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Can we take a moment to appreciate Ellen Calipari’s footwork?


Lost in the excitement of Derek Willis committing to one woman for the rest of his life is the #SCTop10 candidate play by Ellen Calipari to maneuver around the proposal unscathed.

Watch as Derek (unintentionally) kicked his left leg back and almost took Ellen to the ground, which would’ve been a disaster.


You can’t teach footwork like that. It comes from years of speed ladder drills in high heels in the Calipari backyard.

So way to be an athlete, Ellen. No embarrassment here, not on this night.

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

19 responses to “Can we take a moment to appreciate Ellen Calipari’s footwork?”

  1. ClutchCargo

    One day, the Willises will reflect on that fateful night and how the mojo would have taken a very different turn if not for the excellent footwork of Ellen Calipari.

  2. Wilfred Smith

    They want her to bring brownies to the reception, which she will as long as they return the Tupperware dish.

  3. Bleedblueky

    Good Job as Always Drew! I did catch that part when watching it last night and this morning again. I thought Ellen is very quick and skillful to avoid this possible disaster and how can you not LOVE her 🙂 LOL

    1. Bleedblueky

      I should say she acted “Responsive instinctively” gracefully without any panic 🙂

  4. BK

    That was the “flow like water around the rock” kata…..without even looking, very nicely executed….

  5. CatManDo

    Insert Grayson Allen joke here:

  6. Angelo

    That’s one huge foot to avoid.

  7. chase

    Camera guy on the bench is fired

    1. shmikey

      Doubtful, since he’s wearing a headset and being told to get crowd reaction shots.

  8. mikeintn

    I know he wasn’t, but it looks like he was trying to trip her. Looks like Derek has done good for himself, hope they have a long happy life together.

  9. Kernel Sanders

    Good thing it wasn’t Sacha Killeya-Jones proposing, she never would have avoided those size 22’s.

  10. CvilleWildcat

    OK…so the question is: Do you believe Ellen was handing off the ring box to him as she spun around or was she giving him a “good-game/atta boy?”

    1. CatBlue in LR

      Yes! That’s exactly what happened. I didn’t catch that. Very slick — just like a perfectly executed Statue-of-Liberty.

    2. shmikey

      I dont think so, looks like his hand is closed over it the entire time. Hard to tell since that GIF skips some frames, but that would’ve been smoother than his jumper.

  11. kuhlkat

    Girlfriend is super hot…way to go Derek



  13. Angelo

    We all know what having big feet means.

    1. ClutchCargo

      It means you need big socks and shoes.

  14. runningunnin.454

    And they said Muhammad Ali had good footwork.