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Calipari says Dakari made biggest play of the game

(Via Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

John Calipari took to Twitter this evening to let it be known that Dakari Johnson’s offensive rebound was the biggest play in a game filled with big time plays. 

Article written by Ally Tucker

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17 responses to “Calipari says Dakari made biggest play of the game”

  1. just sayin

    EAD haters…

    that is all

    look at this post and feel sore

  2. Come on

    To Pat Forde:
    How does this taste ?

  3. Dinglebat

    Congrats team! Hang your head high

    1. 2mites

      Hang your head???? No it is hold your head high. Guess the name fits.

  4. Alex Poythress Disagrees

    Alex says Cal is wrong. The biggest play of the game was Alex’s block from behind on Ron Baker’s fast break layup after a turnover. WSU was stretching its lead and getting amped up. That slowed the game and brought the Cats back in it.

    1. 2mites

      There were a lot of plays and they all added up to a UK win. No single play won the game and to give credit to any one play or player is wrong for you or Cal to say. This was the best team play and won as a team this group has seen this year. The things that took part at the beginning of the game carry the same weight as those at the end as the whole makes for the result. I salute these guys for their best game of the year. Now lets do it again and take the Tards down again and head to the final 8.

  5. linebeard

    That was a great play by Alex. Also, welcome back to all of our bandwagon fans.

  6. Hendo Blue

    Alex’s block was a spectacular play and you may be right #4. I hear you #5…I hear you indeed. They’re lining up to get back on the wagon. And all the haters are quiet too.

  7. Delete them

    I wish there was a way to band the bandwagon fans

  8. Calm down

    Everyone made great plays…..that’s what needs to happen to win a game like that!

    On another note…almost all the teams left in the tournament have a lot of size. UK, Florida, Wisconsin , Baylor, Tennessee, Virginia, UCLA, Arizona, Michigan State, Iowa State, Stanford, San Diego State,

    Louisville and Uconn have some size but aren’t that big throughout…..Michigan and Dayton are smaller.

    I guess size does matter!

  9. ed slominski

    CATS CATS CATS!!!!!!!!!

  10. Tom

    And Alex had a huge block!!

  11. BoNoseBigPlays

    Many big plays during the game by both teams. We responded to Wichita State’s A game with our own A+ game. Go back to December, this team does not fold, now they are able to respond to the strong efforts of their opponents with their own big plays.
    GO CATS!!

  12. Hendo Blue

    All you guys who say Cal can’t coach think back to the first half when Shockers were sitting high screens and getting lay ups at the basket and our big guys weren’t rotating over. Adjustments were made at halftime and how many layups they get in second half? I can’t think of any. Give the coach some credit.

  13. Basketball Bennie

    Many UK players made multiple big plays today, and that is what it takes to win NCAA games like this.
    Keep it up guys, you are looking better every game!

    1. Catcounsel

      Amen to that one Bennie and other posters! This game was won by the Kentucky Team, not any single player! All should agree that a replay of this wondrous game today was won by 5 Blue clad players on the court at THE SAME TIME! Teamwork must become the motto for all coaches, players and fans from here forward, or this Glory Ride could end at any moment! GO BIG BLUE!

      PS – After the Wichita State game today (A bunch of lowly Missouri Valley conference guys), should “Teamwork” become the name given to our beloved team this year for their work done?

  14. ElwonSeafore

    If you made a list of “Without that the Cats would we would have lost this game”, it would be a long list. The MVP of the day may have been the dude who got Andrew’s arm ready.