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Calipari wishes he’d played both point guards at the end of the game

If it was possible to merge Quade Green and Shai Alexander into one point guard, Kentucky may have won today. Both players finished with six points, but their strengths are each other’s weaknesses. Quade runs the offense well, but can’t guard. Shai can guard, but turned it over six times. The two guards rotated in and out during the final four minutes of the game, and afterwards, John Calipari said he wished he’d played them both together.

“I’ve just got to figure out how to play with four minutes to go. Who do I have on the floor? I should have had two point guards on the floor at that time. Do we go smaller? I don’t know. This is going to be a process of hit or miss, see what we like. When it works, we’ll all know that’s what we should be doing.”

“I still don’t know how we’re going to play late in a close game. Obviously, I thought Quade [Green] was going to throw that lob, and he shot it. He’s a freshman.”

The uncertainty at point guard is forcing Cal to have to be way louder during the game, and, as he said, effectively be the team’s leader.

“We don’t have a leader, so I have to lead. I’m too old to lead. I’m too old to stand the whole game. But they need me in that role right now because nobody has taken it yet. It develops. It will develop over time.”

Once he got past the glaring errors (18 turnovers! One-handed rebounds! Sloppy passes!), Calipari actually seemed pleased with his team’s effort.

“We’re a ways away to being what we need to be. But to play in a game like this in that environment and have a chance to win? Wow. Bunch of freshmen did pretty good.”

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7 responses to “Calipari wishes he’d played both point guards at the end of the game”

  1. AGSlater

    Why? They arent that good

    1. Parker_UKFanNC

      Please enlighten us with all of your college basketball coaching experience as to how you know this.

    2. catsarerunnin

      Slater is an expert in not being good so better listen to him….

    3. KayutsBy90

      Slater’s just mad because he wanted us to get destroyed, ya know like that school down the road is going to get by the NCAA.

    4. Peas and Carrots

      Prayers for AG. Get well soon buddy!

  2. kylebsanders7

    I’ve never seen such dedication by a troll. Think what Slater could accomplish if he put his focus into something more meaningful. We definitely have a ways to go. The fact we were in that game is a positive. Hopefully when they see the tape, they’ll understand the importance of crashing the glass. Way too many 2nd chance points, especially in the 1st. No post presence is a real problem. This team should get better at getting to the basket, although I’m not sure if we have a guy who can beat his man off the bounce and finish at the rim outside of the offense. Sloppy careless passing, one hand rebounding, and the defense. These are all early season problems that get better with coaching. Looks like We’ll struggle against big strong 5s. I like that SKJ & Gabriel are capable of stretching the floor from the 5, but between them Richards & Wynyard, we need a post presence. Get Vanderbilt & Baker back & We’ll be where we need to be come Feb March & April.

  3. jaws2

    This team will be very good come February. I just hope we don’t drop 6-7 games prior to that. You know the SEC homers will get us because they ain’t us. I hope we can overcome the ‘homer court’ advantage the league always gives our opponents.