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Calipari wonders how long he can coach at Kentucky

John Calipari has now been the head coach at Kentucky for over nine years, and he’s currently under contract through 2024.

But how much does he have left in the tank after that?

I’m wondering if I can do this until I’m 75 or 76. I don’t know,” he told Kentucky Sports Radio. “If I don’t have the energy to be coaching here, I don’t need to be coaching here. But I’m good. I think 75, 76; there’d be a lot of games between then and now. I’m going to have to go back for another contract if I want to go that long.”

Calipari told the show listeners to look up his first press conference in 2009 to see how he’s changed in his almost-decade in Lexington.


I want all you fans out there to feel bad for what you’ve done to me,” he said. “You look at that picture and look at me now. I don’t care — Obama, all of them – the coach at Kentucky ages like seven years for every one year.”

Calipari may be aging quicker than most, but he has a lot to show for it. He pointed out that his NBA stars have almost TWO BILLION in NBA contracts, and that doesn’t even include the big deals coming for guys like DeMarcus Cousins and Karl-Anthony Towns.

“I’m having so much fun and at the end of the day… we’re almost at $2 billion in contracts. Did you hear what I just said? Two billion dollars. And it’s probably $1.5 billion for just Kentucky players. I say that, and the opportunity I have to do this, I’m enjoying myself.”

Article written by Drew Franklin

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34 responses to “Calipari wonders how long he can coach at Kentucky”

  1. ziplock

    I sure hope he can go that long. I don’t want to ever see the type of “recruits” Billy Clyde was bringing in ever again

  2. Sarahvah

    I know he’s half joking a bit but he’s right. Look at how much Bush 43 and Obama aged and then look at him and it’s a pretty steady comparison I think

    1. J. Did

      It’s a tough job running the country…..and the best program in the country.

  3. BigBlueMeade

    I’ll take 15 more years of Calipari. Goodness can you imagine what the NBA would look like? How many SEC/Elite 8/Final 4/NCAA titles we could have in 15 more years?

  4. Wade

    I give him 5 Or 10 . 5 bc his contract will be about up and brad will be gone. maybe brad will be on the staff if that occurs look for the 10 I think. Brad wants to be a coach so cal could groom him and what a place to be groomed . Either way I want 2 more championships and cal can be on the Mount Rushmore of coaches

  5. J-Dub421

    Stay as long as you’d like Cal.

  6. Bluebloodtoo

    Hmmm…how often does cal make commitments that far out? Sounds to me like it has a different purpose. Maybe to tell the disgruntled fans that he isn’t going anywhere?

  7. DennyC

    You only have 1 title the last 9 years with The topped ranked class every year… smh… great recruiter/ below average coach. #JustFacts

    1. Luether

      Ya gotta tell it like it is. Anyone of us could have coached the 2014-2015 Team to a ‘ship…

    2. J-Dub421

      U of L doesn’t have a title since 1986 and only has 2 titles EVER. Run along card trolls.

    3. DennyC

      We KNOW who last raised a CHAMPIONSHIP Trophy… run along little one…

    4. rickwhitetx

      Yes, run along. Go back to watching the lawsuits that you’ll never win.

    5. Kernel Sanders

      Denny I suppose you can take a measure of pride in being the first school ever to vacate a title. At least UofL excels at something since it has zero titles in the last 32 years and counting. #Justhookers

    6. Wade

      So say he gets 2 in 10 will you stfu

    7. J. Did

      DennyC – you are a disgrace to Coach Crum.

      Luether – the only thing Luether than your mouth….. is your anal sphincter.

      And, DennyC knows all about that.

    8. DennyC

      What are you, 14 years old??? #smh

    9. 4everUKblue

      I see you chose your words carefull DennyC. Because we know who raised the last championship banner in KY….. Taj Louisville!

    10. ziplock

      These Louisville trolls want him to leave bad don’t they? L1C9

  8. wildcat74

    I couldn’t care less about the NBA or the value of the NBA contracts that former Kentucky players have. We have only won one national championship with unbelievable amounts of talent in the last nine years so clearly something is not right on the X and O front. Selling NBA contracts to Kentucky fans as the market of success is an excuse.

    1. Wade

      It’s a lot of freshman that’s our system and we must live with it with cal that’s his way.

    2. Bluebloodtoo

      I think the NBA rule changes and the upcoming NCAA rule changes might change the college game considerably. Currently, Cal is getting the best talent he can get and seeing what happens. Back to back championships in the past were heavily predicated on returning players for almost any college team.

  9. BBNParkerCO

    Cal would look great if he would lose some weight. He’s grayed some but that should be expected. I would guess he is 30 to 40 pounds heavier than when he started at UK.

    1. Bluebloodtoo

      Does a knee replacement give him a pass on exercise?

  10. dmill4444

    It would be nice if we could brag about championships rather than NBA contracts. Could you imagine Nick Saban or Coach K constantly bragging about professional contracts as their program’s strongest attribute? I love coach, but if anything, the number of NBA players vs. championships we have to show for it only highlights the highly questionable discrepancy.

    1. DennyC

      The only one who makes since on this juvenile board. “Draft Night-Greatness night in UK history”. Notice the QUOTE marks. #JustFacts

    2. Booby Petrino

      “since” hahahahahaha #thatssolouisville #grammarofa5yearold

    3. 4everUKblue

      I see DennyC has taken over CodeRed’s comedy routine. BTW….the real Denny C called and said leave him out of this.

  11. BigBlue1979

    You guys do understand that having talent doesnt always mean you are guaranteed to win the championship. Yes the 14-15 team should have won it all but I’ll take the 9 years of Cal over just about any 9 year span of any school in the modern era.

  12. BrassowFan

    Calipari is the perfect coach for this program and can stay as long as he likes, at least from my perspective.

  13. natertatter

    to all the whiners and cal haters on here …would you rather have 9 yeard of tubby? or 9 years of cal? mic drop ….nuff said,,,,

  14. natertatter

    to all the whiners and cal haters on here …would you rather have 9 years of tubby? or 9 years of cal? mic drop ….nuff said,,,,

  15. michaelb

    U guys are missing the point of him mentioning the NBA contract sums . NBA contract sums = more top talent committing to KENTUCKY . More top talent committing to Kentucky = better shots at nation championships. It’s very simple. Just understand it , guys complaining about that aren’t very bright bulbs – wake up titty heads

    1. Booby Petrino

      they are just jealous trolls

  16. The Real LindaS

    I would like to see him here that long and hope I live that long. Billion of dollars, that is unbelievable. Other than coming back to campus from time to time what have these men done for the University? Jamal Mashburn who did not make nearly as much as these young men are making gave over $500,000 to sponsor a scholarship which is still doing such from his first shoe contract. I know how much some of them do for the underprivileged in their home communities and where they live, but can they remember the University too…is that too much to ask?