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Calipari says goal was to send eight players to NBA, not win national title


If you’re not a fan of Coach Cal’s Players First mentality, you might want to sit this one out. Take a quick break from the computer, grab a Wendy’s Jalapeno Fresco Spicy Chicken sandwich, steal an ambulance for a Fireball run, go enjoy the weather, whatever. This one’s not for you.

For everyone else, Calipari went on one of his better Players First rants today while speaking at Alltech’s Rebelation closing session in Rupp Arena this morning. It was a different kind of crowd — business minds, not UK basketball fans — so his message focused on leadership and coming together as a team for a common goal.

But while relaying that message, Calipari said the goal last season was to get eight players draft, not win the national title.

“Last year we started the season with a goal,” he told the Alltech Rebelation crowd. “You may think that goal was to win the national title and win all the games and be… It was to get eight players drafted.”

His point, I think, was to say if those eight players maximized their potential, everything else would fall into place. If everyone on the team played for each other, the rest would come. I think. But that one statement won’t sit well with some people. (Hopefully they took my advice and logged off.)

Cal also talked about last season’s disappointing end, saying he’s very proud of what they accomplished as a group and as individuals.

“This year, we were trying to win every game and we fell short of what we were trying to do,” he said. “But we still did historic things this year and seven players are going to be drafted. I can tell you, I feel great about what happened because players got better, they did what they had to do… College basketball is not the NBA best-of-seven. It’s one game.”

You can listen to Cal’s lecture here. It’s so John Calipari.

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

36 responses to “Calipari says goal was to send eight players to NBA, not win national title”

  1. Screech

    I love seeing these guys succeed, but winning should be his goal. Now at year end, we have nothing to show for.

    1. inside info2

      what do you mean nothing to show for it?!? did you not read the quotes? we had a historic year and seven players will be drafted. huzzah!

      Coach Cal’s marketing is wearing thin.

    2. Sparker89

      Ya’ll really paid attention to that first paragraph closely, huh?

    3. memphis

      You say winning should be his goal. We won 38 games and have a hell of a season to remember. Don’t get me wrong, a national title would have been awesome but we also can’t downplay winning 38 games.

    4. theSkinny81

      We’ve won more games than anyone in the last 4 years, a stat I know other fanbases liked to brag about…. Just sayin’.

  2. Kyblue34

    That’s just a stupid comment from Cal, no other way around it. Can we not have more than one goal?

    1. Catsby80

      Yeah I think I would have to agree with you… I mean I love that we send guys to the league every year and that Cal is literally changing the lives of these kids; but, that is one of those comments that probably shouldn’t have been made… It doesn’t really bother me a whole lot because at the end of the day, talk is cheap – it’s all about getting it done on the court… but a lot of our fan base will see this for face value and overreact…

  3. syrin23

    Odd. When I said that his goal was to put players in the NBA, not to win titles, the f’tards here told me I was wrong. How do you s’heads prefer to have your crow?

    How many NBA players will it take Cal before he wins more than one title? Massively underachieving coach for all the talent that has passed through. Has he learned yet that offense should be played a full 40 minutes?

    1. theSkinny81

      Yet infinitely better than Pitino. 😂

      Nice name calling. Maybe you have Downs Syndrome

    2. BigBlueBoom

      Cal has won as many titles here in 6 seasons as Pitino has at Louisville in 14. I don’t care if Cal has had more talent and you think we should have more titles, bottom line is he’s done more in less time than that prick you Tards want to compare him to.

    3. J-Dub421

      Not downs syndrome Skinny, tourretes maybe…

    4. cats paw

      Syrin—You were also calling the fans D-bags in December when people were calling you crazy for guaranteeing that we would go undefeated! Or how about your statement Duke couldn’t play defense and would be out the first round? I could go on….but you get the point!

    5. cats paw

      Here we are two months removed from basketball and BigBoom still can’t form a sentence without spitting Louisville from his mouth. You’re ate up with the Tards dude!

    6. theSkinny81

      syrin23 May 20, 2015 at 11:57 am: Yeah he was great until he became a mouth piece for liberalism while cheating on his wife. At least he made fun of kids with Down’s Syndrome because he’s just a great f’ing guy, right?

  4. BigO

    If folks can’t read between the lines here then too bad for them. If anyone thinks for one minute Cal’s top priority was to win a National Championship then you are misguided.

    1. BigO

      Meant to say “wasn’t to win a National Championship”

    2. theSkinny81

      A lot of idiots post here. Syrin is one of them.

    3. Kyblue34

      I know Cal wanted to win the championship, and I don’t think anyone is really questioning that. The point is then why does he refuse say that? Or, at least say that we had two main goals: to win the championship and send kids to the NBA? Him making that comment just sounds like sour grapes.

  5. Tomasito

    I love comments like these because the stupid is about to come out in our fanbase and people are going to grossly overreact and embarrass themselves. What do people want him to say? That this season was a complete failure and that nothing good will come out of it? A) that isn’t true. B.) that would demean what these young men did all season. Losing sucks, do people really think Cal doesn’t care if they win? Of course he does, but he can’t wallow in self pity publicly like fans do. He has a brand new team to get ready for next season, and 7 guys whose lifelong dream is about to come true. People who get mad about stuff like this need jump off a cliff.

  6. American Errorist

    Hey everybody look up there!……It’s a lead balloon

  7. deltasig41

    Like Drew said in the post…If guys improve and are productive enough to warrant 8 guys getting drafted, then the other stuff will take care of itself. I’m as disappointed as anyone in the way the season ended…Getting THIS close to perfection, and falling just short.

    Quite frankly, I’m sure any fan, player, or coach would gladly trade a regular season loss for a national title, in hindsight. But that doesn’t take away from the historic run those guys went on this season. Winning 38 games in a row, and then sending 7 guys to the draft is special. Would we all have liked to have the title to boot? Of course.

    It isn’t easy to put ourselves in Calipari’s shoes. All we, as fans, really care about is winning championships. But, if you hadn’t noticed, winning a title is really, really hard. We’ve won 8 of them in the entire history of this storied program. So, as a coach, you do the best you can…Try to put your guys in the best position possible to win, and see where the chips fall. Then, when it is all said and done, you’ve got to look out for the best interests of your players. The disappointment of losing in the Final Four aside, Cal does that better than any other coach in America. And that is surely something to be proud of.

  8. CatsfaninFL

    Name me one program where National Title is not the goal every year? It’s why you play the game (any game). Stating it is as redundant as saying BTI sucks. It’s implied.

    Not to mention Cal had to have some way to get our guys to buy into sharing time… if 8 guys got drafted they played like a team and did what we wanted. Everyone can back up off the ledge now. Move along. Nothing more to see.

    1. inside info2

      Except that if Drew quoted him correctly–which is admittedy 50/50–he specifically said a nationl title WAS NOT the goal, getting players drafted was.

      Just kidding Drew. I know it’s more like 60/40

    2. J-Dub421

      Inside, Coach Cal is known for hyperbole and coach speak. How many times this season did we hear the players say their goal was to win the title? Every time anyone asked about going undefeated or going 40-0 they all talked about how 40-0 would be nice, but that to goal was to win a title.

    3. inside info2

      The players are coached at the beginning of the year and thoughout the year in how to respond to media questions. Now, their goal probably was to win a title. But we are talking about what Cal said today, not what the players said during the season.

    4. J-Dub421

      I know what Cal said, I just think it was coach speak. I don’t honestly believe that winning the title wasn’t a goal.

  9. UKfaninLou

    Y’all can’t possibly think Coach Cal didn’t want to win it all! He just won’t win at the cost of the kids’ futures. You will never convince me that we weren’t the best team. Basketball is random and the best team doesn’t always win. The team who shall not be named had an axe to grind and got some help from the refs at the end. Happens. I just wish that game had been set for the final. No,way should Duke have been able to sneak in there and win it all.

    It was a great season. We’re just spoiled and weren’t prepared to lose.

    So who is guy #8, Marcus Lee?

    1. Catsby80

      guy #8 was Alex Poythress.

    2. cats paw

      Yes, basketball is random…buts it’s funny how homers view a team losing as being the “random” days but when they win…it was because we were better! You will never convince me that we were a better team than Duke!! Nor Wisconsin or Notre Dame for that matter! We have had DYNASTY talent here for 6 straight yrs!!!!! Coach K would have 4 titles with that talent…..

    3. UK Big Board Update

      Go root for the Blue Devils then, retard.

      Oh, and Louisville sucks.

    4. J-Dub421

      It’s easy to sing Coach K’s praises right now, but that is a pretty big assumption that K would have won 4 titles. Don’t forget that Duke has lots of talent every year, but still lost as a #2 seed to #15 seeds Lehigh and Mercer in the first round within the last 4 years. Duke had a lot more talent than either of those teams but still lost.

    5. theSkinny81

      What the fkcuk is cats paw so mad about? Always a beacon of negativity when he comments.

      He roots for the Cats, so he says, but always crushes them and Cal, but defends the Tards (and Badgers, Irish, Blue Devils, etc.). I mean, if that doesn’t scream “True Blue Fan”, I don’t know what does……?

      Maybe he thinks we’re stupid enough to believe that he’s a UK fan? lol 😉

  10. mapcatfan


    When are some UK fans EVER going to get how Cal thinks and operates? If you don’t think winning a championship was a top priority for him, I don’t know what to say. Cal generally chooses his words carefully and for a purpose. This was for players and future players/recruits. He has said it over and over and over again. Put the players first, and they will drag us where we want to be.

    Will we win a championship every year? No. But we have been a major player and in the hunt every year but one. We went 38-1 last season!

    Forget how he chooses to express it. We wouldn’t have had the success we have had if he doesn’t get the players. That is the first priority.


  11. Kyreds

    You come to UK to win Titles! After they done that who cares where they go or what they do! Cal had better get his priority’s straight! WE WANT NATIONAL CHAMPION SHIPS! What a Coach!!

  12. Caliparty09

    My only issues with his comments is… the heck does he have time for a speaking engagement with Jamal Murray on campus? Come on Cal. Lock that dude up for the Big Blue!!!!

  13. KentuckyHouse

    Before even reading the comments, I thought this would be one of those posts that would bring out the moronic members of BBN.

    I was not disappointed.