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Cats win a close one, 65-62


Kentucky is off to Memphis for the Sweet 16 after a very exciting basketball game. The Cats blocked two Wichita State three-pointers on the Shockers’ final two possessions to hang on for the win, 65-62.

Enjoy the box score and we’ll have plenty more to come.


Article written by Drew Franklin

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45 responses to “Cats win a close one, 65-62”

  1. kentuckybackupplayer

    i wonder if dumb shaq is still talkin trash now.

  2. stl_cat

    Didn’t like the 2 bad contested shots by Bam and Fox after we were up by 6-7, but loved that defensive execution down the stretch. Good win over an underseeded team

  3. original slappy

    Proved me wrong. And beat a good basketball team doing it. At least they get to the second weekend.

  4. Luether

    Good teams find a way to win these kind of games…

    PS: Need to get Wenyen going…

  5. Booby Petrino

    I’ve been waiting a couple of days to say this To AGSlater and other trolls: BOOM! Suck it! All those “cal will be out coached, this team isn’t going anywhere” comments…WRONG!!!

    1. Sarahvah

      Not to mention their favorite team lost to Michigan earlier

    2. kenny

      1 his favorite team lost today
      2 slater has a permullet
      3 zach married Kelly, slater he didn’t
      4 Kentucky beat Wichita st
      Terrible day to be Ag slater

    3. 4everblue

      AGSlater is just a plum stomp idiot!

    4. AGSlater

      im here guys. Good win!! been celebrating

    5. catsarerunnin

      Don’t wake up your folks upstairs!

  6. catsarerunnin


  7. Ridge Runner

    Gritty performance Cats!!! Yessss

  8. kentuckybackupplayer

    when does Uofsmells probation kick in?

  9. dballrb

    YO,AGSlater,where you at now?..Scoreboard Bie-atche..

    1. AGSlater

      im here. im just a whiner. cal almost lost it tjo

  10. Han

    0-5 with 2 boards for Wenyen. Ouch. With Derek playing like he is, Gabriel really needs to just focus on rebounding and defense. His shot has not been there and he doesn’t drive well, so we could really benefit from him playing within himself. Dunk it if the lob is there, but enough of the deep jumpers that aren’t going in, please. Channel that game where he had like 16 boards.

    1. BGLawdog

      Wenyen shot himself out of additional PT today. He seems to be getting worse each game. There is no way this kid is ready for the NBA. He could be a second team SEC player if he returns for another year or two. If he leaves, oh well. we have better coming in the Fall

    2. SanDiegoDave

      Agreed. Gabriel needs to hang around a couple of years. He simply cannot shoot.

    3. syrin23

      It’s odd. He has great form, and I bet he’s a great shooter in practice. I think his in game confidence is shot.

  11. SanDiegoDave

    Pretty good day today. The Cats are off to the Sweet 16 and the dirty birds are good no home. Let’s go Cincinnati!!

    1. Ridge Runner

      If Puke loses, it turns goes from good to great

    2. SanDiegoDave


  12. Lip Man 1

    Protected the basketball better (only seven turnovers I think), stayed very close in rebounding and played better defense overall. Held them to 38% shooting.

    Defense wins games / championships.

    Well done. Survive and advance.


    1. 4everblue

      Wouldn’t have been this close if we just hit our free throws.

    2. syrin23

      Wouldn’t have been this close if we hit the open shots. I can think of at least 6 WIDE open shots that we just flat out bricked.

  13. sincitycat

    In honor of our Wildcats and Chuck Berry I’m playing “Sweet Little Sixteen”. Rocky Mountain very high!!!

  14. 4everblue

    How is that win sitting with you AG? You are such a loser troll.

    1. AGSlater

      good day. cats win cards lose

  15. bgkycat

    Great win! Just some tough basketball..especially from the under 8 timeout and on. We survived the first weekend & Malik hasn’t gone bananas yet. It’s coming…

    Also, Landry Shamlet is a baller. Kid needs to hold his head high.

  16. GroundControlToNumber9

    De’Aaron Fox would not let this team lose this game.

    Thank god Briscoe didn’t try to be a hero. The only guys who need the ball in their hands in the final 5 minutes of the game on offense are guys who can hit their free throws AND whomever your center is (this is why you only recruit centers who can hit free throws). This isn’t some magic gameplan… it’s winning basketball.

    The solid bench play is proving to an asset and advantage. Humphries & Mulder… thank you. Maybe they can even be a defensive spark in the future.

    Hawkins is such a luxury for Cal to have at any moment (I don’t even consider him a reserve anymore (he could easily start over Briscoe).

    Monk will work his way out of the shooting funk on his own. He’s proving himself as an assist man and on the defensive end. Great progression to see.

    Wenyen Gabriel is just not getting in rhythm as ‘part of the team.’ He’s like an asteroid floating around doing his own thing (shooting everytime he has the ball). This is regression from mid-season. Maybe he’s watching the draft clock and/or has someone in his ear (Trey Lyles syndrome).

    If Wenyen can give us 15 quality minutes per game and Briscoe doesn’t try to play late game hero we have a chance in the toughest of games this tournament can offer.

    1. JusSayin

      Twice this season Briscoe has been a late game hero and …. we needed it both times. At Vandy and at Alabama.

      He’s the worst guard free throw shooter we have which is why he takes the ball out on inbounds let’s not be silly and say things like he shouldn’t touch the ball.

      We are hating on Briscoe after wins too? Lol he can’t win with yall.

    2. blackmilk23

      *Kentucky wins hard fought game*

      “Phew! Thank God Briscoe didn’t F it up for us!”

      This is that irrational Briscoe criticism we are talking about.

    3. GroundControlToNumber9

      Briscoe’s actions in the past make this a very clear read on how we continue marching on in this tournament.

      @Alabama game: Briscoe 1-7 from the free throw line, 4 turnovers.

      @Vandy… hallelujah! Out of 36 games you can name 1 where Briscoe showed up when the rest of the team was struggling (entire team was 1-9 from 3 point range). Unfortunately for your 1 valid point it wasn’t Briscoe who iced the game but Monk in the final 2 minutes.

      I never said Briscoe shouldn’t touch the ball. I’m making the point of why we won… AND part of that is that you simply don’t take the chance of having a horrendous shooter outside of 2′ with the ball in their hands on offense in the final 5 minutes of a close winner leaves/season over tournament game.

      We will win as a team… and that means Briscoe staying in his lane (which had to happen today… and did). VERY IMPORTANT POINT… ESPECIALLY FOR THE SNOWFLAKES.

    4. JusSayin

      FAKE NEWS…Briscoe scored like our last 7 points in the Alabama game. Most of his missed free-throws came in the first half but LATE in the game he hit a clutch and 1 in late in the game end it He also had like 11 rebounds.

      Sorry he came up big in the clutch. You are wrong they even talked about it on this very blog. (

      But the main thing wrong about your comment is the fact that Briscoe is the one who takes the ball out in late game situations to avoid shooting free-throws. He’s almost never on the line when we are trying to put the game away he knows his strengths and weaknesses. You are literally criticizing him for a hypothetical situation where he loses the game on the line… that hasn’t happened.

  17. 4everblue

    What was that you were saying AG?

    1. AGSlater

      funny bc you dissapear when we are sucking then only comment when we win. We played mostly like ass

    2. catsarerunnin

      “We” meaning UL? Yes they usually play like ass.

  18. damage_control

    Where’s UofL troll AGSlater now?!!? Eat it loserville

  19. maximumscott

    Wenyen shouldnt get any more playing time. Its tourny time and you play who you need. 7 man rotation is enough. 0-5?!?! And he still gets burnt on Defense. Everytime we drive on his side his man helps and leaves him open he is not a threat.

    1. Kyblue34

      I totally agree. If Willis isn’t on the floor, we’re much better going with four guards.

  20. damage_control

    You can tell who the real trolls are by who shows up after hard fought wins- self loathing UofL trolls like agslater, banjo and others can suck my d- enjoy the offseason dipshits

  21. bluetide

    Where AGSlater at?

  22. roundball fool

    Great, great win. Again, we did what we had to do. Somebody on here said gritty and that’s spot on!
    I was really pleased with Derek doing a ball fake and driving to the basket. He can take a lot of players off the dribble and if the other team closes, Bam should be open.

    Go Big Blue!

  23. AGSlater

    idk why you fools think im a u of l fan. Im the same uk fan everyone is. I bitch and moan every game like you do at the tv. Dont act like you dont. I just post my complaining whines to ksr bc i watch games alone. Im sure you guys just sit there and say hey we are awesome no matter what happens in the game. hahaha yeah

    1. catsarerunnin

      Get your UL blankee and sleep tight Slater.