN is too big, too passionate and too important for this to be the rallying cry of Cal’s tenure. He acts as though these kids are going to end up homeless on the streets if they stay longer than 5 months on campus. Yes, if you fool the NBA into a guaranteed contract, i.e. Goodwin and most likely Young, because they draft on potential then yes, but it all ends in playing professionally in the Ukraine anyway. In that case, why not play 3 years in college?

    2. jch67

      Getting this caliber kids to “care” about the program (ANY program) is a pipe dream in this day and age.

      However, I do think you are close to the problem. Cal has made UK into an NBA-prep program and, in the process, changed the goal away from “winning” and towards “getting to the NBA”. These kids really don’t care if they win or lose at this level as they’ve read their press and believe they have bigger fish to fry…

      The kids coming to UK now don’t care where they are; it’s basically just another AAU program with more pro-scouts and national TV coverage. They have no desire to win; they just want to get to the “next level”.

      These kids aren’t Patrick Patterson or Darius Miller, they aren’t even John Wall or Demarcus Cousins. They simply, in their heart of hearts (no matter what they say), could care less who they play for in college.

      This is EXACTLY the program Cal has been preaching and developing; he just didn’t expect the kids would value winning so little. UK is a “stepping stone” to the NBA for these kids and that is the extent of the value they put on their time at UK.

      And there lies the problem.

      Now, in my opinion, Cal is adjusting. With the success of the first 3 years you can’t blame him for pressing his vision of a program. However, after last year, I do think he’s seen the problems in his vision and has started adjusting. Evidence of this is recruiting kids like Dakari Johnson, Marcus Lee, Dominique Hawkins and Derek Willis – kids who will be around for a few years and, hopefully, have the desire to win at the college level.

    3. Bledsoe's Biceps

      Agreed. Cal’s “player’s first” marketing campaign needs to be drastically throttled back. Barnhart needs to remind him why he is paid over $5 million a year and tell him to adjust his messaging. The player’s needs/wants are part of the mix, but can’t be the top priority as Cal likes to exclaim repeatedly. I just hope the past two seasons have humbled him a little and he starts to understand he needs to adjust his rhetoric, if he wants to stay at UK much longer. Cal can become an agent, if he is truly more interested in promoting the good of the players vs the good of the program.

    4. Sc KY FAN

      jch67, I disagree with Cal making adjustments to his recruiting. Three of the four you mentioned didn’t play enough in games to develop and be any better next year. They could be here five years and never be much better than when they first arrived. The freshmen five stars will play no matter how they perform.

    5. Eddie

      The school recruited these players , not the other way around. These players are told by the media ,and the likes of how good they are from junior/middle school to high school. And, now people complain about their attitude. This environment was created by the NBA, and the Players union. Now, the kids are playing by those rules. Some choose to do one year in college,and sometimes two,and some choose to go overseas, and never put on a college uniform,due to the rules…

    6. Eddie

      You go where you can be seen. Why go somewhere, where you will never be discovered!! Change the rules, and you will have more players waiting it out overseas getting better,and paid.

  12. bradsd

    Many of these fans have never played and just do not understand the game. I tell you what those guards need. They need Kyle Macy to come in there and teach them how to play the position and how to break down defenses in a smart manor. Maybe work with the entire team on shooting and free throws would be a good start. And while I am ranting on this team coach Cal has done a pitiful job this year coaching. He has never been a top notch floor coach and I am usually okay with that due to the way he recruits but he has been really bad this year. His refusal to take up the zone has killed this team, these guys cannot guard, if you cannot guard then play zone but Cal refuses to because he thinks it will hurt their NBA futures!!! Guess what I don’t give a crap about their NBA futures!!

    1. kingrex

      Exactly! Let their theoretical NBA bosses teach them what they want them to know at the next level! Why do we as fans and supporters need to suffer through the bizarre growing pains, strange coaching decisions only to have the majority of the freshmen declare for the draft? Let them steal the ball, teach a f*&^$*))DG press and play exciting basketball. When you have the longest most athletic players every year, you are designed to press and to play zone!

    2. wildcat willy

      News flash coach. Kinda hard to play zone when you cant score. They have a hard enough time finding their man in transition. Let alone playing zone which requires a ton of communication, but im sure you knew that already

    3. Uk524

      @Wildcat willie: what does UK playing zone defense have to do with UK scoring on offense?? For the offensive team that’s FACING a zone then ya. All zone is is lazy defense. If they’re so bad defensively, y not give a 2-3 a shot? Communication, now that could be a problem. But great floor coaches make adjustments to see if it works. At least try it. Cal is too stubborn to do that. And that’s a problem. If he has another 10 loss season next year in a weak SEC his chair is gonna start getting hot REAL REAL FAST. UK doesn’t NOT have 10 loss seasons. Idc if your winning 20 games a year or not. The sec is not the the ACC or B1G, there is no excuse for them to lose 6-7 conf games each season. If this happens next year and he’s not fired, I’m boycotting UK basketball until he is. Not that my opinion matters to the AD or UK but it’s my way of saying I’m fed up with it. His first second and third years he had Patterson, Liggins & Miller. And ever since his teams. Not a mixture of Tubby’s and his, but his teams have been on the floor they have no drive whatsoever. They only care about the nba. The name Kentucky across their chest doesn’t represent decades of excellence. It merely represents and future paycheck come next summer. That’s all these kids care about. Simple as that. Nothing more. These kids are not the problem. It’s Calipari and his refusal to adjust to the talent he has. No 2 teams are coached the same way. He doesn’t understand that.

      Greatest recruiter probably ever in CBB, but a HORRIBLE X’s & O’s coach.

    4. Sc KY FAN

      bradsd, I used to complain about Cal not playing a zone. I then realized that if at least three of our players are lazy and could care less about stopping the other team…… doesn’t matter what kind of defense we play. That being said…..a zone does give us a little better chance…….

    5. Eddie

      But, they do! They have a right to follow their dreams just as anyone else. Also, they have a right to make a living. Why should they turn down millionsjust to stay four years to be rediculed?

  13. mediocre

    I guess we just need to get used to UK having mediocre teams, another Anthony Davis isnt coming to save us. Nothing to look forward to ATM for next year, all starting 5 gone.

    1. SickOfOneAndDones


  14. Steady

    F the NBA!

  15. Rei

    ESPN insiders totally botched last year’s NBA and NFL draft. Are we going to actually take what they say seriously?

    1. Han

      >ESPN insiders totally botched last year’s NBA and NFL draft.

      So did NBA GMs.

  16. Pistol Pete

    I would be shocked if the twins did not return next season. Like 99% of freshmen, they have a lot of things to work on before being ready for the NBA. As Jimmy Dykes pointed out, with the exception of Randle, none of our players possess even one skill that is refined enough to play in the NBA, at this point in their careers. I feel for the twins as they have caught so much grief this season. Hopefully, they will return and become the great players they are capable of.

    1. Drew Carey Sucks

      I agree… but I’m not so sure that Julius Randle even possesses many skills that will translate to the NBA. I hate to see what will happen to him when he takes that 1-on-4 drive in the lane mentality to the NBA.

    2. Eddie

      You can’t determine how a college player will fair in a pro system as oppose to a college system. They have more time to work on their game with an incentive, a paycheck!!!

  17. curtis lowe

    I guess you would rather have a team full of players that are not good enough to go to n.b.a? Then you will be on here crying that we cant get any recruits. This fan base is full bandwagon fans. Only fans when we are winning. The rest of the time just a bunch of critics.

    1. Skeps

      Quit crying.

    2. kentucky kid

      Skeps: Take your own advice

  18. 10losscal

    If Cal was black he would have been fired by now.

    1. we got one


    2. Skeps

      If Gillespie was white he would still be here.

    3. Brad

      Wow-you really just went there-you’re an idiot-you are exactly the type of person that makes people racist-doesn’t matter if he’s black or white-Italian or Irish-catholic or Jewish-you win games and promote the program and the university you have a job. You lose that job when players and fans quit believing your program isn’t relevant anymore-obviously you’re saying they fired Tubby cause he lost a lot of games too-what you forget is we didn’t just loose games and become an average program, top recruits and even 4 star recruits didn’t even consider UK-when players don’t consider the winningest program in basketball history and one that has 7 national titles and a rich history it’s time to change-the top players are still coming to UK so no reason to panic or fire anybody-UK fans would have killed for the success the last 5 yrs in the 80s or 2000s. UK will be on top again and very soon. Relax and YOU quit being the racist.

  19. T

    Remember last year when Ryan Harrow was struggling and we couldn’t wait for the twins? Now you’re all trying to pack their bags and open the door for them. I personally like the way they play, they just play like kids who were in high school last year (shocker). I really don’t want them to leave mainly because the PG we recruited looks very similar to Harrow in his highlight tape. Very good ballers, but very small. I can’t question his heart though because I haven’t truly seen him play.

    That being said, I think the only two that should think about going pro are Julius Randle and Willie Cauley-Stein.

  20. UK

    So the same time we think Harrison twins suck and need to leave we also want second year players?

    Makes sense.

    Hope they come back.

  21. Hooter

    Twins need to go. Them and their dad are not helping this team. This season is a wash. Maybe put a little run together in the tourney, but the chances are slim. Hopefully the ‘tweak’ was to play Hawkins more. He may not be as good offensively, but at least he cares. Twins ( and their dad) are in it for themselves unfortunately.

    1. your are d-bag

      How the hell you know that? Are you at all the practices? Yea didnt think so. Shut up you dont know what you are talking about. So quit making your reckless assumptions to makr yourself feel important… you are a a joke, and the type of fan I despise…get a life jerk off.

    2. Hooter

      Great reply -your are d-bag- !! Man you really got me on this one. I am just trying to figure out if your meant to use the word Our. Or did you accidently put YOUR, because you are so upset about my post. Out of a fit of rage!! I’m sorry for you that you despise fans like me. Sorry bub, but I am a fan of Kentucky. Not selfish players. I am a fan of Coach Cal, I just hope he learns from his mistakes like we all should. I do have a life. I don’t throw a temper tantrum when a fan posts something that I don’t like. Poor little fella, got his feelings hurt, now he has poopy pants and needs his mommy to warm his milk up :(. Hope you get to feeling better!! Go CATS!! and Go Your are a d-bag, you rock!!

    3. Jordan

      Hooter +1

    4. Jordan

      Hooter > your are d-bag

  22. SickOfOneAndDones

    When are you guys going to wise up? Cal is pushing them out the door to make room for the next group. This will leave us with no experience and guys will continue to ride the bench who could play anywhere. The next group will get all the playing time and guys like Willis and will never develop.

  23. Reality Check

    I see the twins coming back. Randle, Young and WCS will go. Poythress is worse than he was last year and it will be a tougher draft. So he’d be wise to return. He could start next season and maybe another year will give him the confidence he is missing. I don’t think any NBA team would take him this season anyway. The Harrisons come from a good family and aren’t hurting for money so that will factor in to whether they leave. Plus once they go they won’t be playing together ever again. They are already good players with another season they would be first round picks. And we’ll be loaded with talent and some experience.

  24. Issel's two front teeth

    This is the all-time winnings program. That is the reason Cal was hired, not to put players in the NBA! He received a 5 million dollar contract to continue the winning, not to cater to spoiled entitled wannabes! Do your job Cal! Please

  25. 4 or 5

    So he seems confident on WCS, Randle, and Young. Does 4 or 5 mean he either sees AP going, and the twins staying? Or AP returning and the twins going? I’ve always thought there’s no way one twin goes and the other doesn’t, but could it happen? If it came down to the three I’d take Aaron first for next year’s group. I actually would like both twins to return. Our backcourt would have more depth next season, and tournament experience.

  26. OSK

    My very uneducated gut agrees with Randle, Young, and WCS being gone, and I wonder about Alex Poythress and the twins. I can see why all three of them could leave, but I see why all three of them need to stay (and I believe there are more reasons for them to stay than leave).

    I really hope those three stay, because we’d be stacked with talent again, but more experienced, too. Hopefully that helps…

    But this season isn’t over until it’s over! I’m going to cheer them on until the final whistle.

  27. Tim

    Wellll, Forde also said that Young was a good passer and his shot was improving. And this came after he went 1-9. I don’t put much, if any stock in what he says. I wish I could make as much money as he does where facts are optional.

  28. Scott

    This is the same guy that says James Young is an excellent passer and defender. I don’t trust him anymore

  29. harry

    Pat Forde, what can I say, one thing is for sure he “thinks” too much.

  30. chill out

    Wow u people need to calm down! Let’s actually see what we do this postseason first. To me it is laughable that the twins or poythress would consider goin pro! If they enter the draft im throwing my name in too. I could hit a mean free throw in my hs days lol. Only ones goin pro are randle young and wcs who I will glad to see gone. Wcs!! When we think of that guy it will be remember when we sucked those 2 yrs? The guy is not a winner period.

    1. WCS FAN

      Glad to see them all go, really? Come on they’re FRESHMAN for goodness sake. They are the ones working their *ss off every day, practice, getting screamed at, classes, interviews, away from home, etc…
      You can argue the one & done recruiting that Cal does all day, but players can’t always retain everything their taught in a year, the longer they stay the better most of them will become. Love to see a team with some juniors & seniors mixed in there, and would love to see them all stay.

    2. bigdawg

      Come on man….You guys give WCS a break….He is a big kid who has only been playing basketball for 3 years….I would love to have him back let him hit the weights work out with some of the coaches and he will get better. I think when all is said and done, after another two seasons hopefully that WCS will be remembered as a real beast. But give him a chance to learn the game and quit pickin on him. He came back to win when he could have left last year at least he is trying and the fans should recognize him for actually giving a sh@t

  31. James Buckman

    I hope they all come back. Lets all get real here. These are young kids. Expectations were high and we all got caught up in it. No one was bashing these players or coach Cal in the off season. Real Wildcat fans wont be pleased with mediocracy, but the also wont bash the team.

  32. TMUCK

    I’m afraid that Cal has finally been exposed for what we all really knew all along, he is a great recruiter but a poor coach. Fortunately, for us, he is caucasian so we don’t have to worry about him being fired before his time (ala Tubby and Joker) and maybe he can adjust his sails and keep this boat from capsizing.

  33. shannon


  34. Uwe Blab's Perm

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see 5 guys go. Last year proved to me anyway that the NBA will draft any highly rated freshman regardless of college performance.

    Archie Goodwin is, for me, the poster child of this brave new world. Archie, bless his heart, was just either uncoachable or not smart enough to improve from day one…spent most of his offensive game falling down and not making any other players around him better.

    Yet despite all of his…well…awfulness, he is so athletically gifted and pumped up by the AAU/ESPN hype machine that some sad, desperate and drug addled GM was more than willing to draft him. And waaaayyy higher than I ever thought possible.

    So the bottom line is this: any, and I mean ANY of these freshmen that Cal recruits now or in the future, are more likely than not to go pro. Dats just how it is.

  35. Observant Cat

    Knows nothing to begin with! Thought we would have played Florida much closer than we did? Not going to bash Cal or the team. Wants a good SEC Tourney for my squad! Who really cares at this point who goes pro? Would like better seeding for now?

  36. shannon

    All you so called fans were on the Wagon the first three years. Elite 8, final 4, national championship. Then have a let down year and a year that isn’t even over yet but yet you bash the kids and the coach. Think before you open your stupid mouths cal has a proven track record his system works. And for the kids ………If anyone of you had a son on this roster and they were a potential lottery pick would you want them to stay or go? No matter their success here. My son would be gone why take a chance of getting a career ending injury anything can happen. My son is going on getting paid and then in the off season get his degree. No matter what you say you can’t argue you wouldn’t do the same. It’s like you all are mad because they won’t play for you till your done with them. They don’t know you what concern are you to them? It’s about them the way it should be. It’s like me I go to work everyday to better myself. I do it for me and my family not you……….it’s the same thing.

    1. alright!

      At least their is one fan that gets it! Thank you shannon for being rational.

    2. Uwe Blab's Perm

      Being able to go pro and being ready to go pro are two different things. And no, no one would keep their kid from going pro if they had the chance. That’s not the point others and myself are trying to make and you’re being willfully obtuse if you think that.

      This is the point: no one should be surprised if most or all of Cal’s 5 star recruits go pro after one season. That’s all I’m saying. I’m not laying some value judgement on some 18 year old kids. They’re here only because they can’t go straight out if high school to the NBA and they have to spend a season at school somewhere and Cal is the best at selling them on the program right now.

      It’s not that complicated.

  37. Old King Coal

    Anybody who thinks it’s not likely the twins will declare I got two words for you…

  38. Yola

    Finally you Kentucky fans are seeing what we saw at Memphis. Although a great recruiter Cal lacks in coaching. He’s an older josh pastner. We still love him in memphis(some of us anyway) and appreciate that he brought drose and those guys thru here but Cal needs to coach them better and stop promoting the one and done program. Shouts out to BBN y’all have a good fan base like we do in Memphis.

    1. Soooo....

      You weren’t happy with Cal’s last 4 years at Memphis? (Elite Eight, Elite Eight, RUNNER-UP, Sweet Sixteen, 76% winning percentage, undefeated in conference 3 of those years)

      Sounds like some of your fanbase is retarded just like some of ours is. Uh, shout out to that, I guess.

    2. stevieb

      Yeah because Memphis has done so much better after Cal left…please

    3. CatsBBN

      Soooo… Pretty funny you say that because other fan bases look at some of us and say “You arent happy with Cals seasons at UK? Elite 8, Final Four, National Champs?” Yea so what, throw an NIT in there. Cant be perfect. Indiana will be lucky to get to the NIT after being a #1 seed last year. Florida won 2 titles in a row and went to the NIT, Donovan is still a great coach. Crean….not so much.

  39. shannon

    I’m just talking to the ones that are like posting please leave you suck can’t dribble can’t pass whine and so on and so on people keep yelling we need veteran players how are they going to be any veteran players when if you don’t perform as a freshman and all the fans are trying to push you out the door. It’s just stupid to say and act towards the players and coach that way. And if cal leaves who we gonna get that meets your expectations? ??????? News flash they all have losses, down years, bad games, slumps if you will.

    1. stevieb


    2. Hooter

      When ever Cal leaves. Us fans will need to lower our expectations. I wouldn’t want any other coach in America right now. But, I do believe we need better guards. Cal did what every other coach in America did and recruited the best guards that high school had to offer. Unfortunately they haven’t worked out well this year, consistently. If, and that’s a big IF. The twins hang around another year. I think they will be much improved. I hate saying it, but they are selfish. I don’t know how anyone couldn’t see that in all the games that have been played this year. A lot of the players could learn a lot from a kid like Hawkins. He’s humble, passionate, puts forth a ton of effort, and most importantly he cares more about the name on the front of the jersey.

    3. DH

      I’ve read two of your comments and you are one of the very few commenters that has a clue. Sometimes our fans make absolutely no sense. It’s embarrassing

  40. stevieb

    I don’t get the one and done comments.
    1. Everyone goes after those same players. The only difference is that Cal actually gets them.
    2. We have non freshmen on the team, but the freshmen have out performed them!
    3. If we had Wiggins or Parker instead of a few others we would have been much better. And they are one and dones!
    4. In the 5 years Cal has been with us, who has been better over that period? We are in the top 1% of programs under his philosophy and coaching.

  41. ukjay

    Thank you Stevieb & Shannon! I was beginning to think narcissism was the name of this site. Keep everybody grounded. Thanks.

  42. Good

    Hope they all go pro. Poythress should transfer, Cal will not develop him. He will start his next super freshman next year.

  43. UKfanNKY

    Sorry to say but there is not a player on this team that should go to the NBA Randle “maybe” but he can only go left and will be easy to defend in the NBA he will have to work on going right as well in the off-season other than that the rest should/need to come back!! GO CATS!!!

  44. Hooter

    To the guy who is named- Your are d-bag- (great name fella!!) First of all, you are also assuming that I don’t know what I am talking about. You shouldn’t assume. I am not assuming anything. So you should go jerk your self off. Have a good day big guy!!

  45. UKfanNKY

    #36 Shannon THANK YOU!!! Don’t get me wrong I BLEED BLUE but you hit the nail on the head KY fans can be so stupid sometimes. GO CATS!!!

  46. CatsBBN

    I definitely want 3 and 4 year mediocre players and get bounced evey year in the sweet 16 over getting talent and always have a chance to be a contender for a title. Screw 5 star recruits. 3 star recruits is all we need. As long as they are here for 3 or 4 years who cares. Then all these “fans” will whine because we dont have the caliber of players to win it all. Get over yourselves.

    And kudos to whoever said all these fans want 2 year players but want to push everyone out after 1 year. Pick a side. Do you want 2 year players or push 1 year players out because YOU dont want them back. Guess what, no one cares that you think “the Harrisons suck, I dont want them back”. If they come back, good for them. If not, we move on.

    Also if you think Cal should be fired you are an idiot. Who else you gonna get?? Boeheim isnt leaving. Izzo isnt leaving. Donovan isnt leaving. Coach K isnt leaving. Jay Wright isnt leaving. Remember last time we settled on a coach? It was much, much worse than anything we can thru with Cal.

  47. Richard Campbell

    I’ve said all along the Harrison’s are gone, which would make five (Harrison’s, WCS, Randle, and Young). Start with another new team next year. I’m not complaining (well, maybe a little) because I sure didn’t like Tubby’s way. I think probably the best option is a couple one-and-done players mixed in with role players would work better rather than turning over almost your entire starting five every year. I don’t see Cal doing that though. IMO after next season Cal moves on to the NBA.

  48. chris martin

    Chad Ford your an idiot!!! A week ago most NBA scouts were saying none of these kids are are ready to leave UK. I say the only one close is Randle. Caulie Stein is to soft and Young plus the Harrison’s not mature enough mentally to be considered. Maybe next year!!

  49. Robro

    It took Crean, who started with 1 player, 5 years of decent recruiting to get a team even good enough to get to the sweet 16.

    Cal had 1 player, a walk on and an injured Hood after the championship and he is on his way to building a team too, next year and 2015 will show that but until then we have to “deal” with top classes of freshman and have a legit chance at the Sweet 16 and beyond this season, only 2 years after basically starting over.

    Anyone that thinks Cal isn’t the man for the job or is doubting him needs to step back and check yourself.

  50. shannon

    Look at it however you want it’s not cal’s fault or the players if the nba is wanting them they are gone. I don’t care if your a 1 star or five star. You whiners act like it’s should be left up to you…………ugh heh let’s see should I stay in school and take a chance of hurting myself or just messing up or since the nba wants to pay me millions to come play ….Hmmmmmmmm what should I do …up yours bud I’m getting paid.

  51. Larry Willis

    Whatever happened to guys like Mashburn, Antoine Walker, Patrick Patterson, Kenny Walker, Sam Bowie, Darius Miller, or even Jodie Meeks? These were 5 star players who stayed multiple years. Whatever happened to great players who value an education? Listen to some of the NBA players give an interview. Pitiful. Greed and selfishness rule the day these days.

  52. Katbluefan

    I have been a KY fan ever since the Baron was sitting on the bench and it just makes me SICK to read what some of the so called KY fans post on here about the Wildcat teams and Coach Cal. What you want every year is a unbeaten team and a National Championship……Well it isn’t going to happen…John Wooden and Poppa Sam Gilbert’s money at UCLA was the last to do that. Be happy with what has happened in the last five yrs. At least our coach hasn’t had a Table Affair and the one who did should have been run out of the state. Just goes to show the low morals of the coach and the university. As for the people who wonder why these players do not stay more than a year before going to the NBA…..It’s called….MONEY…BIG MONEY….I really doubt that anyone would stay in school if they were given the money to go to the NBA ??? Now for all of you “Couch Coachs” “Shut the Heck Up” because you can’t do any where close to what these coaches do.