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Cats debut new uniforms in picture with Bill Gatton


John Calipari was so impressed with Bill Gatton’s $20 million gift to the university today that he invited Gatton to speak to the team and get his picture taken. Cal just tweeted the pic, and said Gatton “may be the most knowledgable UK basketball fan there is.”

We love Bill, but the big news from this picture are the Cats’ new uniforms….check out the differences between the unis above and the ones pictured at the Fantasy Camp a few weeks ago:

The most noticeable difference is the new design on the side of the shorts and no blue outline on the tops. Personally, I’m just happy all the numbers are the same font.

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42 responses to “Cats debut new uniforms in picture with Bill Gatton”

  1. Bleed Blue

    I’m happy that Andrew is actually in this picture. Still confused as to why he wasn’t in the first one.

    1. Nick Papageorgio

      Maybe he was taking the picture?

  2. STEVE!

    Looks like Mr. Gatton took Brian Long’s place on the team. I hope he appreciates that.

  3. Rei

    They look a lot like the ones we wore against Maryland during the Noel season.

    1. UKgrad'13

      Agreed, was about to point that out.

  4. Jesus

    Why does Willis look special in both of these pictures?

  5. NotMattJones

    Team photos look bad when everyone wears different shoes

  6. UKgrad'13

    They look cool I guess. I tend to think the simplest uniforms are the best, although I’m done with the checkered thing. I’d rather have an all-white design for the shorts.

  7. Redneck Cayuts Fan

    Our COLORS are BLUE and WHITE, not CHECKERED! Horrible!

    1. CatsFanFrankfort

      To be fair, ‘checkered’ isn’t a color. It is a pattern. But I don’t really enjoy it either. I did like the blue trim on the jersey, though.

    2. Dbag Complainer

      Cats, that’s cute. You thought he was serious with his comment.

  8. Cooper

    Damn…just when I thought our uniforms couldn’t get any worse, they do.

    1. Tom

      I agree.

  9. Freethrow

    Does most of the BBN buy their underwear at Victoria’s Secrets now? Who gives a —- about Uni’s and shoes?

    1. DH

      This ^^^^

    2. DEasy


    3. DH

      I understand it’s for recruits, which is why I don’t get upset if it’s not something I may not necessarily like to wear, myself.

  10. mike stevens

    I just hope they bring us # 10! I love this team!

    1. BlueRedNeck

      Umm, don’t they need to get #9 first?

    2. @BlueRedNeck

      Don’t knock ambition.

  11. B

    Neither piece of this uniform is new to UK. The jersey is similar to the Nike Hyper Elite jersey worn against Maryland. The shorts are the same checker pattern from the Nike Hyper Elite uniform worn against Tennessee, except the Home colors. Nothing really new or exciting about these.

  12. Dave Shelton

    Gatton gave 45 Mil to the University. I’ve donated several thou, but that
    cheapskate Bill Perdue who owns several remax agencies only gave $25
    according to the Kentuckian alumni magazine.

    1. gordonm

      Perdue gives what he makes the most of: chicken shit.

      Gatton also has his name (Carol Martin Gatton Academy of Mathematics and Science in Kentucky”on a “residential high school” for 121 students in Kentucky on the campus of WKU. .

      In June of 2012 the Gatton Academy was recognized as Newsweek’s Top School in America.

    2. gordonm

      think I have my Perdue’s mixed up. Thinking Will, but isn’t Bill aka William.

  13. mike stevens

    I need to get in the uniform business!! Lol

  14. BlueRedNeck

    I see Willie is in full Moses Malone mode with the beard. I like it!

    1. STEVE!

      You beat me to it. He appears to be approaching a James Harden level of beardness.

  15. jason

    I was hoping for some awesome one of a kind uni’s

  16. Caliparty

    They looker better more of a clean look. It would be cool I UK did a white out for some home games this season if our team ends up wearing these all year.

  17. Dbag Complainer

    Could you more blatantly steal content from Cal’s Twitter? How dare you! lol

  18. Mxyzptlk

    As long as they win, I don’t care of they switch to yellow like the football team is going to do.

  19. Corey McMillan

    I personally like the uniforms, the checkered print on the shorts give the uniforms character, and totally liking not having the blue trim on the jerseys.

  20. Dave

    W-W-W-Wait a minute, where’s Brian Long? Did he not appreciate being in the picture?

  21. Tony

    Good to see the #2 on Towns jersey now matches everyone else’s.

  22. James K

    Yeah those aren’t new unfortunately. The people above are right, those are the hyper elites they wore against Maryland two years ago. I was hoping for something a little more unique this year.

    1. Derp

      Wrong… The ones we wore against Tennessee (not Maryland) had the UK logo on the front

    2. Derp

      Wrong… Those are similar but not the same as the uni’s we wore against Tennessee (not Maryland) and those had the UK logo on the front of them

  23. Roflectomy

    I’d love a white out game, where the uniforms were solid white with white numbers like the Heat have done. They could use a black outline or a blue outline. I’d say the players would love it.

    That being said, the basketball program doesn’t need to make flashy uniforms to drum up excitement, so they tend to stick with a more conservative approach.

  24. effyeah90's

    They’re okay. Nothing beats the denim or cat scratch jerseys though.

  25. Jeffrey

    I like the older ones better because they were also simple, but with enough detail.

    The new ones just seem too plain

  26. Jason M.

    I got the same shorts except in blue w/ a white design, i’m wearing them now.. love em.

  27. Spitsonposers

    Anybody else notice how Todd Lanter Always draws attention to himself by posing differently from his teammates? Guess that’s the only way he is ever going to get any attention.
    National championship photos? The Players are in the back, wanna be in the front.
    just be happy you got a ring…